2021/11/28: Public Media Figures Taking sides on devil Worshippers: Infowars Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Fox News

  1. 1. Infowars Alex Jones retains same Cheif Lawyer as devil Worshippers
  2. 2. Trump drops an Anti-devil-Worshipper 777
  3. 3. Fox News drops a Pro-devil-Worshipper Triple 6

1. Infowars Alex Jones retains same Cheif Lawyer as devil Worshippers

No suprise here. On 11/23, after having just been subpoenaed to testify for the January 6 investigation committee; and being under legal pressure, and less than 4 months since our last article about the triple 6 dropping and devil praising live rants of suspected devil worshipper Infowars.com’s Alex Jones (see 2021/07/29 Red pill article): Alex Jones now reveals he has hired the SAME chief legal Council Lawyer as a devil Worshipping Temple group: Marc Randazza . Having both Randazza and Roger Stone as guests, both Alex and Roger both proceed to say how great Randazza is. Randazza, offering the excuse that he merely defends all free speech, declares that he has no “line” for people who he would refuse to represent.

The full clip of this segment for in-context analysis can be found at Time 1:23:32 at: bitchute.com/video/AYFdtJyFsPhG

2. Trump drops an Anti-devil-Worshipper 777

As much as Alex Jones might claim all the triple 6’s he has dropped are merely coincidental (see 2021/07/29, 7/27, and 6/30 Red pill articles), it is comforting to know that I have not yet seen any coincidental triple 6 drops from one of the current political figurehead heroes of the right, Donald Trump.

And in fact, I was able to catch Trump dropping a 777, which is classically considered the anti-devil-worshipper number, and a sacred number of God in many religions. He dropped the 777, whether accidental or purposeful, during an interview with Fox Business, on 11/26, where Trump mentions gasoline prices in California being at $7.77 .

The full clip of this segment for in-context analysis can be found at Time 10:49 at: foxbusiness.com/politics/trump-says-biden-admin-disaster-covid-response-inflation-border-crisis


3. Fox News drops a Pro-devil-Worshipper Triple Six

Constantly playing both sides of the left and right of the Republican conservative base, it appears to me Fox News to be lightly flirting with an alliance with devil worshippers; I vagely recall them dropping the triple 6 intermittently; however I haven’t noticed it enough to declare a high probability that they are allied either way, unlike Alex Jones who every day seems more and more likely to possibly be a high priest of a devil worshipping society; still, it’s worth it to notice that Fox News dropped a triple 6, actually a quadruple, in an article about Corona Virus cases, citing 4 sixes in a row as the daily average of cases reporting in New York; yet I failed to find this specific number pop up in any source, and it’s such a specific number, that I find it hard to believe it was coincidental.

Find the original article here, and surprise surprise in paragraph six is where you’ll find the devil number. Also in case the article gets deleted or changed, you can find an archive of the original article here.

2021/10/22: Purple Anon Publishes Book “Mein Kampf 2.0”

His follow-up to Adolf Hitler’s original book Mein Kampf

Link for sharing: SecretAgentWars.com/MeinKampf

2021/10/13: WORLD WAR 3 HEATS UP! CNN prepares the USA population for Future supply shortages

Corona Virus Pandemic is really a Cover for Wartime measure to be expected during what is truly World War 3

I know we all know that CNN is a simple propaganda arm of the USA government to support their motives; yet it is still useful to analyze the thoughts and motives of the USA government elites. With that said, it appears they are conditioning the public to accept future shortages on goods, with the explanation of a chip shortage and supply chain disruptions due to the Corona virus pandemic.

Of course, technology is so advanced these days that next to nothing could ever truly make toilet paper or other commodities hard to come by. In the July 11, 2021 article of the Red Pill Folkish Overwatcher archives, we made mention of an alternative explanation of the Corona virus pandemic; to be understood as an excuse to cover up the truth of hot war World War 3 currently on-going. War time results in things exactly like shortages on products and disruption of supply roots, loss of liberties, and extensive snooping of governments on their citizens more so than in peace time. Yet, it is deemed strategically better to lie to the common people that the Corona virus pandemic is the reason behind it all; rather than telling thee truth that we are in a new massive World War 3. Picture the choices left to each government as they participate in this war: Tell their people the truth and deal with the anti-war protests and other protests against wartime security measures and lockdowns, which also includes general panic of fear among the people. The other choice is to hold up the false Corona virus pandemic, which still results in protests against pandemic security measures and against all the means of snooping, tracking, and locking down the people. One big difference between the two choices is that there is much less panic and fear among the people if they believe in the corona virus explanation; on top of a variety of other benefits in wartime strategy that we discussed in the July 11, 2021 article in our archives.

With all this in perspective, we can view this new CNN article as a notice that World War 3 is heating up; which means that the Secret Agent War which goes along with it is also heating up, which is the main reason why governments justify the need to spy and snoop and vaccinate/input tracking devices and DNA testing via Corona virus testing to guard against Look-Alike secret agents infiltrating into society and even perhaps the dreaded culmination of AI technology in the creating of human like robots which are indistinguishable from people. With the technology apacalypse in effect, one must always consider to what degree hidden technologies are working behind the scnes, hidden because of strategic military necesity; hiding your technological adgantages over your enemies makes the advantages even greater because your enemy is not wary of it.

Also consider the the extremely strict Corona virus lockdowns going on in Australia is evidence that the war is currently very active in that regions, which is evidence that a greater simplified explanation for the World War 3 might point to a general conflict between east and west; between the USA and China as the two great rival powers currently at war; from which it would make sense that a battle for Australia would be an immediate point of contention between those two powers. As always, I’ll remind you the opinion of this website that National Socialism is the cure for all the world’s ills; and if the United States and China would come to agreement with National Socialism as their guide, then there could be an end to all great conflicts; meaning that we must organize ourselves by race; Asians and Whites; and determine ethnic racial homelands and set borders, and as a general policy to stay out of the business and lands of other races and their homelands. Only once we have that general principal in place and all of us work together and separately under the instinctual rules of National Socialism, only then can there be a chance for peace. Heil Hitler. Sieg Heil.

2021/10/08: New Form to Send SecretAgentWars a Message without E-Mail

2021/09/06 :

2021/09/03: Weather Modification Technology Infused with Secret Agent Warfare, Causes Never Before Seen Flooding in Northeast USA


USA Propaganda attempts to blame unprecedented floods in North East upon Man-Caused Climate Change

It is not a simple thing to deny the unusual weather on September 1, in the north east of the USA. USA propaganda is in recovery mode as it attempts to explain to the common people how the severe, never before seen, flooding in the USA North East is possible. This CNN article appears like a frantic attempt to stem the flow of suspicion by blaming it all on the intangible theory of Man-Made climate change, which conveniently allows for just about anything to occur since the theory says results of this climate change are unpredictable.

Let us recognize the impossibility of the weather and related flooding on September 1. Some of the most memorable storm events to hit the north east, to which all other storms are customarily compared, were the major hurricanes Sandy and Floyd. Also Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf coast, was another storm so large that it has been used as a system of measure ever since.

Let’s make sense of the illogical conclusions you should come to from looking at these maps. In the North East, Hurricane Floyd and Sandy were known as the most severe in living memory, by which all storms are compared. Notice, that Floyd and Sandy hit the North East directly from the ocean. Hurricane Katrina came in through the Gulf of Mexico, and so it was not severe for the North East, although for the Gulf Coast, it was extremely severe so that it made national headlines.

Do you notice how all these powerful hurricanes shrink to insignificance almost immediately after hitting land? That is, all except for Hurricane Ida on September 1. Not only did Ida not dissipate after hitting land, but it seemed to get more powerful, which is illogical because hurricanes are known to gain power over water. Ida hardly made national headlines when it hit Louisiana. Yet, you would think Katrina would have disturbed the north east considering it was more destructive in Louisiana than Ida, but it didn’t.

Also take notice, Floyd and Sandy both hit the north east directly from the ocean, yet did not cause anywhere near the same flooding as Ida which hit after crossing land starting from the Gulf coast. Have you ever heard of New York City subways flooding during Floyd or Sandy? Did any more than a few river/coastal towns take significant flooding during Sandy and Floyd? There were no tornadoes during Floyd and Sandy, yet Ida delivered at least 5 unprecedented tornadoes to New Jersey. What is going on here? Once you ask that question, then you’re ready for the possible answer.

In my opinion, there is no other conclusion to come to other than the existence of weather modification technology, and its use applied to secret agent warfare. Obviously, something happened in the north east on the evening of September 1, which warranted the need for a distraction/disturbance such as a flood/storm which would give the needed conditions for strategies of offense and defense according to the specific situation. In emergency situations, unusual and high-visibility events at their disposal, not just weather modification events but the whole spectrum of public events within their power to create, are held in reserve for critical times when necessary. 1984 style surveillance has become a standard, and is adequate for most people to be taken account of; but when it comes to other powers of the world who also practice 1984 style surveillance, and are aware of the steps needed to avoid detection and to complete missions and operations while working on foreign soil; this is where secret agent warfare becomes very real, as the only way to operate undetected from modern surveillance is to literally have a false identity and communicate via secret codes.

This is the arena where the front lines of the actual secret agent wars take place. Each power baring the necessary levels of paranoia in order to defend against highly skilled and coordinated foreign intelligence agencies in a world at war, such that the name of this website, SecreAgentWars, becomes very appropriate. And it’s when these secret agent wars reach the equivalent of large battles that sudden events like the creation of a heavy storm to provide the cover necessary to unleash false floods, in the infinite scenarios of secret agent war which might require the hinderance of movement in the common people, and thus also of secret agents pretending to be common people, via floods; and also provides the cover for serious assassinations and violent warfare for which dead bodies can be explained away by the storm, so as to not disturb the needed peace within common folk police officers and of society at large, which would make it more difficult for a government to manage if events awakened those people to the truth, which is the truth of the Secret Agent World War apocalypse that we live in today. One theory suggests that 98% of the entire adult population of the world are in fact secret agents with a false identity. Which theory do you believe? Hail Hitler.

2021/08/10: Red Pill section rebranded as “Folkish Overwatcher”

In Honor of original National Socialist newspaper Völkischer Beobachter

What was originally intended to be its own separate section, will instead be taken as the brand of this red pill section on secretAgentWars.com . The newspaper was the original educational news dissemination piece for the German National Socialists under Adolf Hitler, and this red pill section intends to do something similar. Whatever corrupted versions of the original newspaper should be disregarded if they appear to support false allegations against Adolf and German National Socialism. It should be obvious that the historical artifacts of that newspaper will have been tampered with in order to support a post war enemy version of events.

Völkischer Beobachter is commonly translated as “The People’s Observer”, but a more literal translation which is still understandable by English speakers would be “Folkish Overwatcher”, and so we have decided upon that name.

2021/08/07: Joe Rogan is our guy? Harvests 10-year infiltration of the Left with attack on Vaccination Supremacists?

Left responds with Harry Oldenburg spewing Anti Joe Rogan Propaganda

I remember long ago, after Joe Rogan apparently sold out to the left in the midst of his podcast success, determining that Joe Rogan was either a coward or a traitor. But now I see that I may not have realized a third possibility, that of an infiltrator. Before his podcast, he gained my attention on the Alex Jones show, and in various clips, spouting solid knowledge of conspiracy theories and the obvious corruption of our culture. However, during his podcast career, he always took the side of leftist positions, even nearly supporting Hilary Clinton in the 2016 election while he constantly made swipes at Trump. He established a massive horde of left leaning anti-conspiracy theory people as listeners, and disavowed his past support of conspiracy theories as a mistake amidst a short phase in his life. All this served to protect him from cancel culture attacks from the left and gain him a solid cultural position, likened unto a modern “Johnny Carson Tonight Show” influence. Very powerful

But appears it may have all been a long term plan to position himself to be a valuable propaganda tool against the left as he slowly has been revealing his right leaning views over the past couple years; even taking many solid propaganda jabs at Joe Biden during the election. And now, he has made a severe propaganda blow against the left’s recent pushing to sick the normie leftist horde against unvaccinated people. Rogan seems to have balanced the scales by supporting an idea that it is the vaccinated people who are causing the variants, and not the unvaccinated. This is a very valuable talking point, and I have to wonder if Joe Rogan’s 10-year deep dive in support of leftist culture was worth it. If this is the case, then we may have a lot to thank Rogan for as he aims his heavy caliber propaganda weapon against our enemies, at the sacrifice of having ben derided by the right, including myself, for the last decade. True or not, this is the type of sacrifice we need to win this war. Heil Hitler.

The left seems to have taken a guarded notice of Joe Rogan’s movement against vaccines that they’ve decided to send in their own high caliber propaganda weapon, Harry Oldenburg known popularly as Prince Harry of the United Kingdom. Make no mistake about high caliber propaganda weapons, it is not a simple matter to attack them with your own propaganda weapons, because this often plays right into the enemy strategy. As cringey as Harry appears in his new role as anti-white white-black-divisionist agitator, still remember that a wide swath of United Kingdom common folk, especially anti-UK-royal-family common folk, who identify with him, his English personality, and physical features, so that a propaganda attack upon him would allow a large portion of the United Kingdom common folk to feel themselves attacked and to be turned easily as a united force against whoever it is that attacks Harry.

From a personal perspective, nothing is more distasteful than the pushing of this false narrative that there is a widespread anti-black prejudice against blacks among white people. I want to puke every time I hear the word racist. His sob story with Oprah complaining about racism in the royal family, may have been warranted as a private conversation, but the fact that it was made a huge public display propaganda piece gave it the flavor of insincerity and just another wave in the left’s relentless push, to never heal white-black divisions but only to keep “evil white racists” constantly in the thoughts of common folk black people.

2021/07/31: HBO commits Double Blasphemy with new TV Show ‘The Prince’

“You’ll all pay. Even that insufferable little shit **8-year-old’s-name**.” – “He’s annoying, I’ll give you that.”

Season 1, Episode 12, Time 12:20

That quote from episode 12 is just a small sample of HBO’s character assassination of an 8-year old. I fear to see the fate of whoever ultimately holds the responsibility behind HBO’s recent mass publishing this new TV show. Watching just the first few episodes, the show is mildly entertaining enough to be successful with the common folk; which makes it even worse.

The center piece of the show is the 8-year old eldest son of William Oldenburg, patrilineal Oldenburg descendent, better known as Prince William of the United Kingdom royal family, and patrilineal heir of Queen Elizabeth after his father. I will not name the child in this article, because he is 8-years old, but the entire show revolves around him. He is pictured and named exactly as he is. Further sickening, is the featuring of his brother and sister, 6 years old and 3 years old. The 8-year old is envisioned like the baby from Family Guy, obscenely vulgar and conceited.

Equally disturbing for anyone who is somewhat serious about their Christian faith, is the taking of the Christian name of God in vain what might be about a dozen times in each of the first 3 episodes which I viewed before tiring of it. The 8-year old himself uses the Name in vain many times in the show.

Everything else is fair game in the political propaganda battle arena, but the brazen attack on such young children is disturbing. Either the United Kingdom royal family made the first propaganda atrocity attack on someone else’s children, and this show is blowback, or else whoever bares the responsibility for the publication of this show has increased the level of war in no small way by now bringing such young children into the war theater.

I’m sure many will agree with me, that even if your enemy targets your children, it is not wise to respond by targeting their children as well. If your fear isn’t filled from just the eyes of God, then it should also be feared the collective response from humanity. Whoever targets an 8-year old child will not survive long. If the age of appropriateness to target a person in general propaganda warfare is not an exact science, still it can be widely agreed that 8 years old is definitely below that age. At the very very least, 12 years old should be the absolute minimum, but in my personal opinion, I would never consider anything less than 19 years old. May God have mercy on the souls of those responsible for this TV show.

POST-SCRIPT: It might be worth a small note, that false flag attacks within propaganda are not unheard of. And it is entirely possible that those ultimately responsible for the show could be the leadership of the UK royal family themselves. Perhaps as an avenue to seek publicity or public sympathy, who knows. Again, whoever it is that is truly responsible for the release of this show, I’m certain will suffer the consequences.

2021/07/29: The War on Women Rages – Fox News pushes false Universal Beauty Standard

“World’s Most Beautiful Girl” implies specific breeds of fit women are more beautiful than others. This leads to female depression, male hypergamy, and the creation of a toxic female culture that worships the media’s chosen universal beauty standard.

I’ve been meaning to write an article on this for a while. Women come in many different forms often called a “type”, which when physically fit should be considered as the most beautiful type of woman to those men who also match the same form type as that woman. Yet, as it is today, a universal beauty standard is pushed in the mass media to glorify a single type of woman. It’s more complicated than that, and there are a select few types which the mass media pushes, but for the sake of simplicity in this article I’ll refer to it as just a single type which I’ll call the “petite” woman type. A type could also refer to a habit of being unfit and the body’s response to it. Thus even obese unfit women would still be considered a type.

Doing this in the mass media culture has many negative effects on society. It influences all men to be attracted to and pursue only that single type of woman. This leaves all the other types of women in a desperate state as their unfulfilled instinct to find a sexual partner psychologically tortures their mind, and causes them to pursue unreasonable measures to match that chosen type of beauty for which their body is not designed: things like plastic surgery, eating disorders, and extreme use of make-up just to name a few.

In addition to this, the minority of women who do match this chosen beauty type generally have their minds corrupted for the same reason that fame, wealth, and power have been known to corrupt even the strongest of minds. The amount of power wielded by modern women who match this beauty type is inconceivable, as all men pursue them. Those men, willing to overlook almost any negative personality trait because of their media inspired hypnotic trance to pursue that beauty type, causes within these women like the effect of weeds growing in an untended garden. The negative personality characteristics of these women, like weeds, are never uprooted because there is an inexhaustible source of men willing to overlook those weeds for the sake of attaining her beauty. Where as other women might improve themselves from a need to be acceptable to society, the majority of women with this beauty type have become tyrannical monsters of conceit, arrogance, and malice. In a sense, they have to become this way in order to perform the chore of repelling the unrelenting torrent of men in pursuit of them. Yet, this chore often becomes a habit which carries over into her general outlook on life, and even into her treatment of the men who she does let into her life. She can be excused in the sense that all who are born into wealth or royalty, will generally have a more difficult time learning humility. But even as it is excusable, it does not change the fact that these monstrously spoiled women are ruling like queens of culture, and more importantly as queens of the social playground in every day life.  Because of the media’s relentless hypnosis causing people to adore them, they are now among the most powerful king makers of our society. Some of them will have their beauty abused no doubt, but others use it to carefully craft a base of power that rivals actual kings and queens of the past. At the least, a calculated life of porn or prostitution could lead a woman like this to an extreme of real wealth. On the other end, a simply social media account could complete the same objective, and in some cases these women are the most powerful people in the world; all while maintaining those negative personality characteristics, which is one of the most societally destructive combinations, greatly contributing to the resultant twisted hell which our society has become.

In a natural healthy world, generally speaking, matching types of men and women are attracted to each other, thus leaving each type to fulfill the needs of the opposite sex of that same type. However, with the war on women pushing a single type as the most beautiful, it throws the order of that natural system into chaotic suffering. Not only for the types of women who are not labeled as beautiful, but also for the unfortunate men who just happen to be the male match for the form type which is mislabeled as the “universally beautiful women”. As it is today, much of the chosen beauty standard type is petite women, which means that it is the petite men who match their type who now have to participate in the impossible competition among all males striving to attain their petite women.

The war on women is one of the most crucial attacks on humanity to be addressed with highest priority, because women are half the equation of humanity. The damage done through mass media on the minds of the people regarding women has been so deep that we can be sure it will not be a simple thing to reverse a hundred years of conditioning men to be sexually attracted to only a one female type.  With that in mind we should remind ourselves of idea #59) “A group of spiritual guides should be ready to help the common folk adjust back to freedom.” The intellectuals among us will have to ready ourselves when the time comes to help our common folk in their weakness. On that same note we should remember idea #77) “We desire a spiritual enlightenment to bring us all back to good health.”

We also must consider the unfortunate circumstance of the petite man for whose type of woman he must face the most difficult situation of competing with every single man in the world. For this petite man we must remember idea #22) “We must discourage passivity, because people are often conquered by targeting one group at a time. Therefore we must defend each other.” It may be easy for non-petite men to retrain their minds to be attracted to their corresponding non-petite type women, yet for the petite man he must wait until the end of the war on women before he’ll ever get a reasonable chance to pair bond with the woman type he was designed for. On top of this, even if he were to succeed against these impossible odds to attain a petite woman for himself, still imagine what he will have to deal with in regard to the negative personality characteristics which will most likely be attached to her.

Perhaps you might be saying to yourself, “But often men and women of different types are attracted each other, and not just with the media chosen beauty type.” You are correct, and I am not saying that it is wrong or unnatural for it to occur at times. What I am saying is that if not for the unnaturally bad influence of the mass media pushing for a single beauty standard, then men and women would pair up by matching types in the majority of cases, with the minority of mismatching pairs having a negligible effect on the order of that natural system.

2021/07/29: Suspected devil worshiper, Alex Jones, makes 3rd suspected devil ritual, live on air, in less than a month

This is the 2nd one I’ve caught in this last week. And I usually only listen to the first hour! Who knows what I’ve missed. In his most recent broadcast, I just thought it was odd that at time 31:40 in the first hour of the 7/28 broadcast recording, Alex says the number six, six times within 5 seconds. It could be coincidence, but maybe not. One thing you can’t underestimate about devil worshippers is their obsession with this number. They give themselves away because they can’t help themselves. We can’t know for sure what’s really in Alex’s heart, but every time this happens I get more and more wide eyed. Please report any devil rituals I may have missed from Alex that you may have caught, send an email to info at secretagentwars.com. Sieg Heil.




2021/07/27: Leftist Media’s hypocritical Stance against over-sexualization of women, really an excuse to Destroy Heterosexuality?

The immorality of the leftist media has been so consistent, that even when they seem to get something right, it should be highly scrutinized. The perfect example of this suspicion proves true is for the current leftist propaganda storm advocating for the Norwegian Beach Handball team in the European Handball Federation, which was fined money for not following the rules to wear bikini bottoms during game play. The left even sent in one of their top feminist propaganda weapons, Pink, to pile on this issue. On the surface, it seems well warranted, that females shouldn’t be forced to wear a “barely there” garment in a public sporting event. This falls in line with the immorality of progressive disrobing of females through peer pressure as the culture consistently makes it more and more the norm for girls to wear very little clothing in public, whereas before this type of clothing was worn by only the lowest class of women in society, including prostitutes.

But let’s take a look at this from another angle, since when does the leftist propaganda leadership ever seek to do good for the honor of women when it comes to sexual clothing. Let me put your attention instead on an old established norm in white culture, which sought to give honorable women a chance to display themselves publicly so as to attract a male partner. In things such as ballet, sporting events for women, performance art, and many other areas, women were structured to wear uniforms which displayed the feminine aspect of their bodies which were attractive to men. This was a solution of society for traditionally shy women, who would never display their bodies publicly, and might never attract man. Thus it became a means for shy girls to do so under the excuse of it being the uniform for their sport or the expectation for a certain performance art. Otherwise, these girls might not have any other way to attract the attention of males and which would hamper the development of male-female interaction. While undoubtedly an imperfect system, it is what developed through time as a means for shy girls to find a male partner. This is not directly the reason for why these European Handball Leagues made the rule for the bikini uniform, but it is a descendent of that cultural norm. Thus, it is wrong to propagandize this story without the perspective in history of the sometimes reasonable circumstances of when sexually provocative uniforms were used. While there is much truth of the immorality of forced sexualization of women, still, considering the source of this support, I would caution anyone to be wary that this is most probably an attack on heterosexual development rather than a protection for women. Heil Hitler.

2021/07/27: Hiding in Plain Site? Infowars’ Alex Jones Pledges Allegiance to devil Live on Air while Falsely quoting Bob Dylan (VIDEO)

A constant theme of Alex Jones has been his odd habit of communicating information by imitating the voices of the “bad guys” and what they would say. Not an unusual device, but anyone who follows Alex will know that he often taken it to an extreme where he sometimes goes for minutes at a time imitating an evil person. If you were to tune into his show at one of those points, you might even become confused before he switches back. I’ve always wondered if Alex does this as a way of at times being truly himself under the disguise of imitating someone else. This time, Alex didn’t do it for minutes, but the way he does it stands out. First, does it under the pretense of falsely attributing a quote to Bob Dylan where he allegedly pledges allegiance to the devil. The only grain of truth this quote comes from is a recent 60 minutes interview where Bob Dylan mentions “I made a bargain with the chief commander of this earth, and the world we can’t see”, which is vague and could be referring to God rather than the devil. Still, Alex takes the opportunity to add extra words onto this quote which have no source. Also, the level of seriousness in Alex’s face makes it seem like he used this as an opportunity to say plainly who he is live on air. As I’ve been following Jones, he does this a lot, to the point where I might make a separate section of this website dedicated to cataloging these odd imitation statements.

Before I provide the text of the quote here , let me just say that, due to the nature of secretive devil worshippers being everywhere, SecretAgentWars has a policy in place to eliminate any suspicious that we might be allied or connected to devil worshippers. That policy is to never say that certain popular name or number of the devil, even when quoting people like Alex Jones. Instead of the number, we will say “triple-six”. Instead of the name, we will say S****. Finally, I quote Alex Jones here, on the the first hour of the July 23 broadcast at time 35:18, Alex says, “I serve S****. I’m a S*****ist. I’m a devil worshiper. I worship lucifer. He’s the grand commander of this earth, and I did it for power.” Check out the video with the context included afterward, and decide for yourself. Heil Hitler.

The people are also controlled by overwhelming them with secret agents playing mind games.

Idea #11

Secret societies trick people into selling their free speech, only to regret it later. This is a tragedy.

Idea #6

Idea #9

Spy technology secretly takes statistics on the people in order to brainwash easier.

Idea #10

The people are controlled by giving hypnotic suggestions on their technology devices.

Idea #12

At times, the entire might of a government will focus on one person at a time, until the entire nation is brainwashed.