2022/01/23: Draft Thoughts on Solution to Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Not being slavic myself, I’ve only done a light study of their history. But it seems like I may have to, to inject some common sense into this conflict. There needs to be some righteous ethnic borders established between Russians and Pure Slavs (Ukrainians). That’s the problem here. Slavs are a major white sub-race native to large portions of eastern Europe/Eurasia and they deserve their own territory separate from Russia which is a mixed hybrid German-Slavic race. Being mixed with Baltic German, it is not right to let Russians claim to be the grand master of all the Slavic peoples and also of eastern Europe.

Please keep in mind, when reading this article; the previous Folkish Overwatcher articles which discuss in detail my inner conflict between whether to support the Russians (2021/04/17) or to support the Urkrainians (2021/05/01) .

Even with this solution of borders, I must also emphasize the possibility that the current oligarchs of Russia currently may be subverted into a sincere anti-National-Socialism power, rather than insincerely anti-National Socialist as taken on by people who can not afford to be labeled National Socialist in the leftist dominated media systems. In that sense there should be caution against handing over these borders to the Russian oligarchs directly, but maybe instead to deliver them to a Ukrainian administered ethnic Russian region in their north east beyond the Dneiper River; because the Ukrainians have many National Socialist supporters which I believe can be better trusted with the thoeries of these ethnic border divisions more so than anti-National-Socialist Russians with a history of Soviet era philosophy; a philosophy of communism that believes in the erasure of individual nations in favor of a chaoticly determined vague form of leadership under the title “politburo”, and in fact openly sought to erase all individuality of world nations in favor of a single style of leadership; which rediculously denies the obvious fact that different nations of peoples require different social stuctures; or more simply put “National Socialism” meaning that different peoples require different types of government, as separated by their Nationality/Race.

Here I am including a picture in this article relating some draft borders I drew between Pure slav native lands, and Russian Native Lands. You’ll see the the border goes through the city of Kiev; separating Russians and Pure Slavs with the Dneiper River as a boundary; because that city is important to both peoples. But like I said, this is a draft and might need some adjustment as I return back to Slavic/Russian history and dig a little deeper. Also, the mixed race temporary transitional region, I constructed from the historic Old Bulgaria as a place for Turkic Asiatic peoples to condense to, because Old Bulgaria was the source of the Turkic historic foothold in Eurasia. Especially in places like Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Ukraine: there exists many Turkic affiliated mixed peoples, because the Turkic/Asiatic invasions of eastern Europe starting from the times of Attila and the Avar Khagnate concentrated in those areas and helped to established those mixed peoples/cultures which linger to present day. The idea of transitional states is an idea which serves to be a pressure release measure to make it easier for long established races of people to accept the need for their non-native elements to release land which they romantically hold onto because of holding it for sometimes over a thousand years. But even a thousand years is not an excuse to remain in lands which were native to another people for the previous ten thousand years before that; with Anatolian Turkey being the most obvious example of this. Eventually, however, these Turkic mixed peoples will also need to go further east from this transitional region, toward their true native homelands in central Asia east of the Caspian Sea; as evidenced from this world map demonstrating their origins in year 365.

Also, concerning the ethnic border between the continental Germans and pure slavs in Poland; I may also have to dig deeper into the history of that region and possibly draw the border a litter further east according to Hitler’s Lebensraum ideas; but not very much further, as I do not believe Hitler desired to erase the nationalism of the Slavs in their native homelands, but rather he sought to argue for a German native homeland being interpreted as a bit further east. And there is much to talk about on that issue, but I’ll hold it for a separte article.

Sieg Heil.

2022/01/19: Unloyal Female-Dog: Ann Coulter Turns on Trump



I distinctly remember Ann Coulter praising Trump in VERY strong language in years past. Then she turns on Trump so savagely with an anti-Trump media blitz. I can not help but feel animosity toward her, precisely because of how STRONGLY she supported Trump, I can not find the exact phrase, but I remember something along the lines of her praising Trump as a savior type. Then this? Did she even believe all her talk in support of Trump back then? Or is she merely a fake, seeking political advantage in whatever situation to say whatever? Either way, I do not like unloyal people or fake political talking heads. I could at least respect her if she gave some solid reasoning and admitted to some earlier mistake. But the way she slyly snipes at Trump with trendy insults, capitalizing on a moment where people seem to be ganging up on him, it makes me feel everything awful toward her. For the record, I still support Trump, and think the anti-Trump sentiment lately is mistaken. Please see the 2021/12/25 Folkish Overwatcher article below for more detail on this complicated situation of whether to support Trump or not. But this woman is a disgrace. Disgusting. Disloyalty amongst friends is probably worse than an exterior enemy. If I still permitted myself to curse then I would curse her to the extreme. What a terrible horrible woman. The internet says she is unmarried and has no children. I can not imagine what great number of men she has betrayed in her love life throughout the years; based on this situation with Trump, I would not be surprised if she purposely drove some of her lovers to suicide; as is the theme of subverted women in our modern culture. Sieg Heil.

2022/01/15: Underground Animated Show “Murdoch Murdoch” strikes a familiar Tone to Karl Purple’s Mein Kampf 2.0

Just discovered this beautiful little right wing animation creation by some comic genius. My political philosophy does not match up exactly with the the show, but very close. In the recent episode called “Wizards & Bros”, the main character Murdoch writes a book on National Socialism and the Aryan Brotherhood gang picks it up and agree with the passages about putting an end to non-white race hate and loving women and other things, hitting on exactly the themes of Mein Kampf 2.0 . The similarities between the whole episode and the goings on here gave me cause to re-edit the video to contain Mein Kampf 2.0 and Karl Purple. I think it turned out nice. Heil Hitler.

2022/01/11: Mein Kampf 2.02 Update is Released

Many important revisions and corrections have been made up to page 72 of Mein Kampf 2.0; and some other crucial single-word changes in later pages . The rest of the book must still be revised, but I thought it was important to immediately release what I have completed thus far.

2022/01/10: Symptom of a Sick Society: Things that only happen when you have no National Socialism (organized family social racial group)

Who is going to blame this 18-year-old girl, for giving birth in a bathroom then panicking and puting the baby in a bag and throwing it in a dumpster? Surely she was raised wrong, but is it her parent’s fault? No, her parents were raised wrong too. Society is at fault; we have the wrong structure. Barely anyone has a blood related tribe they can go to for assistance. Almost everybody is alone minus a small group of people, in this girl’s case probably less than that. What generational wisdom is passed on? None. Who is looking out for you? We live in chaos. This child and her mother, and her mother’s mother, should be taken under the wing of a larger collective that cares for and loves them; to deal with this terrible behavior and heal wounds. Instead child protective services will get another child to ruin, the court system and their lawyers will get more money to bark repetitive unpleasantries at each other in cold cruel court rooms. This girl will rot in some cell or suffer some humiliating government oversight that will only increase her suffering and further damage her mind, which in turn will damage all the minds of those she interacts with in the future and spread the general feeling of disgust for the world. Like stirring a bunch of random chemicals taken off a chemists shelf and throwing them together in a pot; all we need do is wait for the next random reaction explosion llike this to happen. This is the state of our society.

When will humanity wake up and see the only real solution is the common sense of National Socialist philosophy, the natural Old World Order; that we separate ourselves by family and each runs their family as they see fit. But when families do not have this freedom, then nobody has the energy to invest in a family structure since the government can tare it down at any time by sticking their noses where they don’t belong. Family should be the boundary between governments. Nationality is the definition of family. Socialist sharing comes natural ONLY to families. National Socialism is the only way to make sense of the world. Don’t believe all the lies and dis-info and useful idiots being flung about that claim National Socialism means merely just to hate blacks and jews or something. Question these people and they will become confused or give you an irrational answer about why it is called National Socialism. The hateful narrative of National Socialism these fake nazis embrace does not hold up to scrutiny. Obviously, National Socialism made enemies with people who desired to rule over the whole of the world, and to exert their control over other people’s families; and it is those people who spread the original lies against National Socialism. Wake up. Sieg Heil. Heil Hitler.

2021/12/25: What you’re ACTUALLY doing when turning against Trump for Vaccine Support, Israel Support, & Epstein Flight Logs

Too many rightists are being fooled in recent weeks by this wave of anti-Trump sentiment based principally on the fact that he’s supporting vaccines publicly; and then jew-derangement-syndrome people will turn against him for supporting Israel; and then many will pile on by just adding the non-credible evidence of Trump on some mysterious flight logs in the middle of a crap-slinging lie-launching propaganda world war… please. Let me translate what you’re ACTUALLY accomplishing when turning against Trump for these reasons:




The idea of PROPAGANDA BATTLE, is that you must stay relevant in the minds of the masses. And Trump’s role in the propaganda battle is as a heavy lifter who MUST stay relevant with the common folk. The left currently has a monopoly on mainstream media, which probably determines how 80% of the common folk think. That means if Trump were to turn full against the covid vaccine, then they could easily turn 80% of the common people against him; and then he would no longer be able to fulfill his role as a heavy lifter in the propaganda war. Remember that because Trump has stayed relevant in the minds of mind controlled vaccine supremacists: thus he is able to inject a crucial side issue of vaccine freedom, that would not have been part of the dialouge if he had turn against the vaccine at the start which would have allowed the leftist media to trash him into oblivion as far it goes with the super-normies who are probably 80% of the population.

I’m getting sick of stupid people so easily being turned to piling on against Trump, and for all the wrong reasons, and for not realizing that Trump has to play the game in order to make his biggest effect. You think he would have a chance for re-election if he turned against the covid vaccine and then 80% of the people thought he was a crazy conspiracy theorist?

2021/12/18: By All Appearences, He is “Our Guy”: Trump Paves the Way for the Freedom to Talk About the Jewish Question

Any public figure must be constantly scrutinized as being a controlled opposition puppet, and Donald Trump certainly has been under the magnifying glass for a long time with many right leaning groups turning against him for exactly this reason; and even I keep the possibility in reserve at the ready, just in case. And even a controlled opposition candidate must sometimes be tactically supported for the sake of not alienating common folk who have been drawn in by them, or else risk having your political coalition divided: which is a central strategy of controlled opposition tactics in that they will push harder on their opposition if exposed or else infuse sabotage if they aren’t exposed; there being these two choices of reaction which, depending on the scale of the public figures presence in the minds of the common folk, requires a more or less delicate complicated dance of back and forth adjustments on both sides of the propaganda battle. In the case of Donald Trump, he is a central piece of the public sphere and so this dance has been a struggle for many many people on the right, leading to much division in right leaning circles on whether to support Trump or not.

Yet here, controlled opposition or not, Trump delivers to us another great benefit in taking the brunt of the assault of anti-nazi forces by showcasing how even the lightest of comments about jews is attacked and would be enough to de-platform any other politician who didn’t have Trump’s clout; and so he is the perfect man for the job, and he does the job. Commenting on the obvious fact that the Israel lobby has significant influence in congress is hardly anything drastic to observe; yet the anti-nazi left requires that all talk of this kind, no matter how benign, must be faced with stiff opposition accusing the speaker of all but committing the holocaust itself; which has until today left us without freedom of speech by means of taboo, so that absolute none of the reasonable aspects of the jewish question can be discussed, ever. And so Trump here, in my opinion, scores another point in his favor of more likely not being a controlled opposition. But even if he is, I must insist that my readers consider the controlled opposition dance I spoke of, and to admit that at times even a controlled opposition must be supported publicly and to at least wait until they switch to sabotage before going for full exposure; and even better, if it were possible for common folk to understand, to openly admit that you support someone even while being concerned they might be a controlled opposition.

TheRightStuff.biz, an up and coming alt-right conglomerate of podcasts is an example of a far right group that has taken the position that Trump is a Kosher controlled opposition, meaning that jews have put him forth as an approved form of false opposition, that is controlled opposition. Ironically, TheRightStuff.biz itself appears to me to be the most obvious controlled opposition, taking on a very strong jew-derangement syndrome which has made unlistenable an otherwise likeable group of guys. This includes stars like Mike Peinovich (Mike Enoch) of The Daily Shoah podcast, and Jazzhands McFeels of the Fash the Nation podcast who until recently was an enjoyable weekly listen for me until Jazzhands’ jew-derangement syndrome became too much for me to ignore any longer: every topic he will include some trendy insults of jews and rarely ever more than surface trash talk: surface trash talk which means he’s going for low hanging middle intellectual fruit (manipulation) rather than truley attempting an intellectual pursuit. All this appears to me to be a controlled opposition’s attempt to continue the main attack upon National Socialism of associating it with the evil prejudiced dumb vulgar violent cartoon nazi type they’ve been trying to paint ever since 1933: and in fact working hard to recruit new nazi groups with the false belief that the original nazis were like this so that at the end of the day there are now legitimately cartoon nazi type groups walking around with beliefs that are exactly in line with the ugly picture the left tries to paint of National Socialism. In comparison, you can view the wild obviously false accusations of Trump supposedly being an awful prejudiced racist (when his daughter marries a jew and he is on friendly terms with many negroes); and imagine what they could do to Trump’s reputation if they had 100 years and the energy to trash his name every single day on every radio and television station. More than ever you have to consider that Hitler and the original National Socialists were quite unlike the jew-derangement syndrome types they’re labeled as today. Instead, they were the test case in shutting down ANY AND ALL jewish question kinds of talk that might have to identify something bad about some particular jew or a specific group of jews. You can’t go too far either way; everything in moderation. Heil Hitler.

2021/11/28: Public Media Figures Taking sides on devil Worshippers: Infowars Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Fox News

  1. 1. Infowars Alex Jones retains same Cheif Lawyer as devil Worshippers
  2. 2. Trump drops an Anti-devil-Worshipper 777
  3. 3. Fox News drops a Pro-devil-Worshipper Triple 6

1. Infowars Alex Jones retains same Cheif Lawyer as devil Worshippers

No suprise here. On 11/23, after having just been subpoenaed to testify for the January 6 investigation committee; and being under legal pressure, and less than 4 months since our last article about the triple 6 dropping and devil praising live rants of suspected devil worshipper Infowars.com’s Alex Jones (see 2021/07/29 Red pill article): Alex Jones now reveals he has hired the SAME chief legal Council Lawyer as a devil Worshipping Temple group: Marc Randazza . Having both Randazza and Roger Stone as guests, both Alex and Roger both proceed to say how great Randazza is. Randazza, offering the excuse that he merely defends all free speech, declares that he has no “line” for people who he would refuse to represent.

The full clip of this segment for in-context analysis can be found at Time 1:23:32 at: bitchute.com/video/AYFdtJyFsPhG

2. Trump drops an Anti-devil-Worshipper 777

As much as Alex Jones might claim all the triple 6’s he has dropped are merely coincidental (see 2021/07/29, 7/27, and 6/30 Red pill articles), it is comforting to know that I have not yet seen any coincidental triple 6 drops from one of the current political figurehead heroes of the right, Donald Trump.

And in fact, I was able to catch Trump dropping a 777, which is classically considered the anti-devil-worshipper number, and a sacred number of God in many religions. He dropped the 777, whether accidental or purposeful, during an interview with Fox Business, on 11/26, where Trump mentions gasoline prices in California being at $7.77 .

The full clip of this segment for in-context analysis can be found at Time 10:49 at: foxbusiness.com/politics/trump-says-biden-admin-disaster-covid-response-inflation-border-crisis


3. Fox News drops a Pro-devil-Worshipper Triple Six

Constantly playing both sides of the left and right of the Republican conservative base, it appears to me Fox News to be lightly flirting with an alliance with devil worshippers; I vagely recall them dropping the triple 6 intermittently; however I haven’t noticed it enough to declare a high probability that they are allied either way, unlike Alex Jones who every day seems more and more likely to possibly be a high priest of a devil worshipping society; still, it’s worth it to notice that Fox News dropped a triple 6, actually a quadruple, in an article about Corona Virus cases, citing 4 sixes in a row as the daily average of cases reporting in New York; yet I failed to find this specific number pop up in any source, and it’s such a specific number, that I find it hard to believe it was coincidental.

Find the original article here, and surprise surprise in paragraph six is where you’ll find the devil number. Also in case the article gets deleted or changed, you can find an archive of the original article here.

2021/10/22: Purple Anon Publishes Book “Mein Kampf 2.0”

His follow-up to Adolf Hitler’s original book Mein Kampf

Link for sharing: SecretAgentWars.com/MeinKampf

2021/10/13: WORLD WAR 3 HEATS UP! CNN prepares the USA population for Future supply shortages

Corona Virus Pandemic is really a Cover for Wartime measure to be expected during what is truly World War 3

I know we all know that CNN is a simple propaganda arm of the USA government to support their motives; yet it is still useful to analyze the thoughts and motives of the USA government elites. With that said, it appears they are conditioning the public to accept future shortages on goods, with the explanation of a chip shortage and supply chain disruptions due to the Corona virus pandemic.

Of course, technology is so advanced these days that next to nothing could ever truly make toilet paper or other commodities hard to come by. In the July 11, 2021 article of the Red Pill Folkish Overwatcher archives, we made mention of an alternative explanation of the Corona virus pandemic; to be understood as an excuse to cover up the truth of hot war World War 3 currently on-going. War time results in things exactly like shortages on products and disruption of supply roots, loss of liberties, and extensive snooping of governments on their citizens more so than in peace time. Yet, it is deemed strategically better to lie to the common people that the Corona virus pandemic is the reason behind it all; rather than telling thee truth that we are in a new massive World War 3. Picture the choices left to each government as they participate in this war: Tell their people the truth and deal with the anti-war protests and other protests against wartime security measures and lockdowns, which also includes general panic of fear among the people. The other choice is to hold up the false Corona virus pandemic, which still results in protests against pandemic security measures and against all the means of snooping, tracking, and locking down the people. One big difference between the two choices is that there is much less panic and fear among the people if they believe in the corona virus explanation; on top of a variety of other benefits in wartime strategy that we discussed in the July 11, 2021 article in our archives.

With all this in perspective, we can view this new CNN article as a notice that World War 3 is heating up; which means that the Secret Agent War which goes along with it is also heating up, which is the main reason why governments justify the need to spy and snoop and vaccinate/input tracking devices and DNA testing via Corona virus testing to guard against Look-Alike secret agents infiltrating into society and even perhaps the dreaded culmination of AI technology in the creating of human like robots which are indistinguishable from people. With the technology apacalypse in effect, one must always consider to what degree hidden technologies are working behind the scnes, hidden because of strategic military necesity; hiding your technological adgantages over your enemies makes the advantages even greater because your enemy is not wary of it.

Also consider the the extremely strict Corona virus lockdowns going on in Australia is evidence that the war is currently very active in that regions, which is evidence that a greater simplified explanation for the World War 3 might point to a general conflict between east and west; between the USA and China as the two great rival powers currently at war; from which it would make sense that a battle for Australia would be an immediate point of contention between those two powers. As always, I’ll remind you the opinion of this website that National Socialism is the cure for all the world’s ills; and if the United States and China would come to agreement with National Socialism as their guide, then there could be an end to all great conflicts; meaning that we must organize ourselves by race; Asians and Whites; and determine ethnic racial homelands and set borders, and as a general policy to stay out of the business and lands of other races and their homelands. Only once we have that general principal in place and all of us work together and separately under the instinctual rules of National Socialism, only then can there be a chance for peace. Heil Hitler. Sieg Heil.

The people are also controlled by overwhelming them with secret agents playing mind games.

Idea #11

Secret societies trick people into selling their free speech, only to regret it later. This is a tragedy.

Idea #6

Idea #9

Spy technology secretly takes statistics on the people in order to brainwash easier.

Idea #10

The people are controlled by giving hypnotic suggestions on their technology devices.

Idea #12

At times, the entire might of a government will focus on one person at a time, until the entire nation is brainwashed.