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Purple War Room

These maps are my current war commands:
卐 Blue lines signify river basin boundaries, in line with the philosophy of National Socialist Homelands being defined by a single people in control of each river and its tributaries.

LATEST UPDATE 2022/04/30

2nd Priority in Ukraine has been reduced, to increase focus on Mariupol. 1st priority focus has been widened around creating a path to Mariupol. Some focus increase has been added to the Moldova area and Transnistria.

UPDATE 2022/04/29

War focus maps have been updated at the bottom of this page. Syrian & Israel-Palestine Conflicts added to focus. Special focus added to secret agent city in Mersin, Turkey.

UPDATE 2022/04/21, 1730


Putin orders troops not to storm final Mariupol holdout
Putin called the storming of the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works ‘unnecessary.
“I believe the suggested attack at the industrial zone to be not necessary,” Putin told Shoigu in a televised meeting at the Kremlin. “I order for it to be called off.”
“This is that case when we have to think- that is we always have to think but in this case it`s even more important – to think of saving lives and health of our soldiers and officers,” Putin added. “One does not have to climb into these catacombs and crawl there underground around these industrial objects.”
“Block this industrial zone in such a way that even a fly could not fly through,” the president ordered.

Message From Karl Purple:

Like the slowing and final stop of a powerful force through a thick medium; they are exhausted, and now begins the counter pulse of our own powerful force. Let us see if more than a fly can break through their blockade. See the new map for the updated highest focus in Mariupol.

Other than my own secret location and the location of my personal Russian female, all the white hot highest war focus is given solely to Mariupol according to this map.

I apologize that I can not be there with you outside of my decoys and power extended officers. But in reality, I am sure you understand that I suffer because of this absence; and so the balance is achieved and we will suffer together like true brothers in battle.

Heil Hitler. And remember, that you can not die; but only wake from the dream of this life into the presence of the rewards for the honors you have saved up for yourself.

Sieg Heil.

– Karl Purple

2022/04/20: Message From Karl Purple:

Divert highest war focus solely to Mariupol, and send in my elite to assist them. Tell the boys there that “The Emperor Protects”.



Emperor’s personal theater war focus maps are only accessible by secret agents, spies, and those initiated into the emperor’s circle.


Ukraine South East

Ukraine, Path to Mariupol

Ukraine, Mariupol

Western Middle-East

Mersin, Turkey: Secret Agent City

Mersin, Turkey: Secret Agent Base