Purple Red Pill


SecretAgentWars is now divided into two sections, the Red Pill Section (which this article is part of), and the Purple Pill Section.


They called Hitler a dreamer. A mad-man. The Purple Pill is a big idea. We must capture the volk’s imagination. If we continue to give them red pills which bore them, then we will lose them to their natural instinct to play video games all day and watching cat videos, or worse we’ll lose them to enemy propaganda which does play to their fantasy desires.

Idea #21) We must compete with enemy propaganda for the minds of the common folk, else they might be used against us.

On 2021/01/21 SecretAgentWars posted the Code Purple article in reference to the amount of purple at the Biden inauguration. This was also the beginning of SecretAgentWars launch of the Purple Anon Secret Agent FolkLure campaign (also known as purple pills). FolkLure, a termed coined by SecretAgentWars, is propaganda designed to “lure” in common folk via interesting possibilities rather than cold hard facts; because common folk will not pay attention if it is not interesting. For example, the development of an “ID Code” system for purple anon has been ongoing at 8kun.

Common Folk are the bulk of humanity; the intellectuals reading this website are a microscopic minority, and thus propaganda and “infowar” are always aimed at common folk. Thus Purple Pills and Purple Anon are a long term FolkLure plan of SecretAgentWars, based on a short term loss by appearing silly (yet, realistic), to mirror the success model of InfoWars main character the Info-Warrior “Alex Jones”, with our own main character the Secret-Agent-Warrior “Purple Anon”.

While Purple Pills or “FolkLure” may seem unrealistic and silly at times, SecretAgentWars seeks to capture the minds of the common folk reading these articles by presenting within interesting possibilities and the fun storyline of purple anon. Common folk are not able to read long paragraphs like this or digest complicated information like “intellectual to common folk ratios”. Thus, it is not a problem to openly admit this tactic for the sake of the intellectual minority here who can receive it.