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Purple Overwatcher

Editor: Code-Bro

2022/05/13: Karl Purple Waves the German National Socialist Flag in Times Square New York City

2022/04/19: Purple War Room Unveiled:

In a new phase of the secret agent war, bleeding into open warfare in Ukraine: Purple Anon has instructed me to release this link to his command center called the “Purple War Room”, where can be found the details of his command plans for general focus priorities.

We must remember that this is a war against a shadow enemy which can take multiple deceptive forms from different sides, in line with secret agent war tactics; but it is noticeable that the enemy has a concentration and base in the elite leaderships of the Soviet Style communist countries of Russia and China allied with an expansionist form of Arab controlled Islam.

2022/02/14: VIDEO RELEASE: Purple Anon Goes on Date with new Female for First Time in 12 Years

Purple Anon, after being kept in seclusion from new females by his secret agent protectors for over a decade, finally on Telegram was able to stumble upon personal relationships with females for the first time in 12 years.

After stumbling into some subverted Telegram group chat hole, Purple found himself talking to a new female voice in a non-business situation, for the first time in 12 years. Her name was Gracie.

Hypnotized, like discovering some exotic creature, the two eventually progressed a relationship so that finally Purple Anon asked her to go on a public virtual date with him; public to serve as a propaganda display of a proper traditional first date courtship ritual. She accepted.

February 8, 2022; this video here was recorded of Purple Anon’s first step back into the complex human mating ritual, after 12 long years.


After almost a year since the last episode, due to the release of Mein Kampf 2.0, taking up so much time.

A Negro female joins the podcast for the first time. Her name is “Rose”. Purple Anon met her during his recent discovery of Telegram, loitering about in the T.ME/PolVol2 telegram channel, where they quickly connected after Purple gradually became a regular there espousing his revisionist national socialist views; it being a political discussion group. They discuss the usual topics of race realism and a variety of different topics that concern both the black race and white race.

Purple Anon can now be found on telegram at T.ME/SecretAgentWars, while Rose can be found at T.ME/SixRosee.



2022/01/25: Leak from Purple War Room.

Whites working as a Team? White National Socialism is Born?

This map picture was leaked, said to be from Purple Anon’s war room, planning current strategies. It appears like the Ukraine-Russian war may be some type of false war between West and Eastern whites to serve as cover for the real objective to contain foreign Asiatic races in Purple Anon’s suggested Transitional State in East Ukraine (Folkish Overwater 2022/01/23 Article).

At the same time it appears non-white allies in India, Taiwan, and Japan are set to keep China busy; and of course Israel is keeping the Arab Islamic states busy as usual; paving the way for a free hand to lead a covert war to be waged against intrusive Asian/Turkic elements in Eurasia. The strategy of false war between allies is an idea serves the purpose re-directing common folk toward a controlled narrative where public opinion can easily be controlled, rather than risking direct war, where the naivety of common folk can fall into the hands of an enemy counter-narrative. In the case the Asiatics attempt a large scale counter-attack, then the false war between Russia and Ukraine will be increased to serve as a cover for if that happens; thus maintaining complete control.

2022/01/15: Rumors spread that Mein Kampf 2.0 sparked the Aryan Brotherhood gang to join forces with Karl Purple’s National Socialism

2022/01/11: Mein Kampf 2.02 Update is Released

As stated in the preface of this new version update: many important revisions and corrections have been made up to page 72 of Mein Kampf 2.0; and some other crucial single-word changes in later pages. The rest of the book must still be revised, but Karl Purple thought it was important to immediately release what he had completed thus far.


I know nothing of the war strategy details. I was merely told to post this. It appears Purple and his empire are now unified in a pact to retrieve and subdue his Russian Red Sparrow, or else to die and lose all trying. But this Red Sparrow girl of his will not go willingly, and she has called upon all of her Russian allies to her aid; rather than to face the glass encased cross Purple has been threatening her with. Rather than let Purple have his way with this one woman, amongst an army of Red Sparrow’s who are little cared for individually by their Russian controllers; they have denied all his offers and requests.

As they let individual red sparrows die for trivial reasons for minor gains in their wars, it would seem a small thing to hand over this Red Sparrow to Purple who loves her so dearly, in exchange for a greater peace. But no; and in that sense it does seems like they were intent on going to war either way, being insincere in negotiations the entire time. Thus it is better it start the war now rather than later. But the Russian Red Sparrow and her army of Love Terrorists will have to go through us first! Let us die with our emperor if we have to, if now is the time. What a great cause to fight for, for the love of our emperor for a woman, even as treacherous as this one; which goes to show this difference of a man’s love than a woman; loving her unconditionally, whilst most women only love their men based on their ability to provide. Let our emperor be an example to our women in also how to unconditionally love their men. Divorce is the true pandemic. And thus as a man, I do understand Purple Anon; he MUST have his woman, who is rightfully his. HEIL PURPLE! To war we go!

2022/01/05: UFC 777 ? Purple Anon Challenges his Russian Red Sparrow to Martial Arts Duel

“What good is a martial art, if you’re unable to move?”: Purple Quotes Matrix in Response to his Red Sparrow’s Recent PR Blitz Attempting to Repair her Public Image: where she Implies that her Training allows her to Physically Dominate the untrained Purple, but that she never once used her powers to hurt Purple.

Purple Devil Worshippers Celebrate the Prophecy of the coming “Dark Purple”, citing his vengence on his Red Sparrow will signify his “New Birth through Spiritual Death”.

The recent developments with Mein Kampf 2.0, and also within the negotiations with Russia regarding Purple Anon’s Red Sparrow, also known as a “Russian Love Terrorist”: these have sparked renewed public interest which caused the Red Sparrow’s supporters to begin a massive propaganda campaign seeking to excuse her behavior and make a new narrative of past events. Exactly one month after the release of Mein Kampf 2.0, season 3 of the Amazon show “Hanna” was released, and in episode 2, a show LITERALLY about secret agent warfare, where a scene was released that has been touted as her official unofficial response. That scene is provided here.

The show itself, makes it obvious that the girl Hanna is meant to symbolize the Red Sparrow, while Abbas, a widely used nickname for Purple Anon amongst the empire as being the “Abba” “father” of his people, is obviously referring to Purple Anon: the character being the younger idealist speaker version of himself 12 years ago during the time when the Red Sparrow first entered his life. A particular thing of this scene was seized on by Purple Anon, the part where she grabs him in a martial arts hold to demonstrate that she, as a girl, is capable of helping and protecting Purple Anon, but underhandedly implies her physical dominance over him. Purple made the statement, “What good is a martial art, if you’re unable to move?” which is a reference to a scene in the movie The Matrix, where the character is unable to speak by some mysterious force. The Empire elites have elaborated on this comment, saying that while it is true that the Red Sparrow has never once used her martial training to hurt Purple, and even allowed herself many times to be physically dominated by Purple without using those skills, still Purple’s team makes it clear that it was not due to any goodwill on her part, but rather because Purple’s powers makes it strategically impossible for her to do so. For if she were to have ever once applied physical dominance to Purple, the reprecussions would quickly result in the removal of all psychological positioning that allows her the freedom to abuse Purple to begin with. Meaning simply, Purple would be willing to take a hit from her, because then afterward she would be trapped by subsequent events and court rulings that would quickly give him a justification for complete and total authority over every aspect of her life, including the authority to implement his much rumored threat to temporarily place her tied to a glass encased cross on the wall of his personal church every Sunday, where he is supposedly intent on having her hang during his sermons whilst he makes a verbal example of her to his people, and also as an example of what not to do, and as a warning to any future wife of his of what will happen to them also if they ever betray him sexually as his Red Sparrow had done.

The legal team of the Red Sparrow, along with the PR blitz, are claiming that she was never once disloyal to Purple Anon sexually, and in fact was secretly a virgin upon their first meeting; and that the Amazon show “Hanna” provides the metaphorical backdrop of the general story of the Red Sparrow, who was sent originally to kill Purple Anon, but then changed her loyalty upon being converted by Purple’s speaking, and afterward sought to protect Purple in all ways; and that her psychological torture of him was due to a need to keep her loyalty to Purple secret from her controllers in the Red Sparrow leadership, to realistically appear to hate Purple, in order that they keep her in her position, and thus she would continue to be in the best position possible to protect Purple, as a controlled opposition agent working in his favor. Purple’s legal team have replied to this premise that while they hope the story of her virginity and sexual loyalty is true, because it could save Purple from this speculated coming darkening of his soul, but that even so the Red Sparrow was deceived by intellectuals above her level, who were aware of all these things and desired to use her to hurt Purple, and thus made her believe Purple needs her protection in the same way she believes she is able to be victorious over him in a physical confrontation. A statement was made by one of Purple’s most prominent lawyers in the red sparrow case, and I will end this article with his quote:

“If she were to ever make a single physically dominant move upon Purple, she would be so quickly afterward rendered immobile by hidden non-lethal sniper technologies in our possession, and then afterward Purple would finally have the Public Relations justification to place her on his glass encased cross without any resistance whatsoever by the empire’s Woman’s Club; who for their sake he is restraining himself at the present moment. The Red Sparrow knows this and would never dare make any physical move upon Purple; and so what right does she have to claim any moral authority in her having never used her skills against Purple? None. She is evil and stupid, plain and simple. Minus the evil if her claims of sexual loyalty to Purple turn out to be true, but definitely stupid in her underestimating Purple’s indirect powers to protect himself. She has been a constant snare to Purple’s plans, rather than a help; and many layers of taking her predicted conduct into account have slowed Purple’s plans for the empire by years and years. She is truly not physically dominant over Purple Anon in any way whatsoever. We even cordially invite her to a UFC 777 fight between her and Purple, where she will have his permission to physically hurt him if she can. But she can not, in the same way that someone can not jump ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire.’ Purple’s psychological and propaganda strategies render her physical training meaningless. Purple Anon is completely and totally physically, spiritually, intellectually, and in every other way dominant over this overconfident little red sparrow; who likes to talk arrogance in the disguise of love. She has much to learn and Purple Anon has much to teach her, once the Women’s Club of the empire finally gives him permission to finally deliver his righteous discipline to this misbehaving female on a weekly basis on the glass encased cross of his church that he has prepared for her. She will cry double the amounts of tears that he has cried over her. Only then will she understand, and finally the evil might be able to exit her mind. We confidently deny the truth behind any of these claims that she has been sexually loyal to Purple Anon. If it is true, then bring the evidence quickly and we will consider not condemning her to those weekly verbal beatings on the glass encased cross; but to continue deceiving Purple of her sexual disloyalty for the preposturous reasoning that she is helping to protect Purple, who is probably the most powerful man in the world at this moment, is rediculous; and we claim that there is no difference between actual sexual disloyalty and the false deception of sexual disloyalty; as the man suffers the same in both cases, and so makes the crime almost completely the same. We will say this, however, as a gesture of peace and goodwill; that Purple Anon does indeed love her as much as any man can love a woman; but that her failures give him cause to seek a new woman as his favored companion; while he will not abandon the Red Sparrow according to his usual habits with women he loves; still he might consider her his favorite verbal punching bag, and credit her for maybe her unforeseen contribution to Purple’s mental health in that he finally has justifiable cause to deliver upon her the full weight of his speech powers to psychologically torment her, a power he has never had the oppurtunity to fully use due to morality’s need for him to restrain himself. If the highly unlikely possibility is true that her sexual loyalty was maintained, then he is even open to learning these minorly important martial arts from her, as a recreational activity of an obsolete military form; obsolete in how he so obviously demonstrates that his psychological martial arts are superior to physical ones. Above all, she must cease in insisting that she is not completely at his physical mercy just as in any other traditional male female relationship. If her mental weakness, as expected, causes her to disagree with this: then we invite her to a dominance style combat with Purple at a UFC 777 event: dominance style meaning that the winner will be declared not by the usual UFC rules, but by Purple’s revised rules which prevents serious injury by the judges declaring a winner once after the appearence of physical dominance of one over the other becomes obvious. If she accepts this fight proposal, I have been given a message from Purple himself, to deliver to the red sparrow in regards to this potential UFC event; and I quote directly from Purple who officially says to her: ‘You will lose.’ Heil Hitler. Heil Purple. “

Anonymous Lawyer from Purple’s Legal Team in his case against the Red Sparrow


Women Battle for Position Close to Purple Anon; but Peace Treaties Forbid Them to Proceed Further

If you could die from Irony, then I would be dead. Purple Anon, known to have long desired to be in a love relationship with a woman as one of his greatest desires, has continually failed to obtain one. After psychological terrorist attacks from Russia and Pakistan “Love Terrorists” agents being sent to break Purple’s heart with militarily calculated precision and cruelty, Purple has been barely hanging on these last 10 years, desperately trying to keep himself together while at the same time building the foundations of his now enormous empire of power. Yet, the ironic thing, it is not due to a lack of potential women that is preventing his success and the mending of his heart, but instead it is the opposite: too many seek him.

What started off as an odd curiousity that circumstances were making things difficult for Purple Anon’s team to even place him in a temporary partnership, as his powers have increased there has developed around him “Love Candidates”: women set up by powerful interests to be in the best positions to find themselves in a relationship with Purple Anon. Yet, as things developed after Purple was so severely psychologically damaged by terrorist females trained and sent by Pakistan and Russia to break his heart, Purple became such that he would fall in love with almost any woman he was attracted to immediately due to his desperation to heal the wounds of his heart. And so it became plain to see that whatever woman approached Purple Anon first would have a high chance of becoming the next love of his life, permanent according to Purple’s known psychology to stay almost forever loyal to the women he chooses; which has become more and more significant of a thing as Purple’s power has grown and thus whoever his next woman is would also share in that power to become unbelievably powerful herself as an influence. Thus instead of letting things devolve into a race between Love Candidates to present themselves to Purple Anon to grasp him in his vulnerable state, it was agreed between the camps of rival Love Candidates to not actively pursue Purple Anon until the agreed upon time when Purple’s heart could be adequately healed and things were arranged so that at that time Purple could then freely browse the women available to him… but ten years later, and this time still has not yet come; and Purple Anon is displaying increasingly depressed behavior as the years drag on.

Thus, as the time has been pushed back continually, more and more Love Candidates have worked with sometimes military level strategies to place themselves in the best positions to likely be the first woman he finds himself with. But according to the treaties, and according to Purple’s known psychology to fall in love easily, these Love Candidates around him have been forced to purposely distance themselves from him emotionally so that he does not focus on them, which would be considered a violation of the agreed upon terms not to pursue him; and all the women Purple sees around him seem to variously ignore him, and often are forced into treating him badly in order to push away feelings of love he might have developing for them. If any of these women break these rules, they are in so many ways removed from Purple Anon’s sphere; and thus desperate to remain in their good positions close to his life, these women dare not violate these rules: and from Purple Anon’s perspective he is living a life where it seems to be impossible to get any woman to like him.

Anonymous metaphorical depiction of the Love Candidate scenarios.

As time has continued, the numbers of Love Candidates have decreased by orderly prioritizing and morality tests: so that not a massive chaotic flux of these candidates surround him like they used to; and thus there is now a handful of women in their established positions in his life, just waiting for the time to be decided they are free to try to win Purple’s heart as they please. But as the time has gone on and on, situations have arisen of arguments debating about who has or has not violated the rules. And as one of these Love Candidates violates a rule, so another one feels empowered to also violate the same rule… resulting in this situation of a kind of “Mexican Love Standoff”, comparable to the classic “Mexican Standoff” being multiple people with guns pointed at each other, each one frozen, not daring to pull the trigger else risk being shot by another with their gun from a different direction. Each of the love candidates are ready to make their move immediately if they see one of the other candidates try to move first. The situation is very tense, to the point of courts and judges being called in to negotiate between the various factions.

To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about: let me describe some of the Love Candidates who are considered favorites among the people who have turned this aspect of Purple’s life into some kind of horse racing spectacle consisting of underdogs and favorites. The following list consists of code names for the various Love Candidates:

Bun GirlWorks at Purple’s Job.High access, Middle Proximity, Middle communication.Very High
College GirlLives in Purple’s Neighborhood.Middle access, Middle proximity, Low communicationHigh
Bank GirlWorks at Purple’s Bank.Low access, Low proximity, Low communiciationMiddle-High
Ladybug GirlWorks at Purple’s Job.High access, High Proximity, High CommunicationMiddle
All Walk No Talk GirlWorks at Purple’s Job.Low access, Low proximity, Low communicationHigh

I have been given permission to divulge these limited details by Purple’s team leaders. It was decided that the situation was becoming too chaotic that it was necessary to bring some of the details to the mind of the public, in order that some new developments stemming from it might open up a path to a solution to end this increasingly spiteful Mexican Love Standoff.


Bun Girl is the current highest ranked favorite, according to empire psychological actuaries. She is a high type match according to Purple Anon’s historical attractions to women. After an enormous scandal broke among Love Candidate factions, that she was breaking the rules of engagement by making up her hair very beautifully and then walking through Purple Anon’s vision continually, taking advantage of her multiplied oppurtunities because she works at his job and in his particular section of the work building. The scandal broke when Purple became increasingly preoccupied with her to the point of his voicing out loud that he loves her. At that point, the other teams of Love Candidates united in protest of this breaking of the rules, and forced a judge’s decision that Bun Girl actively begin steps to annoy and hurt Purple emotionally until his fascination with her neutralized; or else she would face removal from his workplace. Under this threat, she was also forced to intermittently do her hair badly on purpose, in order to lighten Purple’s attraction to her, and also to begin wearing her hair in a bun very often to further prevent his attraction to her hair. This is where she got her nickname Bun Girl, after the bun backfired on the judges intentions, and Purple began to affectionately refer to her as “My Bun Girl” when talking to himself in lucid dreaming. This sparked the enforcement of another wave of her mandatory annoyances of Purple Anon. After a month or two, the actions had its desired effect and Purple Anon visually became lightly concerned with her, even bothered with her rudeness; so that finally the judges ruled she could cease with her annoying behaviors.


College Girl is the second highest favorite, though she has so far had little, if any, communication with Purple Anon. This is made up for in that she also lives in the same local neighborhood development as Purple Anon; only a short walk distance away from his front door. She has been the main counter threat to Bun Girl’s advances, in that she has the position to quickly make moves to begin high contact socializing with Purple Anon; and has been demonstrating this threat in recent weeks by making regular walk-bys of Purple Anon during his various goings about his neighborhood. Her strategizers originally had her in long beautifully made up hair that took Purple Anon’s attention a couple years ago; but then she went to college for a year or so and when she returned to the neighborhood recently, her hair was cut shorter and less radiantly so, in a bid to make it easier for Purple Anon to get closer to her by not constantly blinding him into frozen nerves with her beauty.


Bank Girl works at Purple Anon’s bank, and went through a long process of developing a social relationship with Purple Anon that stopped just short of them exchanging contact information to commence socializing outside of the formality of the bank business. Making her interst in Purple Anon obvious during her conversations with him, his watchers took note when Purple began organizing his thoughts to prepare to invite her directly to a social scenario; and she even greeted Purple Anon when they crossed paths while out on the town main street, but Purple did not recognize her with her mask on, but she informed him of this later at the bank. At this point, the Love Candidate mediators stepped in, and arranged things so that she would be seeing much less of Purple Anon at the bank, and she was also instructed not to cross paths with him in town again until further notice. And like the same as Bun Girl and College Girl, and so also Bank Girl: they all have set up their positions in Purple Anon’s life, ready to “pull the love trigger” when the time finally comes in this Mexican love standoff.

It might also be noted here that the release of Mein Kampf 2.0 has significantly decreased Bank Girl’s favorite rank; in that Purple Anon spelled out very clearly there how he views female infidelity as being one of the most potent sources of pain for men; implying he would not play a role in assisting females to do this to their men. In that sense, since Bank Girl is known to be divorced with children, many think it is unlikely that Purple would ever pursue her in the end, unless driven through desperation.


Ladybug Girl, also works at Purple Anon’s job. She stands out from the rest, in that due to her lesser matching with Purple Anon’s usual type matches, she was able to secure a place very very close to Purple Anon at his job, a cubicle desk immediately next to his, which put her in the realm of daily face to face long form communication with Purple Anon. Where other females such as Bun Girl, were instructed to stay further away because of their high type matches, Ladybug Girl did not need to do so, and has taken on the strategy of slowly growing on Purple Anon. Many also believe Ladybug Girl, having a similar type to Purple’s old Pakistani Love Terrorist from 15 years ago, will also give her an edge based on nostalgia for that female type. Purple Anon was recently observed by Love Candidate watcher referees at various times taking noticabley longer attracted glances at Ladybug Girl, which didn’t happen when they first met; and her rival Love Candidate teams have not stopped pointing out to judges how beautifully she has been wearing her hair lately along with other clothes showcasing her figure; yet the low-type match has prevented Purple Anon from immediately becoming preoccupied with her such as happened with Bun Girl; and so the judges denied those complainst made against her by other Love Candidate legal teams. She used this to her advantage and continually negotiated places of proximity around Purple Anon, even gaining a place in an after work social event where she was the only other younger female present, and got to experience highly casual conversation with Purple Anon over one of his favorite activities “talking while drinking beer”.

Ladybug girl, behind the scenes, is a highly skilled martial artist and sharpshooter who actually first came into the sphere of Purple Anon when she was recruited to be one of his many bodyguards. She earned her code name after she pretended to get very very frightened of a ladybug crawling on her desk, and she asked Purple Anon to rescue her from the scary ladybug, pretending to cower in fear! After this, she unendingly endurred hazing from her personal friends whom she trained with to be capable of defending Purple from far more dangerous things than a ladybug; but it was understood to be a calculation of Purple Anon’s known psychology which makes him become highly preoccupied with saving women in distress. After this, she was instructed to pull back a little from her forwardness with Purple Anon, or else to face being pulled out of her immediate proximity next to Purple Anon at his work desk. But the act was already done, further establishing what has become the new normal among Purple’s Love Candidates to keep encroaching on the rules, and then to only pull back after a warning once they had already succeeded in improving their position. Each Love Candidate appears now to be waiting in these positions, biding their time, ready to pull their love triggers at the moment they sense any others might doing the same; with none backing down, all watching each other carefully: all while Purple Anon’s team leaders struggle to navigate the tense situation at the same time as they juggle Purple Anon’s tortured emotions as he falls deeper into despair from hoping for an end to this game, so that he could maybe one day have a female companion.


All Walk No Talk Girl: she is not high on many favorites lists, but I personally feel is underrated and thus deserves a mention here: simply because she has a high type match with Purple anon; almost as high as Bun Girl, but she as yet has not taken it upon herself to even speak to Purple; preferring to do silent walk bys of Purple Anon at his work, where she also works but in a distant section of the building which does not leave room for any naturally formed unforced casual conversations to happen between them. It appears she may have learned a lesson from Bun Girl’s mistake about pressing an advantage too much too soon, and so maybe she prefers to delay using her high-type-match powers for that future elusive time when the Love Candidates are given freedom of pursuit. This is how she earned the All Walk No Talk code name, in that she thus far has only walked by Purple, and never talked to him. Surveillance cameras at the workplace have captured these walkbys in great detail; with some empire-authorized parties showcasing slow motion replays of Purples predictable double and triple takes as she walked by, and then afterward talking to himself about the girl in the minutes following, before being distracted by something else. Thus she has flexed her strength for all to see that she could potentially be a fast moving love interest if she ever decided to take the next step of crossing into conversation with Purple Anon.

With all these descriptions in mind, I hope I was able to do justice concerning the extreme irony of this situation, where women are not allowed to pursue Purple Anon in order to prevent chaos and even physical war between the factions that back up each love Candidate: people who are determined not to lose the potential for their leading lady, somtimes called a Notre Dame, to possibly become the second most influential person in the empire after Purple Anon himself.

All the while during this, Purple Anon is quite literally dying of loneliness and seems like he would just as soon take any girl he is only minorly attracted, as a means to escape his isolation. However, the greatest fear of releasing the Love Candidates is that there will be an enormous free for all race to Purple Anon which would so disturb his sleep, counter to his instructions laid out in Mein Kampf 2.0 which declares that “The Final Mission of the Secret Agent War” depends on his lucid sleep in order to prevent “the Curse of Atlas” from falling upon him or any future king. And so it has been decided that this warrants even the risking of Purple anon’s vaguely described “spiritual death by loneliness”. Unless events take some kind of new turn, it does not appear like Purple Anon will be getting a female companion any time soon.

2021/12/28: Purple Anon Darkening Dramatically Increases

Reports from a variety of my sources signal a sudden increase in the darkening of Purple Anon’s exterior. He has traditionally been known as a bright, energetically postive individual; but lately this has been fading within his personality, and more so within the last week it has taken a more serious turn.

Purple Anon’s “spiritual death” has been discussed at length in various circles. His continual solitude reaching its breaking point as expected, while everyone feels powerless to stop it. I have nothing else to say about this other than to report on the development; and the expectation, if nothing is done to stop it, than the completion of this process will result in some sort of so-called “Dark Purple Anon” in the near future.

2021/12/24: Putin showcases Purple Tie & Pen in Annual Address: Restarting Negotiations for Purple Anon’s Red Sparrow

Purple Anon’s Protectors Refuse him to Negotiate Directly – Directing: “Handing Over the red sparrow and her full psychological keys, shall be the only permissable starting point of any negotiation.”

The continuing propaganda onslaught of Purple Anon’s Mein Kampf 2.0 book release has been continuing on a variety of paths; one of those being the sections written about Purple’s red sparrow female lover: describing the extent of her Russia-sanctioned abuse of Purple Anon while the “impossible task” of getting him into a happy relationship has remained impossible for 15 years. Mein Kampf 2.0’s detailed description of his relationship with the red sparrow sparked renewed scrutiny of the case by judges within the many different overlapping power structures that had jurisdiction over the case, for legal purposes. What has remained a stalemate over 12 years, with more often legal decisions favoring the red sparrow’s team: in the last 2 months since the release of Mein Kampf 2.0, the tide has slowly changed in Purple Anon’s favor.

China, Russia’s cheif counter-threat in matters of global geo-political war, has been in the negotiating process with White National Socialist representatives, that in exchange for following the National Socialist principal to keep out of foreign racial affairs as regarding a potential future racial Asian conflict between Japan and China: China will also stay out of a conflict between Western and Eastern white interests. On top of this, the success of Mein Kampf 2.0 in fostering belief in Purple Anon’s side of the story, the Russians have been backed into such a corner as to be practicing open carry of field agents during interactions of Purple Anon and his red sparrow. Open carry, meaning soldier secret agents standing idly by in obviousness, in proximity during social situations; whereas non-lethal bean bag snipers hidden and far away have always been the traditional form of ensuring security. This is effectively the same as placing your hand near your gun holster during a wild west shootout. Purple Anon’s team has been enraged by this development because it risks awakening him during his rest; and they’ve warned the Russians that they are capable of awakening their red sparrow in the corresponding direction of her own sleep. All this has boiled over to troop build-ups on the Ukraine border as it appears Purple’s team is about to acheive a major strategic victory on the secret agent battlefield, forcing the Russians to enter “going down swinging” strategies. It has caused confusion as to why no attempts at negotiating have been forthcoming from the Russians during this time, but the west has not minded it as their advantages grew.

Then finally, yesterday, the Russians made their move, and Putin wore a most obvious purple tie during his annual address; 4 hours long, and much more propagandized than usual; and on top of this a vaguely purple pen in his hand, signifying a willingness to make deals in good faith. But Purple Anon’s emotional involvement in this issue has caused his people to block him from negotiating personally with the Russians, and they have themselves taken it upon them to press their current secret agent war advantages by pushing for the Russians to offer the full handing over of Purple Anon’s red sparrow along with all her psychological keys. Psychological keys are the secretive methods of controlling and manipulating people, and in the case of highly trained Red Sparrow agents, who are likened to being the secret weapon of the Russian secret agent military, it is expected that the keys of Purple Anon’s specific red sparrow will be similar to all red sparrows, and thus be tantamount to handing over military technology. This was always the highest demand of Purple Anon’s people with the Russians, and so the fact that Putin comes wielding the purple pen on top of the purple tie, means they must be in a state of desperation

Mein Kampf 2.0’s ovations of love for the white race which also specifically mentioned toward the Slavic and Russian peoples, have rendered useless the Russians traditional retaliation method of turning their common people against their enemies by citing anti-Russian biases: since the propaganda power of Mein Kampf 2.0 has been as yet unstoppable an therefore no amount of propaganda war on their part has succeeded in turning the Russian people against Purple Anon. And in fact, it was a plan all along to allow Purple to become involved with this Russian red sparrow, as a means for showcasing his love for the Russian people; and his deep love and patience even for women who treats him badly (criminally so); and also refusal to give up on or let go of a woman who he loves and considers to be rightfully his: even whilst he has prepared for his red sparrow a betrayed lover’s wrath, still the average Russian understands that their women are harder than most, and it has caused much anticipation for how someone as strong as Purple Anon, strong enough to contend psychologically even with a militarily trained ethnic Russian red sparrow sent to drive him to suicide: that he could be exactly the type of leader the Russian people need. But the Russian aristocracy is understandably the one party who loses out in this power play, and they don’t appear intent on giving up power easily: which could be seen as a metaphor for Purple’s red sparrow always seeking to dominate him; and it has often occurred in the history of the former Russian empire, that a woman usurped power from her husband to be dominant over him: as was the case with Empress Anna in 1730, Empress Elizabeth in 1741, and most directly so with Empress Catherine in 1762 who methodically degraded her husband publicly and quite possibly also killed him in order to achieve power. It has been thought that this was part of the Russian plan to associate a red sparrow with Purple Anon in order for her to usurp his power as a new Catherine the Great, if she could not drive him to suicide first, after Purple had already done the hard work of laying the foundation of his kingdom.

Purple’s red sparrow herself is said now to be living in a state of fearful desperation, dreading Purple Anon’s possible coming control over her life because she has treated him so cruelly for 12 years; and because Purple’s anger is alternately known within even his own kingdom with the coded nickname “6:16” meaning to quote the Book of Revelation 6:16 which states “calling to the mountains and rocks, ‘Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb’ “; and in the same fashion they compare the non-violent Purple Anon in his temporary anger as to the wrath of the Lamb: which is slow to rise but when it does it flashes particularly hot for his own people and family: yet lightly for other races and families: in accordance with his brand of National Socialism which gives family and race the authority to run their own family as they see fit, whilst being bound by law in regard to dealing with other families. Through this terrible fear coming upon Purple Anon’s red sparrow, the average Russian folk have saught to calm her fears by quoting Proverbs 3:11-12: “My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline or be weary of his reproof, for the Lord reproves him whom he loves, as a father the son in whom he delights.” “Наказания Господня, сын мой, не отвергай, и не тяготись обличением Его; ибо кого любит Господь, того наказывает и благоволит к тому, как отец к сыну своему.” “Сын мой, не отвергай наказания Господнего и не злись на Его укор, ведь Господь наказывает того, кого любит, как отец – сына, который ему угоден.”

2021/12/20: The Impossible Task: Getting Purple Anon a Woman

As we all know, with men, physical beauty is the immediate source of attraction; and for women that attraction is mirrored except with social status. As Purple’s social status has been increasing, it can be expected that it would be easier for him to find a woman; and it is true that many women seek his attention. Yet, his team of protectors have been plagued with failure as each woman they try to introduce him to invariablely fails to make a connection with him. Because of the nature of his method of protection through remaining anonymous, those women who come close to him are never sure if he is the real purple, and those women who seek him have thus far never failed to be distracted by a decoy, and thus labeled as unworthy to be delivered to his true identity; the test being to find a woman that actually enjoys Purple Anon for himself rather than his status. Purple being so tied to the team of decoys, again and again women who come close to him, even when they enjoy Purple, they disregard him after becoming distracted by a decoy, signaling that their true desire is his status and not his person. As time went on, and Purple became dragged into continuous loneliness over the years, it was decided to forego this proving ritual and to let his status attract a woman; but even this failed continually as Purple who has directed in Mein Kampf 2.0 that he persist in lucid wakefulness so that even he himself is never completely sure of his status; and as a result women conversing with him become convinced that he is not the real Purple. Yet, even women who were intelligent enough to understand this, and to even be fully explained his anonymous nature: they always seem to fail in making a connection with him. For many reasons, one being that many other women seeking his partnership have sabotaged his relationships in the hope of reserving him for themselves later on. Even recently, a woman who was painstakingly put in place for Purple, like looking directly at the sun, the power of his aura and status understandabley caused nervousness on her part and the connection failed.

A lot more goes into it, but this explaination will suffice for now. As described in Mein Kampf 2.0, the only woman to be successful in making a connection with Purple has been a Russian agent, known as a Red Sparrow, who hates Purple Anon, and this hate has driven her to all lengths to connect with Purple in order to torture him; and he has been tortured by her for 12 years because he has no other option other than to live alone. And for 15 years Purple and his team have been trying to seek his escape at least into the arms of some other temperorary woman not motivated to torture him emotionally. Yet, failure has been the theme for 15 years. The issue has become so bizarre in that some have claimed, and also Purple himself, that divine intervention is preventing his success with a woman. As reported by his personal driver during his visit to Turkey last August, a Syrian who had the oppurtunity for much conversation with Purple: he quoted Purple as saying “I think God is jealous of women for me, and he will not allow it that I be happy with a woman; wanting me all for himself.”

Through the religious aspect of Purple and his National Socialism, there has been an atmosphere of people claiming to receive messages from God in regard to this topic. They say that God is so angered with humanity, and with women especially, for rejecting Purple Anon; that he has wagered with humanity that He will bless humanity and prevent the darkening of Purple Anon’s soul, if only they can succeed in getting Purple Anon involved happily with a female lover; but that God is toying with humanity in creating this “Impossible Task”, which could never be accomplished and is His means for punishing humanity by means of teasing them with a false hope. The followers of this religious train of thought have reached a point of desperation, but to no avail. I requested and received another comment from Purple Anon regarding this article, and I will conclude this article with it:

Karl Purple (Purple Anon)

Approved and Sealed as Authentic from the Office of the Mouth of Purple

“It’s more complicated than this. I have tried. It is impossible. It is my curse that I remain alone. How am I to take a woman when my soldiers live a life of solitude? How am I to take a woman sexually unless I am intent on marrying her? Should I play a part in destroying a woman’s purity that she may be the bane of a future man who loves her? God forbid it. As every woman gets to know me, my insight into her psychology causes me to offend her. My honesty requires me to inform her that I have no respect for women who have casual sex with men, and so this prevents that connection from happening. The king’s love life is the peak of civilization; it is the unknown psychological boundary of exploration. As I have explored, I see no escape. I sense spiritual changes in the strategy of my helpers, and thus make changes to my own actions in response to my craving for morality. Like running parallel with the woman of my dreams, we will never intersect. It appears to be my responsibility as king of my people, that I remain in this tortured state of loneliness. The solution requires nothing less than for my female suitor to take a dive into the abyss of hell; to sacrifice all for my sake; but this is the responsibilty I crave for myself; as you know me by now, I crave the glory of sacrificing myself for my people; I shall not let a woman take this fall for my sake. I shall not take part in robbing men of the pool of available virgin women for my own non-marital pleasure. I will not cease in counseling women not to commit the sexual act with me until marriage. I will resist prostitution with all my willpower. My SS truly know me: they are among my greatest friends, and I know they will not fail me in ensuring I accomplish my mission.

If God wills it that I die of loneliness, then maybe in my spiritual death will I break this dedication to honor. I council women to give up the chase of my status. I council my team to proceed with the task of finding a woman who loves me for me, and not for my status, through testing based on my anonymity. As the folklure of Adolf Hitler gives us insight, no woman until Eva Braun in his 56th year ever passed the test of preferring Adolf’s secret identity, rather than the opportunity to mate with a Grand Decoy Fuhrer, which she rejected in favor of Adolf and so earned her place by his side in the end. Let women wonder who the king is, to know that his identity can not be known for sure and instead to choose men for their personal connection with them. In this way, will my fellow soldiers have opportunity to find the woman of their dreams. For my part, I shall follow my Lord’s instructions to carry my cross and follow Him. I shall die of loneliness; yet my God is like a Husband, and I play relatively a role like a wife to Him; and my suffering for His sake is His pleasure. I seek His pleasure; it is the meaning of my life; and thus in my suffering I attain my own pleasure. When I receive my spiritual death, let me be remembered for the love I had during this passion. God is real. He is here. I am ready to die, and the process has already begun. Remember me not for my coming deceased form; but remember me for the love I have delivered to my God whilst alive. The darkness is coming. Hold tight to the love for God. I council all women to renounce their pursuit of me. A stalk of wheat that abide alive provides little; but if it fall and die, then its seed will create new growth. Men, prepare yourselves to die; it is the only way that we might live; when God raises us up in the end. I am afraid; yet this fear completes my glory and so I am glad of it. I am ready. Heil Hitler.

2021/12/19: DANCE OF THE INTELLECTUALS: Elon Musk Makes a Nod to Purple Anon and Purple Pills on Twitter to begin a Dialouge

Now labeled as “the Richest Man in the World”, Elon Musk has entered into Purple Anon’s orbit since taking what is now becoming the traditional method of famous people to signal interest in communicating with Purple Anon, that is to make a more or less obvious reference to him in a public dialouge. In Elon Musk’s case, it was twitter on 11/30, and refered to the blue and red pill at the same time, which is the purple pill, and is the central gateway theme of this website.

What has been reported to me, is that since this post, there has been a series of advancing exchanges of politeness, as Musk is renowned for being a high intellectual himself and his personality type weighs on him to demonstrate being “down to earth” even while a rich celebrity; which together forms a need and expectation of pleasantries and politeness to be carefully exchanged similar to courtship rituals between males and females, but without the sexual element. Purple himself is known to have similar qualities within his personality profile which is becoming less and less private lately as inquisitive interests battle with Purple Anon’s privacy enforcers: privacy enforcers that deploy false personality profiles as a means of strategy for distracting from those who have published Purple Anon’s real personality profile, so it is anybody’s guess which of the rumor’s about Purple Anon’s personality are true or not.

As reported down to me, this intellectual dance between Purple and Musk has proceeded the last 20 days without any problems, if only true conversation between the two has been delayed because of the dance itself, frustrating many observers in the camps of both sides who desire this “meeting of the minds” to occur sooner rather than later; but as is, this dance is necesary within the intellectual world because of the human element that every intellectual must come to terms with in themself. That is, the ability to wound someone socially is indeed a consideration no matter how much you can intellectualize yourself out of it that words and rejection should not cause you great distress. And as common folk and middle intellectuals are often hung up on some particular intellectual flaw which causes them to lash out at others to cause social wounds, the highest intellectuals throughout history have always had to develop a defense mechanism against this danger, giving them cause to often hide themselves away in isolation and to require a complicated intellectual dance in order to process any individual up the ladder of their true personality, to the peak of true conversation and intellectual exchange after a series of polite exchanges. Consider a human when interacting with various animals who have weapons built into their biology: this human must take careful consideration when interacting with a bunny, a rhinoceros, a horse, a bear, or a tiger…etc. The intellectual dances are the eyes of the intellectual when identifying whom they are speaking to and what animal their current intellectual form is; which once identified they can apply their social considerations as speaking to that particular animal.

This whole development has become oddly representative for all intellectual observers who desire to communicate with Purple Anon: it has taken on a climactic aire in that all intellectuals might use this meeting as a defining moment to strategize their own potential future meetings with Purple Anon. Purple Anon, since releasing Mein Kampf 2.0, has been hailed by numerous caolitions of self-admitted low intelligence common folk as “The Messiah of Intelligence”, in an ironic expression of their love for Purple Anon: ironic in that these common folk are seeking to teach intellectuals about who is or is not the greatest of intellectuals. Being that the situation is becoming strange in this regard, I submitted a request to one of Purple’s Ear representatives. Not expecting a response during such a busy time, still I unexpectedly received a reply, written, but with an official empire seal of authenticity which gives me a fair confidence in its genuinity. I’ll place Purple’s official written reply here and let this article end on that note.

Karl Purple (Purple Anon)

Approved and Sealed as Authentic from the Office of the Mouth of Purple

“All this hype about meetings of intellectuals reminds me of some kind of competitive pollution, in which the competitive desire to be the highest intellectual results in the hiding of strategy and innovation from your competitors, so that we all miss out on what could be a greater intellectual advancement for us all, because of the selfish desire to get this gold medal that the common people by nature seem intent on handing out to one of us. This hiding of strategy and innovation ironically seems to me to be a sign of low intelligence that I do not want to take part in. For myself, I desire greatly to find intellectuals that surpass me, and to learn from them; or vice versa as I strive to follow the golden rule. Certainly, intelligence is graded on many factors and it seems likely that different people will score higher on different factors, and so it is not correct to declare me or anyone else this “Messiah of Intelligence”; but perhaps we can pacify the common folk’s need to lay this gold medal upon us by counseling them to instead deliver more than one gold medal to intellectuals within the various factors of intelligence, and not a single gold medal for total intelligence. If I had to declare my own personal achievement in a specific intellectual factor category, then I would like to think my greatest intelligence lies in the same realm of the Carolingian kings who were mayor’s of the palace, in that they were skilled in the internal management of the kingdom, that is management of the family household and coordinating the various personalities of various family members and solving internal conflict between those who love each other; whilst the Merovingians were most skilled in solving external physically violent conflict, that is war with an enemy outside of your family.”

“In regard to this procession toward a private frank dialogue with Elon Musk in development, that has become like a tabloid story of late, let me just say that I struggle very hard to treat anyone I talk to with equity; and it is my hope that the daunting weight of Mr. Musk’s notoriety does not cause me to faulter in treating him with the same intellectual kindness that I would give anybody. I am certain, as an intellectual like myself, that Mr. Musk would desire my frank assessment of his intelligence, and I would also desire the same from him; yet as a skilled internal conflict intelligence might inform us: to sugar coat and “take under a protective wing” those who lie in the sphere of common-folk-tier intelligence: I declare it is not a form of dishonesty to do such in sugar coating difficult judgments. I’ve heard many intellectually confident types tell me they’re “just being honest”; no, you are being rude. If Mr. Musk comes to the conclusion that my intelligence is low, then I would hope he breaks it to me gently! And so the same I would do with him. I am confident in the intellectual conclusion that rudeness is not a requirement for honesty, and also dishonesty is not a requirement for kindness. Maybe Mr. Musk is skilled enough to share his intellectual innovations with me in order to allow me to surpass him in even his own factor of intelligence; or vice versa. Let us end this intellectual competition, and share our ideas. Yet, also as intellectuals we must keep in mind that the common people have a need to hand out gold medals, and part of our intellectual duty is to indulge them and to remember that even while wearing a crown of humility, sometimes you must also take compliments, and reply with a simple thank you rather than to refuse that gold medal which could be taken by them as an insult. In that sense, I would like to say thank you to those common folks who have given me this title of “The Messiah of Intelligence”; and I will be certain to use this intelligence of mine to help identify for you others who might be more worthy than me of this title, and to transfer this gold medal to that person! This medal is indeed a heavy thing! Perhaps Mr. Musk will be the one! Let us laugh and enjoy each other’s company: this is a sign of high intelligence! Heil Hitler.”

2021/10/22: Purple Anon Publishes Book “Mein Kampf 2.0”

His follow-up to Adolf Hitler’s original book Mein Kampf

Link for Sharing:

2021/10/05: VIDEO ADDRESS: Purple Anon Declares as Fuhrer of 8chan and Opens Fuhrer 2022 Re-Election Campaign

Purple Anon delivers an electrifying (with literal purple lightning electricity) first campaign speech to begin the Fuhrer of PND election season. Settling upon a temporary title of “Fuhrer of PND”, Purple Anon’s re-election for Fuhrer is turning from what many at first took to be a joke, into a some seeming splintered memory from the past glory days of the 8chan/pol board.