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2021/07/16: Trojan War 2.0? Purple Anon draws Line in the Sand with Russians: “Release Baden’s Red Sparrows!”

Purple Anon, as a peace seeker, usually does not issue ultimatums. Yet, once again his passionate love for women has guided his decision. Some background information first. Red Sparrow is an unofficial term used to refer to a specific kind of Russian female secret agent, trained from childhood to be cunning and powerful tools of espionage, with a focus creating the special type of female agent who could use the natural powers of a beautiful woman over the male mind to its maximum effect. Red sparrows were active during Soviet Russia, and remain active in post soviet Russia in an updated form. The Russians were renowned for creating the most skilled agents of this kind, using training techniques that had results far surpassing anything attained by other nations. At some point it became an obvious fact that Russians had a monopoly on this type of agent, and it was considered like a high card in the Russian deck, that men exposed to Red Sparrows were generally at their complete mercy, especially if they matched their female physical preference. Myths of the prowess of red sparrows in hand to hand combat is exaggerated in movie characters like Black Widow, however they are instructed a minimum of fighting skills which might be necessary in emergency situations. However, the red sparrows main skill is their specialized in using sexuality applied to male psychology as a weapon, even to the point of mating with a man and having children if needed, all while still remaining loyal to their mission as part of their function to exact a totality of control over their targeted men.

The collective body of National Socialists with views similar to Purple Anon’s revival of National Socialism, have become known as Purple National Socialism. In this article, the term Purple National Socialism will be abbreviated with the acronym PNS.

It’s unknown exactly how many red sparrows are currently active. Yet, it has come to Purple Anon’s attention, that many PNS men have found themselves in the situation of being in a relationship with a woman who is highly likely to be a red sparrow. In usual form, Purple Anon has declined to speak for the people’s of other nations, but when it comes to his own nation of Baden, he is very direct. Leaks from Purple Anon’s upcoming book, temporarily called Mein Kampf 2.0, has revealed Purple Anon’s attitude toward women as a middle ground view that demands the chivalrous treatment of women, while still holding the traditional view that Baden men are in authority over their women. With that in mind, sources tell me that Purple Anon has recently made it clear to Russian PNS leadership that Red Sparrows attached to PNS Baden men must be released to their authority, and thus to the authority of Baden. Purple anon is quoted as saying, “I will not stand any longer to see the hearts of my fellow Baden men ripped out because of Red Sparrows. When Baden men attach to a woman, it is forever. Once a Baden heart has attached to a woman, his biology will not allow him to let her go in a divorce. Thus, we have no choice but to go to white civil war with Russia, if the Red Sparrows of our Baden men are not handed over to us.”

Many PNS groups in the other white nations besides Baden have voiced their support for an eventual white civil war with PNS in Russia if they do not accept Purple Anon’s request on Red Sparrows. Even while those other nations may have policies of divorce, still they respect Purple Anon’s claim that the biological quality of his own people causes attachment to a female to be forever. Celtic PNS has recently unified in all of Ireland around Purple Anon, and have pledged their support for the Red Sparrow question. France’s PNS has been pulled into a vortex of passion over the issue so much so that their government had to restore order under the cover of putting down some anti-lockdown riots. The PNS women of France were so touched by the romantic aspect of Purple’s prose concerning the forever attachment of a Baden man’s heart, that large numbers of these women have signed a shockingly titled “Pledge to Die” unless Baden’s Red Sparrows are released. Similarly in France among the men, is the relation of Purple Anon’s situation comparable to the old story of Paris and Helena, which saw Paris throw his people into the equivalent of a world war at that time, all for the sake of his love for a single woman. The city of Paris was named after that historical figure, and the intellectuals of France in large part consider themselves descendants of the Trojans and of Paris through his father Priam King of Troy. The people PNS in Germany, us usual, already see Purple Anon as the second coming of Hitler and would follow him into hell itself, and in fact have to constantly be restrained from doing so as their natural desire to prove their loyalty through suffering compels them. Thus the support PNS Germany in a potential conflict with the Russians is not questioned.

Racialists in Hungary have also recently reversed their anti-Purple Anon stance to now become a branch of PNS. Previously, Purple’s harsh words concerning Hungarian culture being descended from Atilla the Hun at first caused a conflict. But after being inspired by Purple’s anti-homosexual-man rhetoric in his June 4th speech; the Hungarians have made a deal to commit to the process of transitional states to separate the Mongol elements from the white elements in the Hungarian people, according to Purple’s brand of National Socialism. Thus PNS in Hungary, and similarly in its brother country Bulgaria, have made motions of support in a potential conflict with Russia. PNS in Serbia and the rest of the Balkans have also come to be fully supportive of Purple Anon, since solving the problem with Hungary and Bulgaria opened up the entire Balkans to a future peace.

PNS in all the other non-Russian Slavic nation leaders have come to give their nod of support in one form or another, due to Purple’s championing of Slavic recognition in eastern Europe. PNS in Ukraine has offered to be the “leading blow” against Russia if the conflict erupts, which is becoming known as The Trojan War 2.0. Even racialists in Turkey, an expected ally of Russia in this situation and who was expected to be Purple Anon’s most lasting enemy, have recently begun forming their own Turkish PNS groups and in private begun referring to Purple Anon as “Sultan”. These PNS Turks also reminded the PNS world of the unfinished peace negotiations with Purple from 5 years ago, which discussed a propaganda peace between Turks and white PNS. (I will post the old article on those negotiations later this week.) This “propaganda peace” involved executing a transitional state process to hand over Anatolia back to whites, in exchange for spreading the “mostly true” propaganda storyline that the Turks have been loyal guardians of all the sacred places of Byzantium and Christianity, safeguarding it from corruption with Turkish culture. With such propaganda they hope to pacify white rage toward the Turkish people for the conquest of Constantinople and Byzantium.

The PNS Russians seem to have quite the decision to make with a fully united western front PNS coalition, basically all non-Russian PNS whites, ready to confront them. As PNS continues to grow all over the world, this conflict within PNS could have serious consequences for the world. Even what would be Russia’s traditional heavyweight ally in coalition wars, China racialists, are expected to stay out of this potential future white civil war, in consideration of the National Socialist principle that non-whites to stay out of white civil wars while whites stay out of Asian civil wars. It’s unknown as of now if PNS in other white nations are considering adopting the same policy on women as Purple has for Baden, and so might eventually make the same request of the Russians for their own men. But Purple has purposely made his request small, for the women themselves only, and making clear that his main concern is for the red sparrows attached to Baden men. Still, Purple has not hidden his hope that Russia would play a conciliatory role in easing tension by overstepping this his minimum request and possibly train Baden men in the keys of Red Sparrow mind control, so they could learn how to better understand and free the minds of their fiercely independent, and often notoriously cruel, Red Sparrow women. The Russians are known to have an iron command over red sparrow’s minds due to the nature of that secret training given them. Purple Anon also desires the insight of the red sparrow philosophy into heterosexual man psychology, in order to help him further develop the tactics of his Anti-Homosexual-Man Priesthood and Heterosexual Club. In short, Purple has offered the chance of peace, but refuses to hide that he completely supports these Baden men, for whom he knows it is impossible for them to give up on a woman. Thus he has concluded that him and his people there is no other choice, no matter how strong the Russians may be with their sparrows. For myself, I do hope this situation is resolved peacefully. I do not want to see a white civil war, and I fear white civilization would be in danger from external enemies if the Trojan War 2.0 were to manifest itself. Heil Hitler.

2021/07/11: Celtic Affiliated Conor McGregor wears Full Purple Suit to open possible collaboration with Purple Anon – And Purple’s Response

It now appears to be becoming a running theme of celebrities wearing purple at a public event as a means of making the first step of showing support, and requesting a line of communication, to collaborate with Purple Anon.  Conor McGregor is the latest to communicate in this way.

McGregor At his most recent high publicity news conference on July 8, for this upcoming mixed martial arts fight with Dustin Poirier, wore an all purple suit, complete with purple vest, tie, handkerchief, and flower lapel pin. It is the same exact color of suit, possibly the same brand of suit, that purple anon wore at his June 4th speech and promotional videos. Conor McGregor’s special relevance to White National Socialism has to do with his cemented place as a representative of the Irish, or Celtic peoples.

Those more deeply connected into the events of the past 10 years with Purple Anon, will know that a big part of the reason behind Brexit was due to a leak of Purple Anon’s drafts for his proposed native homeland borders in Europe. In particular attention were his drafted borders for the national homeland of Celtic people, a major sub-race of the white ethnicity. At one extreme, people claim the Celtic people’s national homeland should be all of central Europe, and that their land was stolen over the course of the last 2500 years. The other extreme would only recognize Ireland as Native Celtic land.

Purple Anon, as usual, struck a middle decision on the Celtic question, yet pre-maturely had his thoughts cast into the spotlight when a copy of his border drafts leaked to show that he supported the entirety of the British Isles, minus Scotland, to be Celtic homeland. Yet what was more revealing was his including the northwestern half of France also as native Celtic land. This sparked the 2016 Brexit development which is still a hotly contested issue today. At the time, Purple Anon doubled down on the leak of his maps, saying he supported Brexit, yet emphasized that his maps were only in the drafting brainstorm process, and that it was unfair to consider him permanently decided upon those borders.

Considering Conor McGregor’s purple suit overture, I asked Purple Anon if he had any updated comments on Brexit since the 2016 leak of his map drafts.  He gave me permission to paste this as a quote from him here:

“I was maybe a little hasty to support Brexit so forcefully at the time in 2016. I’ve developed a better understanding recently for the history of England, and I would like to make this clarification.  That while I do support the eventual return of England to Celtic native authority, I do recognize that England has been established for 1500 years, and was a state of the Roman empire for another 500 years before that. With that in mind, I feel like it might be wise set up a transitional state of England that remains part of the European Union, whilst taking Ireland and Scotland out. My goal is the year 1500 BC as the model, being the last time when political and native borders were in agreement. Yet, we cannot expect to jump straight to that time period which necessitates the establishment of temporary transitional states. Perhaps we should set a goal of the year 400 as the model for our transitional states. In year 400, England was part of the Roman empire, but not Ireland or Scotland. Scotland appears to me at this time to be part of the Scandinavian Norse sphere, but I need to look into that more. Ireland however, without question, should be out of the European Union as its inclusion with the United Kingdom is only 400 years old and even during that time it has been partial and not a stable inclusion. Yet, I’ll stick with my long term goal of my Celtic homeland based on my 2016 border draft leak. England, in my opinion, should be a temporary transitional state, the same as France itself, until such time as we can make the next step toward returning the Old World Order of the year 1500 BC before chaotic events sent the world on a chaotic course. Post Roman England was a complex hybrid of Celtic, German, French, Roman, and Norse people that slowly stabilized after a thousand years. Yet, let us not forget that Julius Caesar once caused the Celts to flee their former homelands in modern France, formerly Gaul; and it is even strongly thought that the Celts were in modern Germany along with the Norse where was formed the original mainland European Celtic-Norse hybrid race which the Romans would call German. I put all these ideas together to conclude that the north-western half of France is rightly Celtic, even while whites are not yet ready for that eventuality which makes the need for an England transitional state very important. We also can’t be kicking the French out of Europe until we secure for them what I perceive as their traditional Trojan heritage homeland in the Anatolian peninsula. Because, of course, Asiatic Turk-Arab leaning hybrids (with a touch of Greek they say) are currently reigning in Anatolia; which will have to be resolved before the French can take their proper place there again for the first time in roughly 3000 years. But that’s another story for another one of your articles, Code-Bro. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reveal my updated thoughts on Brexit. I welcome Connor McGregor’s assistance in my communicating with the Celtic peoples. I consider my Baden race to be a hybrid which does contain an element of Celtic in it, and so I do feel a special connection the Celtic people. Sieg Heil.”

Purple Anon

2021/07/09: Norse Secret Societies are debating giving Purple Anon the Real Thor’s Hammer, not seen in 1300 years

It’s been reported that Norse Secret societies are discussing if it is an appropriate time to once again unlock the hidden location of the mythological secret weapon known as Thor’s hammer. They are also discussing if Purple Anon is worthy to wield the hammer. Thor’s Hammer originated with the Norse people long ago. It was not designed to be physically a weapon, but rather was an ingenious set of rules ritually initiated and applied to the governing power of a chosen person who could then apply that power by making signals with the hammer itself. The outer obedience of secret societies to signals with the hammer were what gave it power, and so it was not literally a magical power as in the folkish legends.

You might ask how I know these things, and I will only tell you that these stories of Thor’s Hammer I shall tell are not written down in some certified document, but rather I’ve collected these stories from a long life of constantly seeking out all the different versions of the different legends passed from person to person. Each takes what he hears and passes on what moves him in his heart as true. Thus, I will now deliver to you this truth in the same way I received it. I will tell you a story.

The hammer is carefully constructed with delicate psychological rituals combined with deep connections to secret societies, which when accomplished initiates a powerful system of governing order which can be applied to any object, not just a hammer. Depending on how deeply its secretive system of order is constructed, the power contained in that chosen object could last a shorter or longer time. The ancient Egyptians were known to do this with their giant obelisk stones which have been taken to various places by people who still believe in the power of the secret societies attached to the obelisks which protect the places in which they reside. If the psychological construction around on object is weak or done without coordination, then it may be a weak or short lived power. Yet, if it is constructed with care, the object may retain great power a long time until the devotions of the secret societies surrounding are gradually forgotten and the power of the object fades away.

At some point in ancient history, the Norse people were said to have completed an enormous task over many centuries to place this kind of power into their chosen object, which was a hammer. The creation ritual of this hammer was on such a large scale, and the needed psychological elements were so perfectly executed, that the hammer they created was of of great power. The power within that hammer was so great, that its first user developed a God-like status among the people, and he became known as Thor the God of Thunder. Thor’s Hammer was indescribably powerful, and its power lasted well beyond its original generation. Eventually, tribes of the Norsemen decided the hammer was too powerful to be continuously in use, and they decided to hide the weapon amongst secret guardians, and to only take it out for emergency situations.

Yet, even as Thor’s Hammer was used in emergency situations, the potency of the power of the hammer never degraded, even after hundreds and thousands of years later. Even after prolonged periods of hiding it and attempting to enforce forgetting of its memory in the common people, still the hammer continued to function and perhaps grew more powerful with time. This frightened later guardians of Thor’s Hammer so that they added an additional layer of secrecy which kept it hidden even during most emergency situations.

It is thought that Merovech of the medieval Franks was at some point deemed worthy to carry Thor’s Hammer during a special emergency time when Attila and the Huns had almost conquered all of Europe. At the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains in year 451, Merovech used the hammer against Attila and the Huns. The details of the true events after he used the hammer, other than Atilla’s defeat, were afterward purposely hidden, and false stories spread in its place for the purpose of being easily able to hide the hammer again. What stories do come down to us about the effect of Merovech using Thor’s Hammer involve it creating profound awe in all who witnessed it. Comparable to the use of nuclear weapons today, but of even greater power. It’s said Merovech lightly tapped the hammer a single time in a signal against Attila’s forces. The effect was so efficient and immediate against Attila, that afterward Merovech was severely disturbed and counseled all involved to immediately hide the hammer so that he could not swing it again. Merovech and the hammer’s secret society elders would not permit the hammer to be used again even to finish fully driving the Huns out of eastern Europe. The result of this single tap of Thor’s Hammer by Merovech forever established him as a legend among the Frankish people, so that his descendants ruled the Franks as the Merovingian dynasty for two hundred years afterward.

The last time Thor’s hammer is said to have been used was during the Battle of Tours in year 732, by Charles Martel, also of the Franks. At the time, the Arab Muslim Umayyad Caliphate was on the verge of taking over all the developed world to place it under Muslim Sharia Law. The Umayyads sought to eliminate their last major rival in, the Byzantine Empire, which would finally leave them unopposed to finish conquering the Eurasian continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. The Umayyads were about to finish an encirclement of the Byzantines by going up and around through Spain and Europe to hit the Byzantines on their western border. This would force the Byzantines into a two front war during a time when they were struggling to maintain the stalemate of a single front war with the Ummayads. In addition to cutting off the supplies coming from their white and Christian allies in Europe, Byzantium would certainly fall if this occurred, and then there would be nothing left to restrain the Umayyads from world domination. In 732, only the small army of the Franks under a Merovingian king was left standing in the way of an enormous Umayyad Muslim force and their goal.

In this situation, the secret societies initiated the unlocking of the Thor’s Hammer location, and they gave it to the Merovingian king, a patrilineal descendent of Merovech. Yet the memory of Merovech’s extreme emotional disturbance after using the hammer still haunted his descendants even 300 years later. Thus the hammer was given over to his main government minister, the palace mayor Charles, son of Pepin of Herstal, who afterward became known as Charles Martel, meaning Charles the Hammer.

Upon hearing the story of Merovech’s use of the hammer, Charles became decidedly cautious about using it. The attributes of the hammer told to him were that it would not break no matter how hard it was swung, and that if thrown it would always hit its intended target and always return to the thrower. Charles was curious to test the qualities of the hammer, yet ruled out ever testing its destructive strength, and so instead amused himself that no matter how secretively or where he would throw the hammer, it was always fetched and brought back to him shortly afterward by some member connected into the secret orders surrounding the hammer.

During the Battle of Tours in year 732, when battle with the Umayyad Muslims came to a head, the Frankish army stood across from the Umayyad army. Still decided on not using the hammer for an offensive strike, Charles threw the hammer onto the battlefield between his own men and the Umayyads, where his own men could not fetch it else risk being struck down by the enemy out in the open before reaching it. Thus, according to the complex powers of the hammer, it so happened that secret agent infiltrators within the Umayyads, loyal to the hammer, took it upon themselves to fetch the hammer and bring it back to Charles under the disguise of a skirmish. Finally Charles was beginning to understand the true nature of the hammer’s power working within secret societies all over the world. Charles repeated this experiment many ways with the same result, and at one point he commanded his men to form an impenetrable phalanx so to not let the Umayyad infiltrators return the hammer. His men held their ground bravely, and even when their line was broken, they still persisted by building another phalanx around Charles himself to prevent the hammer’s return to him, until finally Charles relented and let the hammer be returned to him, at which point the secret infiltrating Umayyads ceased their struggle and were thus able to be pushed back by the Franks in what what appeared to be just another skirmish.

This went on over the course of 7 days, and while Charles now understood the hammer better, still he was confused how to proceed against an army which contained secret infiltrators loyal to him and the hammer, yet were also mixed with true enemies of Christianity and European freedom. He did not want to sacrifice his secret allies, and also wanted to heed Merovingian advice to avoid using the hammer as a destructive force. While contemplating this, the Umayyad leadership made the decision for a full attack. Faced with a decision to either use the hammer for a strike or be destroyed, Charles had one last idea. After the entire Umayyad force engaged them in battle, a small group of men or maybe Charles himself brought the hammer around the battlefield and dropped it behind the Umayyad army into their camp and returned to the battle. Immediately, the Umayyad army split in two, with one group as secret infiltrators feigning retreat to fetch the hammer behind them. This left only the Umayyad soldiers which the Franks could now distinguish as their true enemies. The Franks were able to surround and destroy the remaining confused Umayyad army. This resulted in a victory that became known as the turning point in the failure of the Umayyad conquest of Europe. The hammer itself was hidden once again immediately afterward and not used to drive the Muslim Caliphates out of Spain, which took another 700 years.

2021/07/08: Purple Anon & SecretAgentWars returns after Month-Long recovery from June 4th Speech

The amount of preparatory work done for last month’s June 4 White National Socialist Meeting and Purple Anon speech, required so much energy on the part of Purple Anon and SecretAgentWars, that we have spent the last month tending to all the other duties we were neglecting for the sake of that meeting. Check out the recording of the speech if you haven’t already. Purple Anon himself, as well as me (code name “Code-Bro”; I run this website), have been so completely emotionally and physically exhausted from the effort, that it has taken until now to recollect ourselves; so that I feel it necessary to announce that we are officially back at it again, and you can expect to see regular updates once again here at . Both the purple pill and red pill sections will shortly begin to be updated with separate articles. To advertise the meeting, we felt it was needed to post the same material on both the Purple and Red pill sections. We will continue to post in both sections for important announcements, but besides that be sure to check both sections if it’s the case that you are interested in both.


Sieg Heil.
– Code Bro