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2021/01/21 : Ladies Biden, Clinton, & Harris don the purple code During Biden Inauguration – Harris displays the DARK Purple gloves – Clinton wears DARK purple Jacket.

The purple is widely known to be a color in support of a King. Who is their king? Are they mocking Purple-Anon? Or is it possible they support him? But how, if they seem to hate everything Purple-Anon stands for?


Of particular interest, is the darkest shade of purple on Harris’ gloves and Clinton’s jacket. This is the same color upon the emblem of Our code books have the Dark Purple code as reference to a pretend dark side of a king, designed to draw out & identify evil people via attraction, and also to draw out & identify good people via their brave acts to fight evil. Thus, dark colors are worn by secret agents of the highest honors, because it is one of the most crucial jobs to play the part of evil precisely in order to destroy that same evil. This is because evil and good people will often not reveal themselves unless a seemingly dark power comes to their attention. The mission to put the best of people into positions of power can’t be completed if we don’t know who the good people are. The mission to destroy evil people cannot be completed if they hide themselves while the good reign, and they will wreak havoc the moment they see any opportunity. No, we want to destroy the evil. This is known as “Mission Darkness”. It is an extremely dangerous job, depending on how well you do of pretending to be evil, because good people seek to destroy evil, and often succeed before they can be stopped and informed about mission darkness. If Hilary Clinton and Kamala Harris are pretending to be evil, they are doing a very good job at it.

The Prince of Darkness (video)


Among the proponents of mission darkness, there is a prophecy of the coming of The Prince of Darkness. They say that in order for Mission Darkness to truly succeed, a false evil must be created of such dark depth, that it will succeed in drawing out the most evil and most good people in humanity, who otherwise would not show themselves unless such a monster were in power. Evil people will seek to join the ranks of The Prince of Darkness, while good people will take great risks in order to destroy him. This Prince of Darkness is represented with the Dark Purple, and the design of the Folklure around him will be to paint him as some kind of evil incarnate. The prophecy says that only when The Prince of Darkness comes, will the most evil people truly be revealed and able to be destroyed, and the most good people will truly be revealed and raised to positions of power. The prophecy says that once this is complete will humanity truly be cleansed and will usher in a golden age of prosperity that will last for a thousand years.

2021/01/09: Who is Purple-Anon?

Known as “Purple Anon”, is the myth of a secret agent who is skilled in giving and receiving codes to coordinate complicated operations involving hundreds or thousands of secret agents, in what looks just like ordinary people going about their day.