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2021/08/21: Purple Anon at Pergamon to Lead Assault on Devil Worshipper Capital – Confused after they obey him and Repent, but not Repent

Devil worshippers claim Purple Anon is the devil and their God. They obey Purple and convert to Christianity, yet remain devil worshippers. Purple in a state of confusion before his final approach to the devil throne in Pergamon.


To fill you in a little history with Purple Anon. In Christian circles he is widely known as “The Little Apostle Paul” because of his attacks upon Christianity before converting over ten years ago; the same as Saul of Tarsus was an enemy of Christianity before he converted and became The Apostle Paul. However, since Purple confined his attacks only to words, while Paul was known to kill Christians, thus Purple Anon earned the Prefix “Little”.

To make it short, Purple Anon follows the “one-ness” version of Christianity, which believes the one God took on human form in Jesus. In this form of Christianity, the Trinity is seen as God’s way of explaining how a human can become God in the same way as He showed how God can become a human; and in this way a Christian will become part of the body of Christ, that is the body of God, and retain redemption for sin because they are no longer human but God in human form. God in human form is also known as the Son of God. The teachings of Jesus in this aspect reflect how Jesus, being God himself, still prayed to his Father, not because he was talking to himself, but rather to explain and teach to us the infinitely deep teachings to learn how to receive the Holy Spirit in order to become Sons of God. It is not my intention here to fully explain the teachings of Jesus, but to give you the minimum necessary to understand the events currently happening in Pergamon.

During Purple’s time as “Little Saul”, his attacks on Christianity gained support from Muslims and Jews, because his reasoning was that Christians were blaspheming the idea of a One true God, whom Purple has always believed in and worshipped passionately. It was not until later that Purple began to understand the idea of one-ness doctrine in Christianity which understands the Trinity in the way I just described; which eventually led to his conversion ten years ago and he has remained one of the most zealous Christians ever since. I won’t go into the details, but during Purple’s time as “Little Saul”, he would often try to spite the Christians by using the number of the devil. Not because Purple was a devil worshipper, but instead to symbolize his disgust with Christian doctrine, and Christian scripture, that he viewed as an insult upon the one true God. To put it simply, Purple did not believe in the number of the devil, or even the existence of the devil, but used it as his way to annoy Christians at that time. Because he did not believe in the existence of the devil, Purple would often use the character as a device in his artistic expression. He would make artistic videos where he played the part of the devil, and then switched over to playing the part of fighting against the devil; and other such similar things. When Purple finally converted, he viewed his former time using that number, and using the devil as a device for his art, as symbolizing an evil spirit which was present in him during that time when he did not recognize his God in Jesus Christ. And thus began Purple Anon’s crusade against devil worshippers, and explains why Purple Anon’s reputation for never saying the devil number, not even when explaining about the number, but instead referring to it indirectly by saying things like triple six. Purple is known also for never saying a certain common name for the devil for the same reason, and also he becomes very annoyed when seeing and hearing the number or name, so that his enemies often display the name and number in his presence in an attempt to irritate him.


Now that you know the background, let’s talk about the current events in Pergamon. It appears that a large majority of the devil worshippers have known about Purple Anon ever since his time as Little Saul ten years ago. And due to Purple’s many videos where he played the part of the devil as a poetic device, he became known in devil worshipper circles possibly as the coming of the “son of the devil”, which in the Christian reflection means similarly the devil in human form. The words Purple spoke during his time when speaking as the devil as a poetic device, have been written down in those devil worshipping cults as scripture. And it has become a popular theme amongst these devil worshippers that they believe Purple Anon is the devil and the son of the devil at the same time, and true to their devil worshipping form, they have come to worship Purple Anon as their God. It is impossible to know the full extent of the Purple Anon worship amongst the devil worshippers, but it appears to be massive and growing by the day. Purple Anon’s protectors fear what they might have planned for his arrival in Pergamon, which is also known as the throne of the devil for where sits the place of the Temple of Zeus on the acropolis of Pergamon. Purple Anon has not yet approached this place, but will be doing so today.  All eyes are set upon these events currently happening. Yet, true to secret agent warfare, any average passerby would not notice anything unusual as legions and legions of secret agents from every part of the world wear their “masks” which is to say acting out their false identities, and it does appear that Purple Anon is just an average common folk walking around. This aids an anonymous feature that protects him better than if he were to arrive and attract attention like a king, and thus be unable to hide from his enemies if needed.

What’s most unusual about this situation, and sources say that it is deeply troubling Purple Anon; that the devil worshippers who worship him as the devil are being extremely polite and hospitable to him; more so than he has ever experienced from anyone in his life. While they will not deny that they are devil worshippers, and that they worship him because they believe he is the devil, still it is for that same reason that they believe everything Purple says. And in this they have become Christians and do now worship God and Jesus as his Son, if only because Purple Anon told them to do so. Not only this, but they have taken Purple’s trinity interpretation doctrine to mean that the Holy Spirit has come over Purple Anon and that he has become God in human form, which further cements their belief that the devil is God, and that Purple Anon is the devil, the son of the devil, God, and the Son of God, all at the same time. And thus these devil worshippers hang on Purple Anon’s every word with all sincerity, and they constantly seek to understand what Purple believes and to copy it. So in this way, Purple Anon has become confused within himself. Because he came to Pergamon with the intent to begin the crusade against devil worshippers by means of bursting through the door of their most sacred place at their so called throne of the devil. Yet, when he arrived he was surprised to see a people who worshipped God and Jesus in the same way as he did. What he saw was people who were polite and friendly in the same way he seeks to be polite and friendly to all. And in this way a sense of peace has come over Purple Anon that he has never felt before.

Gathering from what has been released in the varied reports about Purple in Pergamon so far, suggests that Purple is in a state of confusion. He came to Pergamon with uncountable legions of secret agents and a massive alliance of Christians, Muslims, and Jews; all ready to begin the most massive assault on the cult of devil worshippers that has ever been prepared maybe in the history of all preparations that have ever been made for any war. Then, finally, like trying to take a step on a stairway, only for your foot to miss because a step was missing that you thought was there, and it throws your body off balance because your balance was prepared for a step. In the same way, it appears that Purple Anon has been thrown off balance for the moment, as he now attempts to adjust his understanding of this sect of devil worshippers who love God in the same way as he does. On top of this, discussions have begun about the mystery of the Trinity, which is fundamentally a confusing concept because to worship God, but then also to receive the Holy Spirit and have God speak and act through you, whilst not falling victim to megalomania manic behavior symptoms which are very common among Christians who become lost in their study of the Trinity, as it can lead to abusive and arrogant behavior if one becomes too lost in their belief that they have received the Holy Spirit and become God in human form. As a result of all this, what was intended to be a battering ram entrance into the devil worshipping city gates, has instead become an enormous peaceful discussion of philosophy.  Various segments of Purple Anon’s protectors are in divided in how best to respond to such an unpredicted outcome.  All is peaceful for the moment, if not slightly tense. A sense of awe is pervading the atmosphere as the moment approaches of Purple Anon’s arrival to this the most holy site of devil worshippers, that is the place of Zeus’s temple on top of the main archeological hill of Pergamon.  We will keep you updated as the situation develops.

2021/08/18: Purple Anon Negotiations In Anatolia – Rise of ARAB NATIONAL SOCIALISM

Purple Anon has arrived in Turkey for the process of various negotiations, as arranged through secret channels stemming from his code circles. The process is still ongoing with the Turks, but the Arab-White relationship has made a breakthrough with the aid of revolutionary psychological techniques used to resolve the conflicting issues between the common folk of the White and Arab races.

These techniques involve converting the wider psychological conflicts between whites and arabs and transferring them into a chosen Arabic common folk whom Purple Anon associates with. Using standard mind manipulation techniques, the most common Arabic thinking patterns are pushed into the mind of that chosen common folk, which then allows Purple Anon to communicate with the hive mind of the Arabic common folk through a single individual Arabic man. As the conflicts between the white race and Arabic race are volatile, this has resulted in significant stress for Purple Anon and his Arabic common folk friend, as they represent the complex interactions of white-arab relations.

Through this process, Purple was seen to receive great psychological damage, as he contended with the mass of conflict between the two races, represented in his friend. Arguments within the leadership of the various branches surrounding Purple came to a head when discussing how much pain is reasonable to inflict upon Purple for the sake of finding a solution to white-arab common folk psychological conflict. As purple became more and more damaged in this process, there developed a fracture in the unity of his supporters. While one side claimed that if Purple understood the full extent of the importance of this process for the sake of the future, then he would undoubtedly approve of his suffering. Knowing Purple’s habit of taking suffering for the greater good, the other side did not disagree, but contended that at some point their loyalty requires them to put a stop to it when his suffering becomes unbearable to watch; if not for the sake of Purple himself, then for the sake of the people who can not bare to see him in so much pain.

As the situation flowed from extreme to extreme, Purple showed a short recovery time as the most volatile issues were transferred into the Arab common folk’s psychology. This inspired calls for transferring the most serious issues into his Arab friend. Yet the other side still called for putting a stop to it, claiming that just because Purple can recover quickly does not make up for the high concentration of his psychological pain within that short time. To transfer the most volatile issues would ensure that Purple would experience unprecedented psychological pain, which many would not allow after having just recovered from a serious psychological wound only the night before.

As the balance of these two opposing viewpoints sought to find a middle compromise, Purple Anon himself became awakened and addressed the situation; putting the two sides at ease and requested that the process continue so that a solution could be found. Purple’s awareness was shocking to the new observers who had not yet witnessed what old observers discovered long ago. It was enough to let the process continue.

As the process did continue the last few days, there were various points where the relationship between him and his common folk arab friend reached the point of destruction that they were about to negatively go their separate ways; which would symbolize a continued conflict between the white and arab races. With held breath, observers watched as the process played itself out at the very edge. Yet at the end, the long time relationship between Purple and his Arab friend was able to prevent a negative end result. Finally, with confirmation from a majority of psychological translators, the process came to a positive equilibrium with the friendship still intact. This symbolized the found solution to the Arab-White common folk conflicts, which will now allow the translators to convert the solution into real world propaganda and political policy.

To cement the success of the found solution, a Arab National Socialist flag was drafted and will shortly be circulated around the Arab psychological spectrum to calculate what changes should be made, if any.

The success of the process will now allow time for other work to be done, including the initiation of Passion Trials with Turk leaders. Passion Trials are the method Purple has used to train and strengthen his own secret agent teams. While the Passion Trials are an extremely secretive process, due to the nature of personal problems rising to the surface during each passion episode, still word has come down that it has been successful so far, while painful, and the Turks are signaling a desire to continue with the process. We’ll keep you updated here as things proceed.