2021/06/03 : A New Beginning


Because I have run out of time to meet the deadline I set for myself to release this article today, in line with Adolf Hitler’s article he released on the day before his speech in the Völkischer Beobachter February 27, 1925 at the BurgerBrauKeller. His article was titled “A New Beginning”, and so this article has the same name.

I am forced to give it to you in unrevised form. I do plan on completing the revisions and repairing the structure of this before my speech tomorrow, and I will update this article when the revisions are completely. But because I am out of time, I’m releasing it in this format. Some of it is still in the form of general notes and points that I mean to insert that I have missed.

Greetings. My name is Purple Anon. What I am writing here is the general outline for the speech I plan to give on June 4, 2021; as corresponding to the February 27, 1925 speech that Adolf Hitler gave in Germany which united the people around his leadership and thus starting a new beginning for the National Socialist party.

There are many places I could begin. Let’s start with history, because it is history that has brought us here. The first thing you must know, is that we are indeed living in a dream world that has been pulled over our eyes. The history of the world most of you know is a combination of lies and estimation. Because a tactic of war involves manipulating public opinion to favor your side of the story, and so history has been corrupted. The more politically relevant an event in history is, the more it will have been exposed to manipulation over time, and the more difficult it will be to find the truth. Even more so, the common people are manipulated and mind controlled for this same tactical reason and thus making it even more difficult to find the truth, even when speaking to people who experienced it directly.

With no exception, the history of World War 2 era National Socialism is so politically relevant in present day, and so millions of lies have been brought up around it. In the last 20 years the stories surrounding WW2 National Socialism have finally passed out of living memory, and anybody remaining still alive who witnessed it are now either too old to have reliable memory, or were too young to have understood what was happening, or else they are hopelessly confused after a hundred years of propaganda manipulation.

We must recognize that none of us will ever know for sure exactly what happened with National Socialism in World War 2.
This is the starting point of my contention that it is reasonable to wonder if the National Socialists in World War 2 were at the least only responsible for tit for tat atrocity warfare. Or at the most, the National Socialists were of such great virtue, that they refused to respond with atrocity for atrocity and thus made themselves vulnerable to defeat by having chosen morality over victory.

Adolf Hitler has been their main target. However, as his personality has been placed in a position to represent the spirit of the German people, thus the attacks on him are attacks on Germans themselves. It can no longer be allowed for mass propaganda to slander Adolf Hitler, while also making free speech illegal to defend him and question that narrative. This free speech is destroyed with direct laws banning pro-hitler speech, and also psychological tactics of taboo and manipulated cancel culture to effectively silence anyone who questions the WW2 narrative. Since there is no free speech to defend Adolf Hitler and thus the German people, this should be a sign to you that the slanders are at least half truths or complete lies.

Obviously, as a National Socialist I do believe in the case that Adolf Hitler was a man of the highest character, and that all the evidence presented against him in this one sided conversation is likely manipulated via the power of the mass media propaganda machine, which attained after the war, and use it for constant psychological manipulation to subvert what the original values of National socialism were. In doing this, they present to the people a cartoonish version of the evil nazi. This is an obvious example of how the victors write history. Thus this history can not be trusted.

Thus, I have justified my conclusion that Adolf Hitler was a good man, possibly saint like. I do not admire him for the accusations of evil against him, but I admire him for the belief in his goodness. As National Socialists, this is what I stand for and desire the right to express this openly in a truly free speech society.

Now, the purpose of this meeting is to unite the white race under National Socialism. Yet, even those who agree with me about the history of Adolf Hitler and WW2, there is serious divisions among us, and I also seek to heal those divisions. Those of other races who might be listening, and are sympathetic our cause, I welcome you; however, as a national socialist I do not pretend to be a leader over those of another race or nation. Thus this speech is intended to unify only the white race, under a National Socialist ideal of compromise between our various opinions. Secondarily, I hope in this public display which might reach the ears of non-whites, to gain their outside support as we pursue our goal of creating a white racial family. In the same way, we desire to want to support non-white nations to also form a support group for their own racial family.

Let us understand that Hitler concerned himself mainly with German National socialism. Germans are one of the white nations under the greater umbrella of the white nation. Thus, what I am presenting here is a White National Socialism, under which different white nations will form their own individual National Socialist groups, including German National Socialism. Thus, understand that you do not need to be German to be a White National Socialist, but you do need to be white. National Socialism stands for the idea of increasing levels cooperation as we divide ourselves into our most specific racial group. Thus, the cooperation at the greatest level of White National Socialism will be less than within anyone one of the individual National Socialisms of the white ethnicity.

I am German, and my specific white identity would be with German National Socialism. Even though I am German, let it not be misunderstood that you must be German to be a leader in White National Socialism, but only that you be white. We Germans took it upon ourselves to carry a heavy portion of the National Socialist burden in WW2, and to have Germans rule over non-Germans is opposite of what National Socialism stands for, which is the freedom for each nation to choose their individual social structure. My hope for Germany’s legacy is that our white brothers appreciate the sacrifice my people have made both during and after WW2, to fight for the cause of this freedom of the nations. I do not believe Germans offered this sacrifice as a path to dominating the other whites, but rather to free them in an act of the selfless brotherly love. Every white nation has its strengths and weakness with which offer gifts to one another. As whites, we are like extended family, because our blood is more closely related to each other than any other race. In this world, friends have their place and we love them dearly, but also our blood family holds a special place in our hearts. And we are a family. We are the white race.

Going further, we can further divide the separate white races into smaller groupings of even more closely related people. Because it is important to know about your leaders, I will tell you that my ancestors are from the state of Baden in south-western Germany. So while I may be a White National Socialist, I am also a German National Socialist, and I am also a Baden National Socialist. Even further beyond this are the smallest directly related family divisions of the Baden German race, which would also have their own National Socialist groups which cooperate the most closely of all. But when we come all together, we are a White National Socialist family.

Understand why it is called National Socialism, and not International Socialism. Thus, I do not make any claim of authority over any other race, who I indeed believe should form their own National Socialist groups separate from whites. We can support and defend each other in achieving this ideal all over the world in the form of our separate nations. But our support ends there and the ideal is that we do not interfere with the national socialism of other races; nor do we get involved in their civil wars or disagreements. It is age old wisdom that the inner problems of another family is not your business, but it is a duty to interfere in the affairs of your own family. In this way, you can see that you need not be white to be a national socialist. We are white national socialists. National Socialism is an idea that can be applied to every race, and I believe this idea to be the fundamental solution to the most serious of the world’s problems. Blood and soil. By blood, we are white. By soil, we belong to the land which our intellectuals have determined to be native to whites. For every race there is a racial homeland where the foundation of their race was born, and the world can be divided up into racial homelands. As whites, we make claim to white native lands as we see fit; and will support other races in attaining their own racial homelands. It is not within the scope of this speech to make declarations about which land should be considered native white, because this requires an intense discussion of history and many other things. This is a task for the intellectuals to discuss, and for the intellectuals of other races to discuss and to come to a conclusion about which land is native to who. In this way there lies a path toward world peace, since the cause of most all interracial war is the struggle for land. We may not agree all at once on who belongs where, but this is a starting point upon which we can begin the process with clear direction. The white nation need not be the enemy of other races. We understand that other races will seek to build a racial family organization in the same way we do. While other races may have a different name for what we call National Socialism, still the idea is not confined to the english language.

Now that we have the basis of National Socialism defined and to whom I am speaking, let’s get started with addressing many issues which divide us. Again, we are finding the solutions to these divisions among ourselves as the answer for whites only. I do not intend to resolve these issues for other races, who may require a different response.

I will discuss here only the most crucial issues that are currently dividing our people the most. I will organize our thoughts by presenting each issue with a spectrum that our opinions fall on, which I will label left and right. From there I will identify the middle position which in most cases my view falls into. It is required that a leader fall into the middle on most of these issues, or else the left or right would not feel comfortable being lead by such a person. But I will not deny that I do lean closer to one side on some of these issues. I will be honest with you about this, and I will tell you plainly. I do not seek to destroy those who disagree with me. However, do not be fooled by some clever politicians who assign masses of people to carefully study the center position, and then insincerely place themselves there for the sake of political gain. I am being honest with you! I am certain my middle positioning will be satisfactory to all. I am lucky to enjoy a perspective which does not place me very often outside the middle. In this way I will claim to be an appropriate choice as a leader of white national socialism. But again I warn you, our enemies will attempt to divide us by seizing on any of the few issues which I might fall closer to side, and then attempt to exploit this by presenting an insincere controlled opposition infiltration script-reading puppet to place them exactly in the middle of each issue. I caution you against politicians who constantly read scripts, because if they were to speak openly they might offend the left or right. While it may be ideal to find a person who does fall in the exact middle of every issue, still I declare to you that it is not possible to find such a person. Do not let yourselves be deceived, and remember the wisdom that if it’s too good to be true than it probably is. It is my hope that you do appreciate my ability to speak off-script which will set me apart from any insincere politician that comes along after me. Because I have nothing to hide in that I truly do have a middle position. And even then, speaking off script can be dangerous in the case that you mis-speak or are misunderstood, or are just having a bad day. This can be used by our enemies to publish publicly and foment division. But I am confident in my powers to speak, and so I will not be afraid to speak off script to you my people, and it is my hope that by the time I am done speaking here tonight, we will have taken the first step in building a relationship of mutual trust which gives each other benefit of the doubt and chance for redemption due the fondness we have for each other by our blood connected family bond.

The extreme right of the view on race-mixing are made of those who believe any race-mixing with non-whites to be a major error, and that this should be punished with heavy laws of imprisonment or death. The extreme left of this issue says race mixing does not matter, and racial purity does not matter, and everyone should be free to partner outside their race. The left also believe strongly that racial prejudice should be destroyed through activism and propaganda.

First, the left is wrong because like a zebra has her stripes or dog has its breed, so the same with the white race. Our ethnic features are like the zebra’s stripes, and it is good to be proud of what makes us special;. It is not a bad thing to value maintaining your ethnic physical traits. The left should cease shaming the right for valuing these our special stripes. The left must also realize that white physical characteristics recessive genes and more vulnerable to disappearance than any other race. With one generation of race-mixing the white ethnicity can be gone from a person. Compare this with other races such as blacks or Asians that have highly dominant genes, and would need to race mix two or more generations in a row before their ethnicity is gone.

Now I must define words which the english language is inconsistent in usage, so that I may speak clearly with you. I will define ethnicity as the general physical/mental features of a people, while I will define race as groups of people who fall along the same patrilineal or matrilineal decent. This is also known as unilineal descent. Thus, two people can be of the same race, but a different ethnicity. Further, understand that just as each ethnicity has a native homeland, so also does each race have a native ethnicity from which it descended from its oldest traceable unilineal ancestor. For those of you who don’t know, matrilineal means a line of decent tracing from mother to daughter, while patrilineal is a line of decent from father to son. Up until this point I have been using the traditional inconsistent use of the term race, and for the sake of clarity I will continue to do so except where I need to be more specific, at which times I will use my chosen definitions of ethnicity and race.

With that understood, let me again remind you that the white ethnicity is vulnerable to disappearance due to the nature of our submissive genes when race-mixing. It may be difficult for the left to understand this because they don’t give it much thought due to not valuing their ethnic look. The left is hyper focused on judging a person according to character rather than ethnicity. This is not a bad thing, but do not neglect other truths. The left must understand that a large decrease in the population of the white ethnicity can occur suddenly, known in science as exponential decay in a system, it is when a change is small at first but quickly rises to extreme proportions. This is a big part of what the extreme right fears, and I agree with them.

The attacks within our culture upon the free speech who have these far right views is a sign of the existence of an anti-white agenda which seeks to destruction of our white ethnicity, because we have been a strong unified group for much of history that some fear is too powerful. The policies against the free speech of the right is leading to the very point where the decrease in the white population may suddenly become very small very quickly. Especially when the older generation passes on, it will become very noticeable. And once we reach this point, it will be impossible to reverse it. While our white ethnic population can be wiped out in a few generations, it would take centuries to rebuild. And once our population is small, it would be easy to wipe us out completely if an anti-white enemy wanted to; and evidence points to the existence of prejudiced anti-white enemies. Never should we allow the existence of our white ethnicity to depend on the good will of others. This is known in the circles of the far right as white genocide via race mixing. I do agree with the far right that we must take action to protect our ethnicity before it reaches that point of no return. Policies to prevent reaching that point of no return would include implementing white-only schools, because most of the time children will choose their breeding partners at their school. Again, it is a symptom of an anti-white agenda in that the idea of segregating schools is so viciously attacked in the propaganda systems. This is only one example of a policy to help protect the white ethnicity, but the point is that it is not immoral for the far right to desire these things. It does not make them a hateful bigot for that reason alone.

Now as far as the extreme right is concerned, first you must realize that so much of white history and culture has valued freedom. I’m sure the right feels the same when faced with discrimination upon your freedom to segregate. The left feels just as strongly about their own freedom to race mix. We believe in freedom my friends! With that said, I would like to calm your fears of the right by telling you that we do not need to take away the freedom of our people in order to safeguard our ethnicity. You should also be aware, that when we do take freedom from one another, our enemies like support the losing side in order to divide us further. While it may seem like a reasonable solution as an emergency measure against white genocide, still it leads to failure because it gives our enemy ammunition for cycles of propaganda to divide us further still. This method was used to build large numbers of our people on the left so such an extent that it has become almost impossible to justify even middle policies like segregated schools.
Again, I’ll repeat there are many ways we can protect our ethnicity without taking away freedom. Other than segregated schools, we could regain the propaganda systems to make known the value of breeding within your ethnicity, and the dangers when too many of us race-mix. We have the truth on our side, and if we can reclaim our freedom of speech it will be an easy job to cause the majority of whites to breed within their race until our birth rate reaches sustainable levels again. However, I would like to admonish the right that their habit of being rude and cruel to race mixers, and to even advocate punish race mixing with imprisonment, death or exile; these things are counter productive to what you are trying to achieve! They will use it to build a coalition of the left to destroy our freedom, and they already have done that. Policies of cruelty and non-freedom to combat white genocide dangers will be used by our enemies to turn every single left leaning or race-mixed individual against us, making your mission impossible. We must be accepting of those who desire to race mix. We must treat them with kindness, and even though if they do decide to race mix still if we befriend them we could possibly gain their support for our values even while they themselves prefer to race mix. It is difficult, I know, when someone disagrees with on something you see so clearly, but just remember that from their perspective they feel the same way about you.

Again, we value freedom! The freedom of both the left and right. The left may be angered with me for leaning right on agreeing with the right about the dangers of white genocide, while the right might be angered upon my insistence for the freedom to race-mix. Thus I fall in the middle where I believe a compromise can be acceptable to the left and right, to insure freedom of both sides, and what’s more an end to the conflict between both sides which has so destroyed our culture. Only together on this compromise, can we be strong to defend against the divide and conquer tactics of our enemies, and instead devote our energies to productive things for the good of us all.

The far left sees little value in ethnic pride, but rather feels ethnic-mixing should be encouraged in order to put an end to ethnic tension which is caused by the existence of our differences, and often preach the “all brown” idea that inevitably everyone will one day be mixed together and look the same and ethnic hate will finally end. The far right, as I already said, are people who believe race-mixers should be penalized by law, outcast from society and white lands, enslaved, or even killed. Obviously, I fall into the middle of this issue, in that again I believe in freedom to race mix, yet I also feel it is important to that there should be guarded the living record of each ethnicity in much the same way as those who pursue the maintenance of certain animal species to prevent them from going extinct. As if all tigers bred with all lions, so that there were only ligers and no longer any more tigers or lions, this is not desirable. It is also crucial theme of National Socialism in believing that not just white, but each of the main different white nations keep a living record of their pure form, non-mixed, and that these peoples are native to certain areas of land.

It is also a theme of national socialism that these pure peoples, nations, be in charge of deciding the social structure for their own lands. And it is to each on their own to decide what their policy is for how they integrate ethnic-mixers into their power structure. I only claim to lay the framework of my own people in Baden, and while I do not desire to enforce the policies of Baden on other white nations, still it is important for you to understand the view your leaders have for their own specific white nation. Let’s understand that within the native lands of each nation, there are central cities regions most significant to that nation. The policy I will advocate for my people of Baden is that the purest of our Baden ethnicity should receive the greatest say in what happens in these central places. To make it simple, when people race-mix, their authority in the central regions of our homeland will diminish, and according to the direction which the native lands of the nation they mixed with, they should settle in those areas along the borders of the central ethnic regions where they should be given authority to administer those border regions, as no people, no matter how mixed, should be deprived of having a home. But the consequence of ethnic-mixing should be that they lose their authority in the central regions. If the ethnic-mixing becomes diverse to the point of large amounts of different types of ethnic mixes, then the intellectuals of the nation should determine the best way to organize all the different ethnic mixes along the borders.

More on this train of thought, is the deciding factor for when someone mixes in such a way that they are no longer to be considered members of White National Socialism. My policy hope for Baden in this matter has much to do with the difference between race and ethnicity. There are some out there who only believe in the existence of ethnicity, and they call it race; and to them there is no difference. They believe that when someone race-mixes, that they are wholly a mixture of the two with no identity. I do believe that race is the body, while ethnicity is the clothing. Race is unilineally determined. And the native ethnicity for Baden is White and German. However, if a racially Baden man were to breed with a racial negro woman and have a son, though while that son may be black ethnically, he would still be racially a Baden. If that man had a daughter with the negro woman, then she would instead be racially a negro. To look at it another way, it is my belief that the woman is like the soil in which a seed is planted. When that seed grows, if it is a male then it is a continuation of that same seed of the father. If that seed grows into a woman, it is like a continuation of that same soil of the mother. In this way, it is my belief for my people that each of us has one true race, which never changes, even though your ethnicity may change. This is the theme of unilineal descent. I place an extremely high value on this type of descent as the defining factor of identity; and throughout history this type of decent has been a main theme of many peoples. Again, while you my disagree with me, remember this is a matter for you to decide for your own people. In the same way that cousins are less closely related than brothers, so the same that patrilineal lines are more closely related than with the matrilineal lines attached to them who may be of an entirely different race. The policy I want for Baden, is that we organize ourselves as far as possible into patrilineal and matrilineal lines as the core of our smallest National Socialist groupings. It is my belief that the purest form of Badens are those who descend from us unilineally. It is in this sense that I desire to define my people. If you are a Baden by unilineal descent, then you have membership in our Baden national socialism no matter what your ethnicity, and no matter how many generations you were in that ethnicity for. However, the central lands of Baden should be under the authority of those who have the native ethnicity of the baden race, which is white and german. Those who are of unilineal baden descent, but a different ethnicity would take positions of authority in the border regions of our lands. Those who are not baden of unilineal decent are not to be considered racially baden, even though they might be ethnically baden. These people would have much less authority in the Baden social structure, if any, and should actually be encouraged to seek out their true racial identity in the native lands of their true race outside of Baden. But I do not take the stance that these people should be punished or deported. They are to be considered biological guests of our ethnicity, since they are related to us by blood, yet not by race. I do value them like family, but recognize their roots come from another place.

Now let’s speak of the possibility of ethnic purification. Should some be considered forever to be denied authority in the central regions of Baden? It is my opinion for my own people, that if you are a Baden by race, then even though mixing may have caused your ethnicity to change and thus lock you out from authority in the central Baden region, still ethnic purification is possible. Ethnic purification be accomplished through many generations of breeding with the Baden ethnicity, so that eventually the Baden ethnicity could return to your children. The point of return would be decided when your generations become indistinguishable ethnically from other ethnic Badens, and at this point you would have purified your ethnicity and be considered a pure Baden once again and thus be given authority as full member in the central regions of Baden National Socialism. The details of how this system would work can be worked out by the intellectuals, but it is enough that I touched on it here. This stance, I feel is a defining theme for Baden National Socialism, and I do recommend it for all the white nations. If we were to be so strict as to exclude any who has ever mixed even one drop from another ethnicity to be excluded forever, then there might be very few if any Badens left. This is not to say that pure Badens are not valuable and to be held in high regard, and their daughters much sought after for re-purification purposes; still it is my belief that unilineal descent is the sacred connection for us all, to be considered of equal value no matter what our maternal mixture. It is a view of the far right in this issue of “not one drop” which I do disagree with, and which is why I place myself in the middle of the spectrum on this issue. It is not my intention to get into heated arguments with the people of other white nations to also decide upon this unilineal policy. But I am adamantly clear with my own people of Baden, that you will not exclude our unilineal brothers and sisters from our National Socialism and I am in fact willing to go to civil war with my fellow Badens who might fall on the extreme right and challenge me on this, if they are not willing to compromise. I myself have patrilineal brothers with a different ethnicity, and so I will not allow it that you make them feel like they are not one of us, or to harass or shame them.

This is a perfect opportunity to describe the policy of national socialism towards civil war within a nation. Since nations are to be free, then if they come to civil war within themselves, then the rule is that you are to stay out of it if you are not part of that nation. Do what you will with the far right in your other white nations. But in Baden, if it does come down to civil war with the far right on this issue, then I expect other nations stay out of it, and to let us Badens handle the matter ourselves. In the same way, even as a leader of white national socialism, I would not get involved in the civil wars of other white nations.

Many of you may be familiar with the issue that the purities of our white nations are disappearing as the circumstances of history, especially recently, has caused all of us to have race-mixed at some point in the past. This gives cause to want to guard purity and to encourage our children as much as we can to breed within our race in order to increase our numbers and maintain a living record of our ancestors. In that sense, while I do not consider it immoral to ethnic mix, I do consider it unstrategic at this point and I myself would try not to mix very far from my baden race, and most assuredly not to mix outside my white ethnicity. To whites of all nations, I say we should strive to encourage our children to find white partners in order to bolster the numbers from the point of no return. Thus, I feel that it is not as serious an error to mix within other white nations than it would be to mix with non-whites at this critical point in the middle of an anti-white attack upon our ethnicity.

Let us speak now of the existence of hybrid races. The history of white ethnic mixing has sometimes caused the rise of these hybrid races. A hybrid race results when two ethnicities intermix to such a large extent for such a long time, that dividing the two becomes hopelessly lost to history, and those people become inseparably fused together into a new hybrid race. Some examples of this would be the Russian race which is hybrid of Scandinavian German and the Slavic race. Even the European German and French were once a single hybrid race of German and French that later on re-purified into more separately into the German and French nations we have today. My people of Baden are on the Border between Germany and France, and so our racial hybridity actual falls closer to this original hybrid while leaning toward the German side of the hybrid, and our neighbors in Alsace-Lorrain would be closer to the French side of the hybrid. And just to be complete so you understand my conception of my specific Baden race; before the French and Germans became a hybrid in the middle ages, we were actually both hybrids with the celtic peoples who once inhabited the central-north-west of the European continent. Along with the roman influence throughout all this hybridation, you could also say that there element of roman italian contained within my Baden hybrid race. The studies of this the history of hybridation in central Europe can be discussed at length with the intellectuals, but it is enough that I touched on it here. The study of history is an inexhaustible wellspring, and please know that I am open to learning more and improving my knowledge; thus I am open to different views to change my own as all of us combine our knowledge to seek the truth as a group. I would by no means refuse to learn and correct myself when confronted by sound logic. Yet, I do feel my exhaustive study of history has placed me in a position to fulfill the requirement of a leader who at least needs to have a strong background in the history of our people.

The spectrum of the question of response to homosexuality and transsexuality is much like the spectrum on the response to race-mixing. For the sake of clarity, I will refer to transsexuality as any deviation from heterosexuality but not including body modification transsexuality, which I will discuss separately. The extreme right is utterly revolted by transsexuality in all its forms, especially within men because the extreme right highly values masculinity which includes strength, lack of weakness, and loyalty and devotion and willpower even in the face of suffering. In a man, the extreme right views transexuality as weakness, because the receiving end of the sex act is an act of submission by being pierced, invaded, and docile as the male sex organ performs its function, which is a breach of the value of strength.

For the sake of the left, who does not understand, let me explain the nature of extreme right’s inner thoughts on the reasons for their disgust. The extreme right is also devoutly heterosexual, in part because they view the sexual organ of a man to be disgusting. Part of the nature for heterosexual men is the awe-inspiring disbelief that women are attracted to their sexual organ, which an underlying cause of arousal during sex with a woman. This is why these men are often disrespectful of women who sleep around. For men who commit sex acts with other men, this disgust is double because it breaches the expectation of strength and also of disgust with attraction to male sex organs which again I cannot emphasize enough, are utterly disgusting to the far right along the same lines of eating feces or garbage. It is difficult, if not impossible for them to respect someone who does such things. In women, sex with a man is more forgivable because the extreme right also views women as naturally weak and as a grace from God that their sex drive fulfilled with them. But not so with men who commit transexuality, who they view as weak and given over to a vile lifestyle. Even among masculine homosexual men, who only perform the dominant aspect of the sex act and are never on the receiving end, still these men are seen by the extreme right as betraying the masculinity of their fellow man with whom they are degrading by performing the sex act upon. Part of the strength aspect of masculinity involves loyalty and devotion to your friends; and to do these things to another man is another layer of perceived weakness and immorality on the part of even these masculine homosexual men. At the end of the day, all these feelings can turn into emotions of rage which most of them can not explain in words why they feel this rage.

Transexuality in women is viewed much less harshly by the far right, because they view women as weak to begin with, and their falling victim to homosexual lifestyle falls in line with what can be expected of a delicate female mind. Also, for a woman to perform a sex act with another woman does not involve the same level of submissiveness as occurs during the sex act with a man. Even women who play the submissive role in lesbian relationships are seen as almost a better option than promiscuity with other men which degrades them in a much worse way due to their extreme disgust with the male sex organ which is not present in a lesbian relationship. As a result, the far right views transexuality within women only bad in that it is causing there to be less women to go around, which they perceive as an attack by an exterior force to influences these women, and also a general backwardness attack on the functioning of a healthy society.

Now that we understand the source of the feelings for the far right; their policy is much the same as the far right of the race-mixing spectrum. They feel there should be laws against transexuality, and that these people should be punished, deported, bullied, or even killed. On the other hand, the far left, these people view transexuality as a voluntary expression and thus not a breach of morality. They view transexuality as a freedom that isn’t hurting anyone else. They feel the right to disagree with the disgust of the far right, and even heterosexuals on the left feel the protective of what they perceive as a persecuted group of innocent people. Among the transexuals themselves, their being bullied by the far right causes within them the need to display a pride in being transexual as a self-reassuring self-confidence practice. They dislike feeling isolated in a strongly heterosexual world and compensate for it by performing aggressive activism, often in a masculine way of showing strength in the face of an enemy.

Because the left and right of this issue do often display their viewpoint aggressively, it has resulted in an intense societal conflict, which our enemies have seized upon to further inflame in any way they can to cause division and distraction from any attempt to focus our energy this our greater enemy. The division is great and the enemy is indeed succeeding in their effort to drain our energies with fighting each other instead of them.

I would like to tell you that I do fall in the middle on this issue, but I don’t. I told you I would be honest about the few issues here where I lean further one way, and this is one of them. To the transexuals who are listening, I ask that you let me finish explaining myself before you dismiss me as just another far right bully. And so I will say that I do fall further right on this issue, and that part of the reason I could explain to you the feelings of the far right is because I do feel those things inside myself. Now honesty requires me to describe exactly how far right I do fall on this spectrum. The far left, I make no attempt to deceive you. You will be angered by my view on transexuality, but still I plead with you to let me get finish describing my position to you before you dismiss me as just another homophobe unworthy of being a leader of movement which you take part in.

Now the concept of national socialist freedom comes into play. I admit that my view so far right, that I doubt if even my people of Baden will all agree with me. And so this is a case where we may need to apply policies on a town by town basis. Let me describe to you the policy I would support for my closest related family, possibly only to be imposed in my specific family town or city. But please understand that I am aware of the severity of what would be my policy on the response to transexuality, and that I in no way desire to force to far right view upon other towns or cities or families if they desire differently. In fact, my policy view for my home city or town, or even just my own personal extended family estate, I recognize it as so far right, that I sometimes wonder if I am wrong since usually I fall in the middle on these issues. But I again would like to emphatically repeat, that if it comes down to it, and the whole of my people disagree with me, then I am willing to settle on this just being the policy in my own house, where according to National Socialism, the nuclear family home, is the ultimate hub of freedom for the individual which shall never be infringed upon. The smallest unit that could still be considered a nation, if it comes down to it, is the individual inside his own home free to do as he pleases, and his home should be considered like his native homeland which he can isolate himself to and create a world of his own. And so, the policy I am about to describe to you is so far right, that I recognize the whole world may disagree with me and that I may be forced to only practice this policy inside my own home, for lack of ability to get anyone to agree with me. Still, a constant theme of my life is that I consider my world and come to conclusions not based on majority rule but completely based on what I’ve logically concluded to be correct. I shall never be bullied by peer pressure and especially not forced to do anything against my freedom inside my own home! With that said, get ready, this might sound a little strange.

I will now describe the policy I will support within my own home and possibly my little family village if ever my family grows to a larger size to fill a village. First, I do not care at all for the practice of transexuality in women. It means nothing to me, and in fact I would comfortable that a daughter of mine is a transexual if that means it will keep her from being promiscuous with men, which means I could rest easy while I slowly try to talk her out of it and impress upon her the value of fulfilling the destiny of her biology in finding a good man to marry as a virgin and be a loyal partner to him all the days of his life.

But let’s get to the heart of the matter. While I would not go so far as to imprison my own son in the case I notice transexual developments, still I would consider this such a serious error that I would use all my resources in attempt to turn him away from this path. First let’s consider, I have no resources other than to speak to my son. At that point my only choice would be to use all my intellect to reason with him. There can be no general rule in a situation like this where the are infinite variables, and so whatever form a son of mine develops symptoms of transexuality it would have to be taken on a case by case basis. But in general, the younger the child is, I feel it is more appropriate to discipline him physically and to influence him by means of manipulation which I could forced to take in the case he received his ideas of transexuality from equally manipulative sources. However, as a child approaches adulthood, it is no longer appropriate to apply physical discipline without the danger which would interfere in his preparation for adulthood as an adult member of my family where we do not settle disagreements with physical fighting. In the same fashion manipulative techniques would not be appropriate for a child approaching adulthood for the same reason that it would interfere with the trust that adult members of my family would have with each other that we are being truthful and not manipulative. And so at this point, assuming family reasons consist of nothing else, then at this point my only strategy would be to talk him out of it; and in the case the he did go fully down the path of transexuality, then my only choice would be to try to talk him out of it over time in the hopes that he realizes his error sooner rather than later.

But let’s not talk about my response if I did have resource, especially resources in the form of other family members, where we would collaborate in attempting to reach him intellectually before he goes too far down the path of transexuality. Another option I could take would be to assign one of our patrilineal brothers to follow him around everywhere, depending on his risk factor for turning transexual, so that because I do not believe in imprisoning an adult member of my family in my house, this would be the best option to insure he never has a transexual experience as far as his patrilineal brother follows him around and makes sure to interfere in any situation that arise. And from there continue relentlessly the tactic of trying to reach him intellectually. Of course there is the possibility that my son runs away, and at that point what else can you do but pray and hope it never comes to that.

Now let’s continue to if I had more resources, and a bigger family, and a larger family village. In the case of a reasonably sized village, I would consider not allowing him to leave if it came to that, though deciding to do that would also have to be on a case by case basis as it could force him to simply lie to get his way out and in general confinement is usually not the best strategy. From here, even as my family village may grow ever larger, it would not change this same general approach as I just described for my small village. And if ever I were to convince my Baden National Socialist people to join with me on this policy, then it would simply be the same theme of this small village except a lot more options for different types of confinement and tactics of intellectual persuasion would be at our hands. If it were the case that my Baden united with me whole heartedly on this issue, then this would free my hand to use a variety of types of confinement and intellectual persuasion techniques. But never to the point of torturing a person and to variously loosen the grip of confinement if it appears the person is reaching levels of torturous despair. Instead consider techniques of simple confining said Baden man who appears to be going down the road of transexuality, we could simply confine him to a rather large area, even a city, where there are no other transexuals present with which to act our incorrect thought processes. There would also be means of bringing women in the mix, to carefully study where his psychology lead him through which gate toward transexual preferences and thus craft by design a means by all these available resource to help him see the light. Let me assure you, that never would I involve a process of cruel abuse to punish such an individual with physical pain and deep emotional trauma, because I recognize that this is not a path to successful reversal of transexualism. I hope it calms the fear of the left that in my small village or in Baden we would not dream of performing the stereotypical gay bashing or beating up our fellow Badens. That is madness and stupidity to do such a thing which could only lead to high levels of despair in this your ethnic family brother. But again, I stand for the freedom that my people of Baden get to decide to do things as we see fit on the transexual issue. If I were to receive Baden to unify with me on this issue for the whole of the state of Baden, then there would be absolutely no transexual activity allowed in public. Transexuals would be kept track of for the purposes of aiming our intellectual stimulation upon them and confine them in the variety of ways possible I already decided. In Baden, we would have a motto, no brother lets his other brother become transexual. At the very least, we would assign heterosexual men to constantly be with them, not through technological surveillance, but by physical presence. There is honestly so many ways we could pursue reversing them intellectually, and I imagine that very few transexual acts would occur on Baden soil, precisely because the issue is so important to us, and to see one of our brothers given over to transexuality would one step short of seeing our brother die. I describe to you poetically in this way my view for the response to transexuals within my own people. Do as you wish with transexuals on your own national homeland.

Further on this line of thought, is that the practice of transexuality is considered such a serious error in my sight, that no small amount of resources would be dedicated to something I would call the Anti-Transexual-Man priest hood and also a heterosexual club for men. The heterosexual club for men would be a place where recovering transexual men can be supported in regaining their heterosexuality. The anti-transexual man priesthood would be a society that actively studies all the reasons for why a person might turn to transexuality, and also study all the truly effective measure for helping these men see the light. The seriousness of the transexual error in my eyes is of such high degree that I hope you understand how seriously the anti-transexual-man priesthood would be taken. I tell you, we will stop at nothing to rescue our lost brothers who fell down this path. And just to be complete, if a man were to commit a transexual act this would not change anything other than we will feel that we have failed our brother and consider it our hope to minimize the number of transexual acts a man performs before we are able to reach him intellectually. Of course the end result of a successful reversal would involve giving him back his freedom in the hope that he did not deceive us merely to escape, and in the case he returns to his transexual lifestyle then we would start the process over again and weep bitterly for this our brother who did lose one of the most precious things we hold dear, our manhood. Heil Hitler.

I do perceive an anti-heterosexual agenda coming from our common enemy. I do believe that transexuality leads to a life of suffering, that I can not in good conscious keep myself from counseling against whenever I come across a transexual. However, I do not fall so far right as to want to offend the idea of freedom for people to freely choose transexuality free from the fear of harassment or legal punishment. Part of the symptoms that cause me to perceive an anti-heterosexual agenda, is the taking away of the freedom of speech of the far right to express themselves. We must have freedom of speech for both sides. Along this line, the far right also views transexual propaganda on the public communications systems as immoral in that it corrupts the youth and leads so many of them down a path we view as self-destructive. So for those of you my white brother nations, while I would not enforce my own personal policies upon you, especially when they are so extreme, but I feel inclined to offer you my recommendation for a lighter hand policy that you might be able to accept in your nations.
I feel it should be a matter of policy that transexual content should not be on public media accessible by children who might stumble upon it by accident. At the very least behind opt-in subscription system only accessible by adults. There should not be transexual content in any public media systems, because as a rule we do not want children to be able to stumble upon transexual content without the permission of their parents. And so public media outlets, such as Television, internet, radio, newsstand magazines, public parades on main street, and anywhere that children might be able to view it without expressly their parent approval, these things should be absent of transexual content. In this line, we do indeed need to create separate media and internet systems. The full access internet we have today must become an opt-in system, and the offering of a full internet minus inappropriate content be established so people can at least still access the internet without inappropriate content being always a click away. Transexual content may be placed in these opt in systems. This includes movies. For the purpose of that it be a simple thing for parents to keep their children from being exposed to transexual content without having to keep a constant vigil. Then parents of both the left and the right can easily which opt-in systems they want for their children. But for public media, there should be no transexual content.

Now I understand that this may seem hypocritical to some on the far left, in that heterosexual content, minus pornography, may still be displayed on the public media systems. But because we are a heterosexually producing species, it makes sense that society will be skewed toward heterosexuality and thus it should not be considered such a hypocrisy to eliminate transexual content from the public media, but not heterosexual. I implore you to consider that we need to heal this great divide that our enemies are using to destroy white civilization. We can all have our own programming on our separate media systems; we can have our separate places of separate thought. But the public television, the newsstands on main street and in the grocery stores, must not contain transexual content. I myself, would not subscribe to the pro-transexual media platforms, and I myself would even caution my children from associating with transexuals, and I will be honest that I do not much like the idea of associating personally with transexuals other than to help and counsel them away from their transexual lifestyle. I implore far right to accept this compromise I am offering the far left to at least be able to have their subscription services, because you will be compensated by having a leader who holds values close to your own. If we do not offer this compromise to the far left, then they will not be able to accept me as a leader due to my strongly anti-transexual views, and then the enemy will continue its crusade to further and further divide us. And believe me, if this becomes their only path to dividing us then they will throw all their resources behind supporting transexuality as they have been, until our people have become wholly half and half transexual vs heterosexual and the conflict will be unending and destroy us. We must take such measures to prevent such a drastic outcome, and I do believe this compromise could be suited to both sides. To the far left I say, I counsel you on the same lines to accept it as a middle solution. With transexual content out of the public sphere we can then return to letting the natural instinct of the people guide to choose the left or right on this issue, and we can live at peace and freedom with each other. I understand if the left can’t agree on my more drastic policies I described for my own family village. And so I understand an alternate solution must be offered as something substantial enough in order for them to consider uniting with us, and as leaders we can perform the duty of a leader to mediate the disputes between left and right if once we can settle on a structure of compromise. I make this promise to the left, that if ever we go back on this compromis to protect your freedom from harassment and hateful bigotry and the freedom to watch transexual content in your own private places, if we go back on this compromise, then leave our movement and continue on what your crusade against what you perceive as hateful bigotry. But if we keep our word to you, and protect you from the extreme rights desire to harass you constantly, and maintain your freedom to choose the sexual path you want, then I ask that you stay loyal to our cause and hold your nose as you co-exist with people that so much dislike your lifestyle; just as I will counsel them to hold their nose and to leave the far left unmolested. But to the far left I say, please appreciate this compromise as sufficient compromise to balance out my right leaning views. I say that the far right would not accept it even at this point that I have to make one more gesture of reason to them. And so to the far right, I want to let you know that I have never once in my life committed a transexual act; not even the smallest act. I don’t know what it is, but along with my parent’s guard upon my child innocence, I have always had the most extreme revulsion to the male sex organ. When I view a transexual act, I am stunned because it is so foreign to me. Even in my mind, I have never had an experience of wanting to imagine performing a transexual act. We all should know that all of our internet histories are recorded, and if anyone has access to my internet history, you will see that I have never once voluntarily viewed transexual content. I know how important this is to the far right, as it is also important to me, and I will bring my children up in the same vein that to resist transexual corruption is one of the most important errors to resist. And not only have I resisted it but I have never had the smallest desire to pursue it. I want you to be confident in me that I do indeed have that masculine strength that we value so much. I realize that these words may hit a nerve in the far left, but I hope you appreciate my honesty here to not refrain from making my opinion known, so that you can trust me that I am not an insincere politician constantly choosing the exact middle. These politicians don’t exist, and while it may be better to have a leader more in the middle on this issue, still you won’t find a sincere leader in the middle of all the issues, and that this is one of the few issues which I don’t fall in the middle. And so a compromise is necessary to counter balance my right leaning view. I implore both the left and right to consider the options, consider the alternative to making this compromise for the sake of the left, and to consider my right leaning views as sufficient weight to appease the right into accepting this compromise. Together we can co-exist and protect ourselves from our common enemy that wants to do much worse to us than having to hold your nose around opposite opinions.
INSERTION: The same response to transexual body modification and the taking of unnatural hormonal type drugs, I feel the same policy should be applied as with the policy for transexual compromise in place that don’t want to go down the road of drastic anti-homosexual measures that I would take in my own family village, or in Baden if ever my people would agree with me on that drastic policy. I’ll add to this that there should be an extra separation for transexual body modification content in that it should be separate from non body modification content in its own subscription opt in based channels; because I imagine a large segment of transexuals might be in favor or transexuality but not body modification transexuality and so I feel it is important to give them opportunity the same to easily prevent their children from accessing that material rather than having to stand guard over them constantly. We must make society an easy place in which to parent.

INSERTION: Division on the issue of transexuality has actually been present in our culture since ancient times. It should be expected that to solve such a deeply rooted problem calls for a painful compromise.
INSERTION: Also, as a rule the extreme right will almost never accept someone who is directly in the middle of this issue, so it may be best that I do fall further right; and while it may be the responsibility of the right to make this compromise for the sake of getting their right leaning leader, so it also the responsibility of the left to accept a right leaning leader to make this compromise possible

INSERTION: this would also be an opportunity to get rid of inappropriate overly sexual content. sexuality should be private thing anyway. but more importantly, our enemies will bow and cater to every need of the left to empower them to any level necessary to cause enough division to divide our numbers in half and destroy us one at a time. we must make a compromise, or be destroyed. there is no other option.

INSERTION: To the left and to the transexuals themselves I say, do not take reject lightly this compromise. The people on the right hate you dearly and you will never have peace from them if you do not make some sort of compromise. I do not think you will find a better option in the future, and you will be forced to fight and struggle your entire lives against their spite. I promise, if the transexual supporters are of sufficient power in Baden which give me cause to make also this compromise in baden, then I promise to honor the compromise protect your freedoms, and you will no longer have to live in fear. I say this because I can’t imagine many people would ever agree with the drastic measure I would implement in my own family village and so I anticipate having to make this compromise. And if so, then if ever I fail to honor the compromise and protect you, then use that as a point to unite against us and place all your energy in making us pay for breaking our deal; trust me I know what it is like to fight against what you perceive as evil and I know you will be a fierce enemy. But it does not have to be that way. Do not reject me because I disagree with you. But I do counsel you to hold strong to your opinions and be prepared to agree to disagree with me in peaceful debate in the private media systems. If we are to achieve the freedom we all value so much, then learning to agree to disagree peacefully and respecting each other’s different opinions and freedom of action, will be of high importance to us all. Do not join these debates if you are sensitive to different opinions, and do not degrade the respect we have for each other just because I may be good at debating this issue in the private media. If your side has the truth, then you can be sure you will have the chance to speak it, as will I. Hail Freedom! Hail Mutual respect.

ISSUE: Treatment of women
INSERTION: The spectrum of the question of how women should be treated in our society, falls from the far left which gives women complete equality of application under the law, to be treated no different as if she were a man. The extreme right would be the complete subjugation of women under men and treated as the equivalent of property of their respective men and fathers.
Now National Socialism is very important for deciding the treatment of women. All the different races and ethnicities developed differently under different circumstances, thus our ethnic characteristics are different, and thus women behave differently from ethnicity to ethnicity. How it might be appropriate for one ethnicity to treat their women, it may be different for another. National Socialism says that each nation should choose what is best for themselves. Again, the white ethnicity is the highest umbrella with which we should desire to influence our choices on the matter of how to treat women. However, because for men, women are such a personal issue, I do not think at this point the different white nations can agree on one policy any time soon. In this sense I would like to emphasize the importance of the freedom of each white nation to freely choose their own policies. For me, my sub=sub white nation is the people of Baden in Germany, roughly South Western German. My views on women I would only strive to implement upon the women of Baden. I would council my white brothers of the other white nations of my reasons, and I would debate with them in accordance with the looser social connection under the white ethnic umbrella. But let me make it clear that I in no way will ever attempt to forcefully bring into line the other white nations under my view of women. Perhaps, the women of other white nations need to be treated differently than my own. These discussions should be left to debate among our different peoples. I emphasize this because I do have a far right view upon the treatment of women, but I fall in the middle in the sense that I do not desire to make my view a pan-white policy. I feel that I am an authority on Baden women, not because I have much direct experience with them, but rather that being of the same blood of Baden, I understand them on a genetic internal level. With that said, let me describe my far right view that I desire for the women of Baden.
MY RIGHT VIEW FOR BADEN WOMEN: Now, the only reason I am describing my view of Baden women, is only for the sake of honesty because people have the need to understand the thoughts of the people they choose as leaders. So again, I emphasize that I do not desire to force this view upon my brothers of other white nations, but only that I council you to take into consideration my thoughts as it is appropriate for family to advise each other. And so I do feel that white women have certain characteristics. Characteristics of men and women evolved such that each could specialize in their appropriate role, and that the weaknesses that come with specialization are the weakness in other areas. Thus the specialization characteristics of men make them weak in other ways that women are strong in. In the same fashion the specialization characteristics of women make them weak in other ways that men are strong in. For men, obviously we specialize in strength and war, both physically and mentally. This makes us strong for war and capable of defending our people. This is also seen in the physical difference not just of muscular strength, but also in that men do not get pregnant and carry a child within them, making us more expendable in war. On this same note, men may impregnate their women and then go off to war, and there will be no danger of losing the future generation. Also, women have tender breasts, exposed and hindering coordination in the case of large breasts, and also for the sake of nourishing children, it is not desirable that these breasts should be exposed to danger.
Now the act of sex for women and men is also different. For women, sex is internal, while for men sex is external. The science propaganda of our day says that a sperm fertilizes an egg, and that is all there is to it. But common sense should tell you that the human body is so much more complex than any of us can truly understand, and our knowledge of the human body grows continually. With that said, we should not be so confident that internal sex for a woman does not change her internal structure in preparation for pregnancy, even when pregnancy does not result, it should be easy to understand the possibility that the internal functioning of a woman changes when having sex, in response to the man she is having sex with, and so we use the word adultery meaning adulterate which is to mingle the purity of a woman with the traits of the men she has sex with when she takes them into her internally. Before modern science, our people understood this mystery of the human body and took no chances, and thus valued virginity very highly. Modern science has given our people an over-confidence to replace this humility of knowledge we had in the past. It is madness to believe it impossible that woman’s body does not change internally in preparation for pregnancy of the specific man she has sex with. In that sense, women who have had sex with multiple men before pregnancy can be said to give birth to children that are a mixture of the men she’s internally digested sexually. While the primary fertilizer may predominate the majority of that mixture, still at the very least, the preparatory work of the female’s body for that pregnancy will be a mixture of those different men. Likened unto a tree that grows best in a certain type of soil, the pre-pregnancy sex acts are like the preparing of this specific type of soil for the seed of the tree. And the tree will grow differently, depending on the type of soil it grows in, yet it is best the tree is planted in the soil it is best suited for. Now you believe this to be not true exactly as I described, but again I’ll emphasize the need for our humility in understanding the infinitely complex human body, and because there is a chance that I am correct, we should act accordingly and once again place a high value of virginity in our women, as a safeguard to this possibility. Our ancestors understood this. We should not consider ourselves so much superior to our ancestors. Even when using sexual protection to block the most potent factor of this pregnancy preparation, which is the male sperm entering the female, still we must not delude ourselves that pregnancy preparation is also active in the human mind, and that women as so designed as a receptive organism, even her mind becomes internally effected even with sexual protection devices. The woman, when developing a relationship with a man, so has her mind and body changed in all these ways in as an involuntary function to become a perfect match for him. Whether it is exactly true or not, our humility of knowledge should make us take precautions and again value virginity for women very highly. This is not to say that there is not room for forgiveness and the possibility that the pregnancy preparation of a woman can be reversed to match a different man, leading one to think a woman who has been promiscuous should be given adequate time with a chosen man in order for her body to reverse the preparation done by other men, before she becomes pregnant with a new man. These things can be discussed more deeply by our wise men, but it is enough that I touch on it here.
Now on the other hand, for men, sex is an external process and his body is structured as a giver rather than a receiver. In this way men and women are different in that it is not so serious of a thing for a man to be promiscuous. This idea might enrage women of our modern age, but it is a fact that men and women are different, and while men may have the advantage in some ways, so also women have an advantage in other ways. We should not be brought to conflict with each other over a need to be equally treated, but rather to live in a symbiotic relationship with each other, each sex donating their specific skill set for the greater good, and each bowing to the other to allow them to deliver on that skill set. Women, you are in a position that requires you to guard your virginity. Let this not be an issue of conflict for us, but let men take a heavier load of responsibility in order to balance our what our women have received in the weaknesses of their biology. We must treat our women well, and give them comfort to help them accept the limitations of their bodies.
WEAKNESS OF MEN: Now let me get into the weaknesses of men. As I said, men are specialized for war. War is an ugly thing. It involves many layers of deception, the enduring of physical pain; it requires the hardness of cold logic, and in general a darkened exterior which is conducive to dominating our enemies in battle. But along with this power in battle, is loss of the ability to feel. Picture spending many cold nights in the rain alone. In war, being overcome by the emotion of sadness of becoming focused on discomfort will lead to defeat. And so men have developed a mind of cold brute stone like strength. Enduring this hardness required for war can not be kept up in the long term. It is a torturous existence, incapable of happiness or satisfaction and can lead men to suicide and reckless behavior, because to a man in this condition life is not worth living. This is where the weakness of a woman becomes like a strength for her man. The woman is not overcome with hardness, but quite the opposite, she excels in softness. This softness is not valuable for war, but it is valuable for a man overcome by the stress of a war like mind set. I call it, soldier’s disease; when a dark cloud comes over the mind of a man that won’t go away; only a woman could break this curse. A woman so designed to have her body invaded and overcome by a man in a sex act that from the outside perspective looks much like the woman being dominated and pushed around rudely; exactly the opposite of what is required for successful warfare which seeks to dominate and treat roughly and rudely our enemy; still this nature of a woman that is weakness in war becomes the needed outlet for a man to expend his overflowing hardness of mind. The softness of water is what overcomes and erodes stone. The nature of a women to be able to be on the receiving end of this dominant invasive sex act helps to fall the scales of soldier’s disease from a man’s eyes, in seeing that this woman can lose dominance in the act of sex, it opens his mind to understanding that it is permissible for him to loosen his hard exterior in the presence of a woman who has lost completely to him all notions of dominance because of the nature of the sex act. In short, without a woman, a man will be driven to deeper and deeper levels of warlike hardness, which in some cases may be extremely difficult for him to wake from. It is understood in the folklore of Adolf Hitler, that he himself was a victim of soldier’s disease to which Eva Braun eventually overcame, and did rescue our Fuhrer from that fate in the end. In general, without the hardness of men, they would not be successful in war. And without the softness of women, men could not survive for very long after that war is won. We do need each other. We serve different roles. Let women support their men in attaining the masculinity need to serve their role as protector. And let men support their women as they make the sacrifice of dominance. There is no need for women to punish their men for their rough nature. And there is no need for men to take advantage of the sexual-non-freedom her biology places her in. We should seek to lift each other up!
PERMISCOUS WEAKNESS IN WOMEN: Now because men are so in need of the sexual outlet to heal them from their soldier’s disease, women have developed the sex drive necessary to offer that healing to her man not just by choice but by uncontrollable desire. It serves a double purpose in that the desire to receive the male sex act is a further extension of submissive lack of dominance, utter weakness non-virtuous for warfare, to further increase her ability to heal soldier’s disease by making a man feel comfortable to drop his hardened exterior in the presence of such complete weakness. Women are indeed the exact opposite extreme of a man’s hardness; but it comes with a weakness also that is not useful; that of the woman being prone to promiscuity. This may be different in the women of other white nations, but for Baden women I say that it is a responsibility for us to protect our women from having this vulnerability exploited. They are promiscuous because they need to be to serve their role, but as I spoke about the importance of virginity and sexual relations with only a single man is so important that we cannot afford to have this weakness exploited. If a man is promiscuous without getting those women pregnant, it does not harm him or his family, but if a woman is promiscuous it has results that can affect her family for generations to come. The damage is so severe that it cannot be left to chance that a woman has a weak moment and has sex with multiple men. Thus, I propose, for my people of Baden, that our women not be complete free only as far as is needed to take away their freedom so they do not commit this error. You may disagree with me, but then you can do things your own way with your own women, I only ask that you let me handle the women of my own people as I see fit.
COMPENSATION FOR THE TAKING OF WOMEN FREEDOM: Now my empathy makes me feel strongly for the plight of my women, who do not have the same freedom as I do. I may let my sexual desires be filled however they come, and as long as they do not become pregnant then there is no lasting consequence. I may roam free and unwatched, while my women must be constantly observed. Men, what a sacrifice our women must make, and we should in all ways reward them for this sacrifice. This is where the notion of chivalry comes in that has become absent in our modern age precisely because women are no longer confined sexually in the way they used to be by the natural instinct of our ancestors. If our women can find it in their hearts to accept our reasoning to hinder their freedom, then we must repay good with good; sacrifice with sacrifice. In this sense, because once a woman attaches to a man, she is forever his, and she is forever not preferable for another man to attach to, then in this sense, marriage in whatever form is takes to represent this relationship attachment, should be unbreakable forever. Men, I say to you, if you attach yourself to woman, it is your duty to stay by her side forever and to treat her well all the days of her life; because she has no choice by to remain attached to you, then as honorable men we should see it as no choice that we remain attached to them forever. Men, I say that we must develop a culture within ourselves, to shame and excommunicate men who divorce a woman who has not breached her marriage contract. Just like are strong bond of loyalty and sacrifice for each other in times of war, we should feel this same strength of attachment to our women. To put it plainly, divorce and mistreatment of our wives is not permissible in Baden National Socialism; and I will struggle with all my strength to the very end to fight for the reward of my Baden women in this fashion. Women, I tell you that we stand by you and support you in your relationships with your husbands, and we will never abandon you. Your man will indeed suffer the consequence of our wrath if he mistreats you. Because you have taken the mighty sacrifice of putting your freedom in our hands, we swear to you never to fail you in this regard. This is our promise. It is commonly said, but uncommonly fully understood, WE LOVE YOU. Join forces with us and do not be disheartened at what you might lose in collaboration with us, because I guarantee you we will overfill you cup in repayment in honor, chivalry and kindness. Gone will be the days of abusive husbands, or worrying that if you become fat or ugly that you will lose him. The suffering of such men who treat their women this way will be so severe that they will not think for a moment of treating you this way. I promise you this, that my hardness as a man will fight like it was designed to against these ignorant men who treat their loyal women badly. I will be victorious in this struggle against these men, I assure you, I will not fail you; if only you will put your faith in us this movement to build a better world, which we cannot do without your help. I am aware that evil propaganda from our enemy that has so subverted our women into hyper promiscuity has also subverted our men into treating their women badly. Together, we will deflect this attack and heal the wounds within both men and women. We are truly a team. I admit, my love for loyal good women is so great that it rivals my strength of bond to my fellow soldiers in war; which if you understand soul loyalty we men soldiers have towards each other then you will realize that I say no small thing when I compare my love for women to this. You are safe with us. And even if all other men fall victim to subversion, so I will myself will never fail you. It is impossible. You are loved. You are safe with us. You are safe with me. Men who treat their loyal women badly, I give you fair warning; you will not see a ray of hope if you do such things, and if not for your woman’s need of you we might do much worse things to you, but if you do not do completely your duty as a husband you might find yourself in a situation of us cornering you into a situation of enslavement to your woman who you’ve so mistreated. We cannot afford to lose the support of our women in this movement, and so we cannot afford to leave you unpunished if you choose to go down that road of spousal abuse. I contend with the proponents of our modern society that say they want to empower and fight for the cause of women; you do not hold a candle to the glory and honor and spiritual wealth we will deliver to our women under our system. Women, come with us, where you will live lives of luxury and honor. We are your knights in shining armor.
Of course there are more things that can be discussed on the topic of women, that each of our white nations can come to conclusions to individually, but that is enough for you to understand where I fall on the spectrum of hoe to treat women.
WOMEN IN FAMILY LIFE: For my people of Baden, I support that in line with this limitation on the freedom of women, women should be under the jurisdiction of the men in her life. As a child, she will be under the authority of her father. When she attaches to a man in whatever form a marriage comes, she will then be passed over to her husband’s authority. However, to recompensate women with the loss of authority over their own lives, we will give the woman, in accordance with her internal nature, mastery over the home; inside of which she will have authority over her husband. Outside of the home, she is to be under the authority of her husband. The home is to be considered whatever the form is of the immediate area of dwelling, whether that be in her main residence or in the guest room that she is staying when travelling. This is in accordance with the nature of women to be master of the internal as evidenced with pregnancy, and the man with master of the external as evidenced by the male sex organ. This means, that a woman has the authority to expel her man from her home. Men, if this shakens you, take heart in the amount of freedom you will enjoy that she cannot. Let her have something of power to balance the scales. You were grown as an infant inside the womb of your mother, who had complete mastery over you there. The home is an extension of her womb. Honor her power there. We have enough to deal with in managing the affairs of society outside the home. Besides, women also have the natural instinct to train and support our masculinity by the many ways in which a woman is known to degrade feminine men. Do not resist discomfort which will strengthen you in the long term. The female has many instincts that will nourish us just like water to a plant. We must give her space to act out those instincts.

SYSTEM FOR SOLVING CONFLICT BETWEEN HUSBANDS AND WIVES: In order for us to support each other in the cases when the family unit is embroiled in conflict, and that both men and women have a place to go and to appeal to when they feel they’re not being treated right; there is to be the establishment of a women’s club; where women can go to associate with each other and enjoy leisure and
will be a place of activity and community in all ways. The National Socialist party itself will serve the purpose of a husband’s club. The women’s club will be a place they can bring their grievances against their husbands and receive support, and this women’s club will have access to the men’s national socialist club in order to request mediation in these grievances. In Baden, National socialist party will be lead by the men with the women national socialists under their authority according to our view on our women.

INSERTION: These things and ways I do support most vigorously for my people of Baden, but for the greater whole of white National Socialism I do accept an involvement of women and freedom of women as prescribed by their own individual nations. As for my people of Baden, our women are master of the home, and participating in the congresses of our white national socialist party is considered as outside the home where our men have authority. If our baden women are involved in these white congresses then it will be as the attached party to her man or father, who should they give them leave to participate and speak is up to them. But we do not hold this standard to other white nations, and will gladly contend and debate with them in whatever form they present themselves, whether male or female. However, in the same sense that we support your freedom for you chosen social structure for women, we also expect you to support us in our chosen social structure. The different white nations are like cousins, compared to my people within our same nation which are like brothers and sisters. Of course our brothers and sisters have a greater say in how our family operates, still our cousins are very important to us and we would like to hear what they have to say and perhaps change our minds if they can convince us.
INSERTION: CORRECTION: Children should be under the authority of their mother, who is in turn under the authority of her husband/father
UNCONTAINABLE DIVORCE: If it becomes the case that the conflict between an attached man and women becomes unsolvable and one or both parties seek divorce at all costs. Then the alliance of their matrilineal and patrilineal groupings will be broken and they will not be considered family any longer. The father shall retain authority over his sons, while the mother shall attain sole authority over her daughters. According to our policies of the limitations of the freedom of women, the woman shall return to being under the authority of her father, or otherwise the oldest ancestor of her father’s patrilineal group. if none exist, then she shall return to being under the authority of the high guard of the vestal virgins.
VESTAL VIRGINS: The vestal virgins, a temporary name until I can investigate further, is a society for women who seek the highest ideals of virginity and female virtue. They can go there to also seek reparation of their virginity according to the philosophy of our wise men. They will be overseen by the high guard of the vestal virgins, and under his authority. Women who don’t have a known father or patrilineal elder to take authority over them will also be placed here. The extreme of these women who desire the highest ideals of virginity and feminine virtue, voluntarily, will follow the advice of the order and the high guard, is to be tantamount to being her unconsummated husband. These women are to be protected and high quality husbands to be sought out for them; as well as offering access to these women as a reward for those of our men who achieve high honors. The most extreme form of virginity in this order involves a woman not even being seen by or interacting with a man, besides the high guard of the vestal virgins.
MULTIPLE WIVES: It should be encouraged in our propaganda systems, loyalty and devotion and satisfaction with one wife; and to highly consider the feelings of this wife if she is so hurt by the idea of her husband taking a second wife. In the cases of breaching of the marriage contract, we still view the relationship of male and female to be unbreakable, but that in order to compensate the man in such situations, he may have a generally more accepted case to take a second wife. The first wife, however, should never be neglected, made to spend her time alone without access to her husband; and if the husband cannot live up to his responsibility to his wives, then again he will be disciplined by the male order without fail to correct him. Also in the case of high honors achieved by men, it will become more accepted for him to attain or even being given access to opportunities to find a second wife if he so desires, but again this sequence of events should never happen without consulting his first wife and showing her the honor she deserves to have her thoughts heard on the matter, and this may be one of the sacrifices our men may have to make in order to honor our first wife, but she shall not reign in authority over this decision and if it comes down to mediation with the wives club in order to calm her fears then this is good. We consider it subversion for a man to take too many wives, and consider the responsibility of being emotionally supportive of multiple wives is difficult. There shall be a system of elders within our national socialism to guide our men and give nods of approval. However, the freedom of men to take multiple wives shall not be infringed, but if they fall into the category error, they shall be disciplined and feel the wrath of our national socialist men.

Now the spectrum of how jews should be treated in our society falls from the far left, who believe jews should be treated no differently than anyone else, that they should be judged individually like any other group, and that they have no inclination toward evil any more than any other race, that mixing with them should be viewed as no different than any other race, and that anti-jewish fanaticism should be hunted down and destroyed. The far right on this issue is that there should be on guard the highest laws against jewish encroachment and involvement of our affairs, that they should be deported, that there should be penalties for our members who associate with jews, that the “one drop” rule should apply that any ancestor no matter how distant causes a person to fall into this category, and on the furthest extreme of the extreme right that all jews, man woman or child, should be viewed with a religious belief that they are demons, incapable of good, and thus should be actively hunted down and killed as the highest priority of national socialism and viewed as the highest enemy.

Due to the nature of the history of the conflict of WW2 era National Socialism with Judaism, this is perhaps the most crucial issue that a leader falls into the exact middle on. And I do feel I fall exactly into the middle. I believe there is a delicate compromise that we can come to which will satisfy both the left and right. First let me expound on the nature of my middle view.
DEFINING JEWISH: First, in order to have clarity of conversation, we need to define exactly what it means to be jewish. There is religiously jewish, there is ethnically or racially jewish. There is also the notion of the truth behind if someone really is ethnically or racially jewish, or whether a person’s family was merely subverted into falsely believing they ethnically or racially jewish at some point in their past. There are notions that much the source of this, and in particular the European Ashkenazi jews, that they in fact descend from a mass subversion of the volk of Khazarian estate some 1000 years ago when they converted their people to the jewish religion as a tactic in taking a third path in what was at that time the intense conflict between Islam and Christianity. There is also the notion of true jewishness being determined from patrilineal descent of the patriarch of Judah, one of the 12 tribes of Israel; and that much of those who claim to be jews today are not patrilineally jewish, but rather a mixture of the 12 tribes in what became known as the jewish ethnicity after the fall of the state of Israel around 900 BC and the remaining of the state of Judah for some 100 more years after that in which their people all became labeled as jews. And in general this jewish ethnicity became a hybrid of the 12 tribes that variously pursued paths of racial re-purification with notions of true jewish patrilineal descent or patrilineal descent from one of the other tribes more or less becoming a topic of debate within their circles. There is also the notion, that at some point patrilineal jews became extinct and that no true patrilineal jews exist any longer. There is also the event of Jesus in Christianity which has many aspects of it a condemnation of Judaism, which complicates the matter intensely and is the reason behind the crucial nature of this issue, not just in WW2 era National Socialism, but as a constant theme of division in Christianity and thus in the white ethnicity which became the most successful religion in our people. This is why the jewish question may hold a greater degree of importance in the white nation. There is also the notion anti-Semitism vs anti-Judaism. Anti-Judaism involves a focus on exactly the tribe of Judah as the main target of animosity, while anti-Semitism expands this target to include peoples who are said to descend from Shem, one of the sons of Noah, which is said to have settled in the middle east area and given birth to peoples claiming to be descended from Abraham, which includes the Arab nation in the Saudi Arabian peninsula, as well as all the tribes of Israel, and even their related nations surrounding them in history which include descendants of Esau and Lot, and also the historical nation of Samaria.
DETERMINAATION OF RACIAL AND ETHNIC IDENTITY: Now this brings up an important aspect of national socialism that involves how we decide who is of what race or ethnicity, especially in cases when no evidence of ancestry exists. We can put ethnicity to the side by the definition I have chosen for it as representing the physical/mental characteristics of a person, which can easily be determined by observation. But in the case of determining race, that is unilineal descent, the matter becomes more complicated. Now the position to take on this issue is also a very sensitive one, deeply complicated, and I do not expect that all the white nations will agree on a single policy, and again I fall in the middle because I believe strongly in the freedom for each of our separate nations to have the freedom to decide for themselves their social structure. With that in mind, again I will describe to you the position I desire to take for my own people of Baden, in order that you understand the individual viewpoint of your leaders while not necessarily being cornered into adopting this same view.
MY VIEW OF RACIAL DETERMINATION FOR BADEN: I do believe that we are products of millions of years of God-designed evolution via natural selection. I do believe we all contain within ourselves an instinctual knowledge of who we are, which may require some meditation to clear away disorganized thoughts which might interfere with your connecting with genetic memories. With that said, I do believe all the people of Baden, should first ask themselves the question: do you truly feel your body telling you that you are unilineally descended from the Baden people? Even to those in a different ethnicity this question would still apply, and I feel is the first step toward attaining membership in Baden National Socialism. If someone truly believes themselves to be unilineally from Bade, then I say that they are, and should be inducted into our Baden National Socialism organization. But of course, enemies could use this as a measure of attack by inflating our people with insincere claimants to the Baden race. Now lesser so with people who obviously carry the Baden ethnicity, but more so with those who do not have the Baden ethnicity, we should develop a system of group reflection and assistance in the study of the self for these people who so claim to be unilineally Baden. It is undesirable to immediately thrust people who merely claim to be Baden with zero ancestral evidence into the heart of Baden National Socialism; but rather to slow step these people through the process of us getting to know them, helping them digest what little they might have of ancestral evidence, creating a community of mediation on self-identity, and we can make decisions as a community of whether a Baden claimant is in fact unilineally Baden, or perhaps likely honestly mistaken in themself, or even an insincere infiltrator. There are processes our wise men can develop to step these people by their likelihood of being unilineally Baden through promotions of different ranks within our Baden National Socialism

RACE REALISM: Now there is the idea of Race Realism which is fundamental to the Nationality part of National socialism. In that we do believe just like the different species and breeds of species, these are different from each other and each has their particular set of what we call racial characteristics.

race realism

DEVIL WORSHIPPER ENEMY: Now I learned one thing from studying what’s left of the broken pieces of history to give me knowledge into what Adolf discuss on that day on February 27, 1925; that his previous attempt to unite the party under his 25 point program failed, because he overestimated the common folk’s ability to hold onto and agree upon multiple goals and multiple enemies. And so it is the same for some of you who are aware of my 78 idea program to awaken the common folk. And instead I will now follow Adolf’s example of focusing in on one goal, one enemy, for us to focus on. In my opinion, the histories lie that Adolf focused in on the single enemy of the jew. Perhaps he focused in upon the same enemy that I will set before you now. This enemy comes in two parts: the enemy himself, and his means of attack. I want you to relax your mind for a moment. Understand that not all conclusions of truth need be observed directly, but as in mathematics often a proof is done through deduction, where you study the evidence and eliminate all possibilities except one. I have done this and I do believe I have come to the truth of who “they” are. So often, and in my 78 idea point platform, you will hear people say general “they” are doing this or that evil. But while many of us are aware of the evils “they” are doing, it is left up to divisive debate on who exactly “they” are. The far right on the jewish question is convinced that it “they” are the jews and the left extreme themselves. The extreme left in the same fashion will say that “they” are the far right nazi type people. I am here to tell you that you are both wrong. The true enemy you sense is what I call the devil worshippers. Now put your deductive reasoning in motion, and you will know that what I say is true. Picture, a child like personality. You see how easily an unsupervised youth can fall into thinking evil stuff sounds cool; and the awe-inspiring display of the imaginations in the media about what the devil is like. Then picture some of these youths being presented with the appearance of a trendy idea, that God does exist but that he is not good, or that since he allows evil to exist is a sign of his failure. They are beyond explaining to them that our free well necessitates that evil may arise, and the faith in a grand plan of God to provide us with free will and yet piece together a world that will work itself out in the end. Even if you don’t believe in the existence of the idea of the one God, all powerful; still place yourselves in the mind of these devil worshippers who been overcome with the idea that God does exist, and they hate him. While most of them are like children who in their heart are just bored and playing around with a trendy idea, still you must come to realize the existence of the devout devil worshippers; who don’t necessarily believe in the existence of the devil, some type of manifestation of evil second in power only to God. But rather their common theme is that they believe God exists, and they hate him for whatever number of reasons they use to justify it. They feel some type of romanticism to stand up to an invincible power and to spite him for the wrongs he has done. Search your feelings, you know it to be true. How they decide to spite God, since they do believe he is all powerful and they cannot defeat him, they instead turn to the idea to do things that will upset him. They believe that doing evil, and causing pain and suffering upon his creation, the more suffering the better, and the more innocent the better. Their philosophy is a waste of time for me to explain in detail, but it comes from deduction, you know it to be true. And there are levels of these devil worshippers who lose themselves further and further in on this philosophy. Some of them do believe in an actual devil himself, and make prophecies of his coming, and do devil rituals according to whatever philosophy they’ve come up with. So in that sense, some of them do worship what they believe is the existence of this devil. They romanticize him with ideas of bravery and courage that he stands up to God’s power, and does not fear eternal damnation and commits himself to fighting against God. They admire this notion, and some of them get so far lost into it that the pledge themselves to the devil, and seek out his incarnation they prophecy about. The highest of these devil worshipper do terrible things on a daily basis as a means for appeasing the devil. They are fully committed to their evil crusade against God, and whether or not you believe in the devil or in God it does not matter, because you should believe in the existence of these devil worshippers. Their plans revolve around committing the greatest evils and causing the greatest sufferings. And their grand plan is to commit the greatest evil they can imagine, that is to make humanity extinct. And some of them are so committed to their evil crusade, that they are determined to first eliminate all of humanity until only they are left and at that point commit suicide. They do all this in the name spiting God. This is who “they” are. They are obviously a secretive organization, who feel comradery with each other when they gather socially. They have no rules of etiquette and when they slay one another, they toss it up to weakness, and do admire the survival of the fittest doctrine. Their highest value targets are children, who are the most innocent and so their evil deeds can be manifested best in atrocities against children. Search your feelings, you know it to be true. However, their highest mission among the philosophers of their order is to destroy all life on the planet. This is the source of the world’s suffering. They take great pleasure in sabotaging the friendly relations we have with each other, and seeing his fight with one another not knowing it was they who sowed the seeds of hate. Many of them fancy themselves vampires, and they commit evil deeds on others and take pleasure when these their victims get overcome with hate that they begin committing evil upon the world in a blind rage against anything and everything. Many other evils they commit, and the wise men of our people can spend the time further ironing out the details of this our greatest enemy. But it is enough that I touch on it here.
THE MEANS: Now I told you our enemy is in two parts; the enemy themself and their means of attack. The greatest weapon of the devil worshipper is what I call the normie. Useful idiots of the devil worshippers, who are of such weakness of mind that they will follow almost any path so long as they see everybody else doing it. It is the fear of being different, and singled out for shaming, that motivates the normy. And so they are the most use to the devil worshipper, because they become their pawns by easily plotted tricks and devices designed to make them perceive a false reality of what everyone else is doing as Normal. These normies are like a horde of zombies, their minds are asleep, they can conceive of nothing but fleeing from their greatest fear, which is peer pressure. And lately the devil worshippers have become powerful with the growing populations and the success of propaganda tactics to turn this massive horde of normie zombies into highly immoral, cruel individuals who carry out the punishment they fear so much upon others, like you and me the non-normies or what appears to them as the crazies for a lack of a better word. Even though some of us are strong to persevere in our own thoughts, many of us are not strong enough and have been overcome with the sheer massiveness of the normies that exist today. The devil worshipper has no need of deceiving normies under a falsified norm, but the normies so outnumber us now, and our weakness in being able to recognize and fight back against the evil of the devil worshipper has given them free reign to make their normie army enormous. Slowly, they are causing the normies to become more and more cruel to anyone who defies the norm; and like a feedback loop the normies become more numerous and more powerful with each cycle of cruelty and the collapse of even some of the strongest of us retreating into a normie mindset. I am here to tell you that truth is not decided by democracy! Sometimes it is a single individual who holds the truth and must guard himself from releasing what is so obviously true to him just because nobody else shares his opinion. I have fought this battle long myself, and suffered much at the hands of normies; as I’m sure many of you have, which probably is what brought most of you here today.
REDEMPTION FOR THE NORMIES: Now, I tell you that these normies are still our people; the very ones we are trying to save. They are our volk, our common folk. And God knows that just like the softness of a woman gives joy to a man, so does the simple minded give solace to the intellectual who will busy himself all day in intellectual pursuits to the point of exhaustion that he needs a rest free from intellectual thought; and the normie is the master of life without intellectual thought, and often these normies are so talented at the simple act of having fun, and thus the common people have traditionally been a joy to the intellectuals. We must use our intellectual powers to take back the normies from the hands of the devil worshippers. The normies live in a sleep like state, and it is not a matter of providing evidence for them to see the light, because like a person deep in sleep they can often arise in a groggy state angry at the one who tries to waken them. The solution to the normie problem is complicated and I imagine will require something of reversing the tide of peer pressure; that if we can create a new norm for them to perceive then they might sleep walk back into our loving arms out of the clutches of the devil worshippers who care nothing about them and pander to their vices. The normie realm has been built into such a strength of power for these devil worshipers, that world has indeed become taken over by the normies. I call this place Normyandy. Us intellectuals are familiar with the old retreat to the few places left still independent of Normyandy, where we can find common sense and others who are awakened, to our great relief of our loneliness. But these places are becoming fewer and more isolated as our free speech is being taken under the excuse of offending the normie. It is my prophecy, that once we have strengthened and organized ourselves that there will come a day in which the Invasion of Normyandy will take place, in which we will strike a blow against the norm and turn the tide in our favor to bring the normies back to our side; at which point they will no longer be normies but will become what they were destined to be, that is the common folk of our people who are so valuable to us!
This is the enemy and their weapon who we need to focus all our energies on. We are at a point in the world where we need to make a decision to unite behind a plan of action and resist the coming doom. If we do not act now, all will be lost.

Now that you understand our true enemy of the devil worshipper, I can continue on explaining the factors behind the reasons why jews have become associated with evil. Now whether you are Christian or not, recognize that some of these devil worshipper do believe in Jesus; and do believe he is the manifestation of God. And so along the lines of their hate of God they do hate Jesus, and they hate Christians. You could even say it is a rival political factions of the devil worshippers among those who believe in the divinity of Jesus and those who don’t. The point is that these devil worshippers perceived the jews who fought against Jesus in the gospels as of extreme worth, and they themselves adopt the religion of Judaism as a spite to Jesus who they believe to be divine. They are preoccupied with the number of the beast in the book of revelation, the triple 6. You will notice this number comes up far too often in our everyday life to be coincidental. This number is their call sign, and they love to say it, and this is a big part of how we can recognize them. Again, whether you are Christian or not does not change the fact that these people do believe in Jesus and they hate him and they adopted the number of his enemy and what they perceive to be the religion of his enemy when Jesus came to earth, which is Judaism. Don’t mistake this that all jews have a hand in this, but just that the devil worshippers have rallied around that religion. I explain this to you only so that you can better understand what is really going on behind the scenes.
–To be complete, there is another element of Judaism that is present in all religions; the subverted evil form it takes when the inevitable bad apples manifest themselves as they do in every religion. This is often in the form of negative Jewish supremacy and the belief that they are God’s chosen people and that all non-jews should be their slaves which makes them the master race. This same philosophy has reared its head in some who call themselves white supremacists.
As you can see there is a complex interaction of different factor that us as intellectuals could go into detail all day about, and we will, but for the take of those here who already have enough information to think about, I will not over fill your cup. It is enough that I have given you a starting point to understand where the conflict with Judaism comes from.
–Now on the note of compromise between the left and right on the jewish question. I ask that you see the benefits of my compromise. The far right, I promise I will protect your freedom of speech and even the freedom mistreat jews who trespass on your native lands. I also acknowledge that because of the still ongoing war of the dominant jewish sect upon national socialism, that we must take measure that nobody with a unilineal jewish parent be permitted into a position of leadership in national socialism until the time that this conflict between national socialism and the dominate jewish sect ends, or else if another jewish sect usurps the power of that current sect and ends their persecution of Adolf Hitler and national socialism. To the far left, I appease you in that my compromise will pacify the extreme right who otherwise might never end their crusade against jews, and granted they still may never will but they will at least be happy for a while in enjoying their newfound freedom of speech and jew-free places. From there I say to both of the left and the right, if the truth is with you then freedom of speech will allow you prevail in debate, and perhaps the extreme right could convince the other white nations to take more precautions against jews. We may not all agree with each other, but under national socialism there will be an order to our disagreement and a place to go where all feel most comfortable with like-minded people.
—also along this line of compromise, I recognize that these anti-jewish extreme right people are so convicted of their belief against jews, that they will deem it appropriate to kill them if they trespass on their jew-free places. To the far left, I say this requires strength on both yours and my part because I also am saddened by the idea that this could happen if it occurs that a jew does trespass on their territory. But we have to make this compromise with them for the sake of all of us, to give them their freedom on their own land and I do plea with the jews who might be listening to heed the warning to indeed not trespass on their land just like you would not like someone to trespass upon your home. This is a big problem to solve and we all need to ready ourselves to making a big commitment to a middle path, and indeed respect the peoples of other nations no matter who they are, that when they ask you not to enter their land then to respect their nation and not interfere with their freedom on their own land. There is no other way. I believe this is a middle compromise that both the left and right can accept and provide the foundation for a peace amongst ourselves so that we can turn united and fight against the greatest threat, our greatest common enemy, the devil worshipers.
—As a side not to this compromise, my humanity begs of me to ask one gesture of mercy for myself. I make no secret that one of my distant cousins on my patrilineal line, did mix with a jewish woman and had a son; and thus I have in-laws which are jewish not by blood with me but by blood with my patrilineal cousin. If for whatever the cause may be at some point in the future my patrilineal cousin or one of his close kin were make the severe error of trespassing on your jew-free places, I would beg of you, for my sake, to not kill or mame them. I fear my great love for my patrilineal family would cause me to breach this compromise we may come to if you were to kill him or one of his relations, and may cause me to disturb this peace we have made and go to war with you to avenge him. And if you show me this courtesy of merely deporting him then I promise you I will scold him severely for so putting into danger this delicate peace we have arranged. And so it doesn’t have to be this way where the left middle and right are all at odds with each other to the point where the devil worshippers have taken over with their army of normies. We can co-exist and I will protect your freedom of speech and freedom to establish your jew free places in your native homelands if you so choose, and even at the most extreme I will not interfere in whatever you decide to do with jews who trespass on these your established territories. I only ask that you not advertise your cruelty to jewish trespassers, so as to create divisions and sadness with those of us who disagree with you, and possibly bate other white nations into civil war with you due to uncontrollable urges to fight immorality. As a rule of national socialism, it is understood that the freedom of each nation should decide for themselves correct virtue, and that none of us have a monopoly on establishing what is correct, and in this sense we desire to fight for and protect your freedoms, but we must all understand that we are all human, and we should not seek to instigate fights or prod sensitive areas that would tempt us to interfere in each other’s affairs. I would even hope that you may relent and develop a policy of merely deporting jewish trespassers as a rule, but I recognize your strong believe in anti-jewish philosophy, so that I do not put this down as a demand for compromise which I’m aware would cause you to not accept. So in this way, my only request for compromise is that you confine yourselves to only deporting those connected to my blood of jewish mix, and most especially my patrilineal jew mixed cousin. I know your anger. I know your hatred of what you perceive as evil. I know this will be a difficult compromise for you, but I ask that you consider what freedoms you would gain under this compromise compared to the almost zero amount of freedom you have currently in regard to the anti-jewish issue.

Okay, now the spectrum on the response to Christianity, is on the left extreme devotion and acceptance to what has become normie Christianity. That is generally speaking acceptance of word of God of at least the books of the bible which are common to all the most populous sects of Christianity. And to preach, however delicately or non-delicately that if you’re not a Christian you’re going to hell forever; and general viscous emotional assault on any form of Christianity deviating from this. The far right of this issue are the non-Christians who associate along with the jewish question a perceived jewish corruption of Christianity which stole from us our original pantheon religions, Thor, Odin, the roman gods, the Greek gods..etc. Even further on that extreme right is a viscous assault on Christianity as a kike-on a stick religion, subverting our culture and in general absolutely repulsive. I’ll give the far right an added note in their favor that just because you believe in a pantheon of gods, does not mean you don’t necessarily not believe in the one god all powerful, but rather that it’s possible to believe in the one god all powerful but that he also created mini-gods that we need and can make use of, in much the same way that god created us a world where we need to eat breath sleep and other things.
Now my stance on the middle of this issue is that my version of Christianity does not believe in any oof these chosen bible canons as the absolute error free word of god. I do say that these books are so valuable to us as they were sparked by God’s coming to earth in his human form. I have something I call 8pol Christianity because I first posted it on the 8chan pol forum. I council the normie Christians that there is the verse in the book of mark where Jesus ‘ disciples say to him, “we found people preaching in your name but we forbid them because they follow not with us” and Jesus replied, “forbid them not, for if they speak good of my name now, they cannot lightly speak ill of me later.” in that sense I say to the far left Christians to temper your criticism of types of Christianity that are different than your own. I’m not here to talk you out of your form of Christianity in the same way that I believe that episode of Jesus telling us to forbid them not to be part of the bible that I think is accurate. and so I do not want to forbid you to follow and preach your Christianity.
With that said, my form of Christianity I hope will appeal to the far right, in that I only believe in the gospels of mark and john as canon. when you take Christianity just at these two books, it actual removes almost everything that associates the religion with Judaism. And it falls in line with my belief that God took human form and that human form was Jesus, just as there is only one God and so likewise he only took one human form, and this human form is called The son of God. There is a lot to talk about the details of this but I am not here right now to give a sermon on Christianity, but only enough to touch on it so you will understand my thoughts. I believe in what is often called the oneness doctrine. My explanation for the trinity and the seemingly cryptic talk of Jesus when speaking of and to his father, is that God was trying to demonstrate something to us, along the lines of our flawed human nature being so that we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven, but that with God all things are possible, and that only God himself is perfect enough to be worthy of entering the kingdom of heaven; and so God became human in order to teach how a human can become God and thus become worthy of entering the kingdom of heaven. This was the nature of his teachings when speaking to his father, that when we receive the holy spirit which is to become part of the body of Christ which is the body of god which is the son of god; and in this way we do become like the body of god, and so retain the redemption from our humanity needed to enter the kingdom of heaven. I don’t pretend to understand all of it and I feel my Christianity is a work in progress until God decides that I progress further. And so I do believe that Jesus is God and the son of God at the same time, in the same way that I believe the end goal of Jesus’ teachings is that we also become one with him just like he is one with his father, as Jesus said in gospel of john “That they may believe that I am one with you and they may become one with us” and in that sense the reward of Christianity to becomes sons of god and become an extension of god’s soul cleansed of our sin and readied to enter the kingdom of heaven. I do not believe in the stories that come solely from the books of Matthew and Luke which contain the virgin birth and other such things, which will appeal to the extreme right because this means that Jesus was not jewish, which bothers them so. I also think I fall in the middle enough for the German and roman and Celtic religions in that I am accepting of your freedom of religion and I don’t in fact believe that anyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus is going to hell, but rather I believe that the reason Jesus died on the cross was to insure that none of would be lost and I do personally feel everyone will inevitably come to God through his son, whether that happens in some kind of world that happens after you leave this one but not yet the kingdom of heaven. Like I said, I’m not here to go into it extremely deeply and discuss all the things I’m still working on understanding. But it is enough now that I’ve touched on it, and I do believe my views strike a compromise worthy of acceptance of me as a leader from both the left and right.

The spectrum on the issue of Catholics is the far left which is catholic or completely accepting of Catholicism. the far right would be people who hate the catholic church and resent their representation in public offices, and the most extreme right would be Christians who do believe the pope is the antichrist which was the foundational principle for many protestant sects during the schisms, but has in modern times been tempered and usually just view catholicism as inaccurate sect of christian but hardly on the level that they think christians aren’t saved; but those people do exist who condemn catholics in this way and I include them on the far right.
Now there is a large vein of anti-catholicism that runs in our people, particularly of the protestant denominations. They see a lot of the unfortunate corruption found in the catholic church and become bitter towards it. I would like to offer an excuse for the catholic church in this regard as to compare them to the windows operating system for computers. Windows was and still is the most popular operating system, but a criticism from the second most popular apple is that windows is known for being very vulnerable to viruses and hat you almost never get a virus on an apple computer. But recognize that the most popular system is going to be attacked the most. Just like any great power will become the most visible target. and I do believe the catholic form of christianity fits this comparison and that we have to understand that their church has had more efforts to subvert it by its enemies than any other sect of christianity. I think it should be a testament to the goodness of the catholic church that their corruption is not far worse. I am not catholic and so I do fall in the middle on this issue it is worth to note I think that the devil worshippers our highest enemy, have settled upon the catholic church for their main assaults, and the devil worshippers put all their energy into infiltrating and corrupting the catholic church. I know many Catholics recognize the faults in their church, but I will give them credit as jesus said, “the gates of hell will not overcome you until I come.” and so I do feel that the catholic church, while wounded, has not fallen, and for that I give them credit in consideration of what joy the devil worshipers have in infiltrating and seeking to destroy the reputation of the catholic church. now for those of you non-Catholics on the far right; I believe we should in the same measure accept Jesus teaching to not forbid christian sects that do miracles in his name. also for the non-catholic anti Catholics I say that we should believe in freedom of religion and debate, and that I believe my position in the middle on this issue should be satisfactory to all.
INSERTION: Non-christian and atheist people should feel at ease in that I do not believe in a brand of christianity which says you will go to hell. Which I imagine has been a rather annoying point of contention with normies that I’m happy to say you won’t have with me.

The far left of the Muslim question would be Muslims themselves and those extremely accepting of their religion. On the far right would be people who are extremely anti-muslim and think they should be highly censored, contained, and extreme right would consider them a foundational evil of the world.
Again I fall in the middle because I believe strongly in the freedom of religion, and I also have respect because a main tenet of their religion is the belief I one god with no partners. and I do believe my oneness doctrine christianity matches up with this and in that sense I do believe that they pray to the same god as christians, just they do not recognize this God as having taken his human form in Jesus. I sincerely admire their devotion to God, as I also take it very seriously. I do believe we can co-exist with muslims in respectful debate. I do have many other views on the specifics of Islam and its place in our society, but I feel it is enough that I touched on the most important issue of freedom of religion. I will leave it at that because I do not consider the Muslim question a complex issue and the details of the underlying sources of conflict of the white nation with islam can be discussed at a different time. I believe that because I am a christian, this makes me acceptable to the far right, and I believe that my oneness doctrine version of christianity makes me acceptable to the far left.

ISSUE: Police
The spectrum on the response to the police system in our culture involves the far left which wants to defund the police, dismantle and restructure the system with something better even if they don’t know exactly what yet. The far right is hyper supportive of police as the thin blue line heroes who should be respected, honored, paid more and so on.
I want to say I fall in the middle on this issue, but I actually think I lean a little towards the left. Like any other job, many police officers find themselves in a situation where they must either be a police officer or else start working some low wage job with which they could not survive. devil worshippers have taken advantage of this dilemma the average police officer is in, in order to slowly tur the police to doing more and more immoral things because they will simply fire any officer who does not do the job the ask. And so while many police officers may have when they were tasked to do things they were uncomfortable, many of them could not afford to abandon their career path and start anew in some other field.
Now that we understand the dilemma police officers find themselves in, let’s understand the opinion against the police. The police are tasked with a variety of immoral laws, especially from the perspective of national socialism which believes the nation should be free to self-manage its social structure, the smallest atom of the nation is the family. It is common sense to think that if a problem arises among members of the same family, then it is not the right of anyone else to get involved. this is what national socialism stands for, and I do recognize that the police acceptance of this task especially in domestic disputes and enforcing the laws which make it illegal to handle your own family disputes gives cause for the police to be called for almost every somewhat serious problem within a family. This is just one example of many.

Another example is best demonstrated by remembering how the police used to be only 70 years ago. In those old days, the hand of law enforcement was light because the laws were more just, and there was less government overreach that would cause revolt. as the laws became more over reaching, resistance arose, causing need for police to perform what used the job of the military when rarely called upon quell major revolts. but now revolts are a daily occurrence. Police are tasked with administering monetary punishments for almost every single crime, from people who are barely surviving monetarily as it is, and thus a speeding ticket places police in a situation where they are literally draining the lifeblood of the people. A simple solution would be to convert monetary penalties into community service penalties, but this is not done because our enemy is pulling the strings behind the scenes to foment conflict. The result is this seemingly daily small scale revolts against the government and resulting in police becoming merely another branch of the military, under the guise of police, thus breaking the long established laws against deployment of the military domestically.

Now this is a terrible situation we find ourselves in. The police are our protectors at the same time as they are used as the hand of power by corrupt forces in their leadership. But the police are not all aware of these issues, and as in all aspects of society, the normies have also overrun the police system, and as such our enemy is using them as a powerful tool to enslave us, and it seems our only choices would be civil war with the normie police or to just wait for the slow subversion of our society to take stronger and stronger hold. But there is a third option I present to you, which I feel is a middle road.
Now not all policemen are bad, and some are generally good people who simply have their hands tied. We have to acknowledge that the police have the monopoly on force and they are simply too powerful to even think directly resisting them which would cause a civil war which is as much acceptable an outcome to our enemies as continuing their slow strangle of our rights.
With that said, we need to get the non-normie police on our side who do recognize all the flaws in the police state. I ask of these police officers, do not quit your job in order to protest the injustice stemming from the police system. No we need our allies in positions of power rather than normies comprising the entirety of the police force. Instead I would ask you to keep your job and fall in line with what is required of you, but to keep your views of agreement with me secret from all. Trust no one. You must appear as a normie police officer or else you will be systematically rooted out of the police force. Now as you go about doing your duties, every action you take you must weigh in the balance 3 factors. 1. How much will you keep your secret that you’re not a normie by your choice of action. 2 How much of a dishonor will you be required to commit to maintain that secrecy. And 3: how much will our movement gain by your choice of action. If the gain for our movement is high and you can somehow seriously disrupt any evil plans with your position of power, then this should cause you to decide upon that course of disruptive action. How much will you your non-normie status be revealed if you take that action, and is the gain large enough to take that risk of exposure and possible demotion or dismissal? And third, is the dishonor so great of going along with the corrupt order as to make you just unable to comply? These three questions should guide all your actions. Do not reveal yourself if the gain is small and the dishonor is small. In that case I counsel you to commit the dishonor and seek to rise up in the chain of command to attain the highest positions of power in the police force. I know your pain, but I counsel you to commit the small dishonors to maintain your secrecy and get promoted. You will be hated. You already are by the far left. But consider this your honorable your honorable sacrifice, and as a means of redemption for any past dishonors you may have committed. Maybe you don’t believe in God, but I sincerely do believe that God will protect you if you do what is right. We are going to need you at all those future crucial moments which may arise at any time to use your position of power to protect us.
Now let me address the grievances of the left. I understand your feelings. I personally do not believe in forced vaccination children, yet poor families are faced with a choice to either home-school their kids, which they can not afford to do, or to keep their kids out of the public schools which they could also not afford child care to do but also they would face fines and the eventual taking of their children away from them if they don’t follow the law that requires children to attend school, or thirdly they could vaccinate their children which would permit them to attend public school. Obviously, their only choice is to vaccinate their children and I do consider that the threat of the use of police to enforce these laws is tantamount to the police being responsible for the highly immoral forced vaccination laws of children. I understand the anger and rage at police. And I firmly believe that “just following orders” does not excuse the police from this terrible crime. And as you can see in our society today we see the police being used to slow role out what looks like to eventually become a similar lack of choice forced vaccination coming.
Again, this is just another example of a serious crime being perpetrated by the police. And I agree with the left in that the average policeman is not entirely innocent. With this in mind, I would like to extend to the left an offer that we hold police accountable for the unjust laws they have enforce by an agreed upon minimum prison sentence for every single police officer present or past. Maybe it could be as small as one month, or as high as one year. Perhaps we could even discuss gradation of prison sentences depending on each individual police officer but to maintain at least that minimum for every single police officer. My friends on the right, I know that must be a bitter pill to swallow. But I am confident that the non-normie police officers who do understand fully the dishonors they’ve been compelled to commit and I would wager that most of them are fully ready to serve their time to make amends. But even if you don’t agree on the right, I counsel you to consider the mass of people on the left who hate you so passionately, if not only because you have taken so much of their money for misdemeanor offense when they are literally living in the lowest form of poverty to begin with. We all must bend a little bit from our extreme views and meet in the middle. And I am afraid that if we do not satisfy the horde of disgruntled citizens need for justice at least a little bit with a small minimum sentence for all police, then I’m afraid might be forever destined to be divided and conquered. I understand police often have strong feelings of their duty to serve and protect. And I ask you, to make this compromise in order to serve. It is my belief that this compromise places me in the middle between these two extremes and that there is a possibility for us to unite in common cause, while at the same time giving our police the opportunity to play the part of true heroes by keeping your positions of power in order to protect us when those crucial times come. In this sense I say to the left, do not consider all police to be your enemy, in order to protect those policemen who are taking it upon themselves he extremely difficult, lonely and thankless task of positioning themselves in positions of great power to help us in our times of greatest need when they arise. My friends on the left and right, I counsel you to take this compromise, because we cannot achieve victory over the forces of evil. We do need each other. Let us unite in common cause!

ISSUE: Black people
FAR LEFT: Now the spectrum the response to black people starts on the far left, which believes all humans are exactly equal, that no consequential differences exist, and that each person can only be defined upon individual inspection. This includes black people mixed with whites. In addition to this the left feels very protective of not just black people but against anyone with whom they feel empathy for in having prejudice cast upon the, and so they have an extreme hatred for anyone who looks down upon upon black people, to the point of an insane rage and need to attack people prejudiced against blacks. Even more so white on black prejudice because they do feel that whites hurt the reputation of all whites when they commit loathsome acts and words on this theme.
FAR RIGHT: Now the far right takes the foundational stance in the belief that humans by race or ethnicity just the same as dogs are different by breed. This is called race realism, and it seeks the truth about ethnic characteristics with cold logic and to not let the emotion of empathy or the idea of human quality to get in the way of making true observations about the different races. These far right people have come to the conclusion that blacks are an inferior race to whites in the same way the ape is inferior to humans, but at a lesser degree. They’ve come to the conclusion that black racial characteristic involve a higher disposition to violence and crime and a general lack of empathy that makes them dangerous compared to white who they believe have a racial characteristic tendency to philanthropy and sacrificing for the greater good, kindness, and empathy. They feel that whites with black is equivalent to the going into the zoo enclosure of a wild beast, and that while maybe for a time the beast may not harm you, still the beast is unpredictable and has weapons of claws and teeth built into its biology so that it would be a very bad idea to exposure yourself to such danger in the enclosure of that beast. They also believe blacks are generally less intelligent to the point of being sub-human. They believe that blacks should be kept out of white society, and even further on the extreme right they believe blacks can be of good use as slaves and that is not immoral to do so in the same way it is not immoral to enslave animals like cattle or horses. At the most extreme right they have the desire to kill blacks and possibly eliminate them as a species that does more harm than good.
MY MIDDLE POSITION: Now I do take a middle position on this issue, and if any blacks or far left whites are hearing this, then I would ask that you give me opportunity to finish explaining myself before you dismiss me. Now I do believe in the existence of racial characteristic within the different ethnicities. We have all evolved with natural selection in our different circumstances and different geographical homelands with different climates. But I think it’s important to recognize that race realism and racial characteristics are a statistical science, meaning that it only reveals a general theme of probability that a certain individual of a particular race will match the racial characteristics of their race. There are exceptions to every characteristic, but this does not mean we need to blind ourselves the existence of the traits present in the different races. Even with the jewish question, I may have forgotten to mention that the far right believe jews have a racial characteristic to lead them to a tendency to be unscrupulously cold and cruel, greedy, sexually exploitive and parasitic and lazy, as well as a tendency to being evil. I am not here to engage in the discussion of to what extent these generalizations are true about the racial characteristics of blacks or jews; because any conclusions I come to are not the result of any expertise on the statistics and large scale observations of these peoples; but I have my hunches, and so I am open to much further discussion on identifying the features of each race and so enacting common sense policy in response to our discoveries.
NOTE ON THE SLAVS: Now I would like to bring up the story of the Slavic white ethnicity. The story of the Slavs is that they were a simple people, who actually did recognize as a theme in their culture that the Western Europeans were a superior race to them, and so they did not reject taking the name of slave or slave-ish to identify their ethnicity. I want to emphasize that being superior or inferior does not have to be a negative thing. The elders of a society are superior to the youth. Some of us are superior in one way but inferior in another way. Some people are recognized as highly wise superior masters of life, at which point they may develop a following of students or disciples as was common with philosophers in ancient Greece. Even the comparison of an older brother who is superior to his younger brother. The Slavs recognized this their inferiority to the western Europeans and did place themselves gladly in a position of slave to them. Look up the story of Samo’s kingdom in Slavic territory in the middle ages as just one example of this. They felt themselves unable to match the wisdom of western Europeans and thus placed themselves into a position of humble slave like servitude. As time went on, the Slavs became an invaluable asset to whoever they were serving; so much so that they became a deciding factor in white European affairs in that whoever attained their service would likely achieve victory. The Slavs learned from their masters over many generations and after many centuries they did learn the ways of their masters and improved themselves accordingly until such time in recent centuries that they made a break for independent movements and nation states. My point is that there exists a type of positive philosophy of supremacy; and I can say for myself that I have always sought out masters and other people who seemed superior to me so that I could learn from them. Along this line of positive supremacy is the idea that true supremacy involves philanthropy, and it is a common ideal of a teacher that if they do their job right, eventually their students could exceed them in mastery since the teacher teaches his students what he has learned from his own mistakes and so it can be expected that one of his students might follow a more efficient path to mastery and have the opportunity to learn from new mistakes that their master never got the chance to since he was busy laying the foundation of wisdom upon which his students will build. It is my feeling that a student owes a debt of obligation to his teacher after he has passed on his wisdom so well to me that I became stronger than him afterward, that I would seek to honor that teacher even in his weakness and possibly even pay him back in the form of becoming his teacher, so that we could forever go back in forth in one becoming supreme over the other building to higher and higher levels of wisdom. However it also may be the case that teacher to student relationship is much like father to son, in that the damage taken by the father over the years to acquire that wisdom is not repairable, and indeed afterward the son may view his father like a child who never grows up. We seek to honor our ancestors, our parents, and our teachers.
Again, it is not my intention to engage in debate about if the black race is inferior to whites in this positive sense of supremacy, but I am here to let you know that I am open to the idea of it and feel it is a matter that requires much discussion and debate. One thing that is definitely not a sign of supremacy is the degradation and exploitation of those who are weaker than yourself. I say that with strength comes responsibility, and I do feel a moral obligation to help those weaker than me because I desire to treat others how I would like to be treated as a rudiment of my spirit. I know some of those on the far right have heard this idea before and they call it “white man’s burden” and they feel it is a mistake to burden ourselves with the assisting of other races when our own race is in danger. To this I say that I agree with you, but I would say that there is a balance we could achieve where we do serve the golden rule by help other races who may be weaker than us in some ways for whatever reason, but that can balance it out and make sure not to do so to such an extent as to put our race in danger. But I can’t help it if I do disagree with you that I do believe a little bit of sacrifice for others is a virtue and to imagine what how we would desire a superior race to treat us if we ever came in contact. I do emphasize the story of the Slavs, because I do believe the first part of learning from a master involves taking your own stupidity out of his way to allow him room to work on you. If you’re constantly disagreeing and arguing with your teacher, you will not learn very much and he might get frustrated and give up on you. I am open to receiving people who are masters greater than myself in any area of study and my own method for learning from them is to humble myself like a slave to his commands in regard to the topic he is teaching me about. I feel it is a sign of child-like inferiority when your pride causes you to refuse to recognize supremacy, and thus you will be forever stuck at your current level of wisdom. If feel this practice of mine has paid off over the years of my life so that I am fairly confident in my wisdom, and even on the other side of that coin there does sometimes come a point when you have to consider if maybe you learned everything you can from your teacher and that you have indeed surpassed him and requires a high level maturity to balance self-confidence and objectivity vs humility. Sometimes you make this decision to branch off from your teacher only to realize later on that you were wrong, and so you sheepishly set aside your pride and return to your former teacher. A truly supreme teacher will understand this nature of his students and may lightly admonish his returning student before taking them again under his wing. Lack of these qualities is a sign of inferiority, and as you progress in life through your many teachers, you may find you have to let some of them go. There are no certainties in any decision you make, but we should calm ourselves and feel confident that we try our best to judge correctly and then proceed down that path with a positive outlook hoping for the best, but never so prideful as not to admit mistakes and retrace your steps.
Let me emphasize, that I am not here to say I’m certain about any of these ideas one way or the other, but that I think it is important that the left can meet the far right in the middle in the sense of being able to discuss openly these ideas and come to conclusions about with respectful debate, so that we all can learn from each other. For the left to condemn the far right out of hand and seek to take their freedom of speech is not helpful. At the same time it is not correct for the far right to be so entrenched in their own opinions as to not leave room that they may be wrong about any particular issue. But if all else fails and the far right will not move from their position, then this is why the freedom of National Socialism is the remedy that give each nation the freedom to choose their own social structure for their own nation on their national homeland. With that said, it is not my intention to enforce my own policy on blacks upon the other white nations. It is much similar in the middle position I took on the jewish question. I will say that I also have a distant cousin on my same patrilineal line who has a black mother, and because of his patrilineal descent I do consider him to be a true Baden man. The dominance of the black genetics has caused him to look very much black with his white ethnicity hardly present at all. Yet I do love him, and I may wonder about his ethnic mixing might place some differences in his nature. And I would request that if ever him or any of his family were to come into contact with any of you on the far right, that you would treat them well out of respect for me.
WHITE SUPREMIST HISTORY: Now there is an idea of why the white race may be like a superior elder in the ethnic collective of humanity. Again the reason for me bringing this up is as an exercise for both the left and right to witness a discussion in the middle, that I may lay the foundation for peaceful disagreement between the two sides and co-existence under the ideals of National Socialism. And so I bring up the theory of the source of natural selection for whites in our ancient histories. Just like the blacks developed dark skin in Africa as a protection against sunburn on the skin, so the same I feel that whites were naturally selected in the cold climates with much snow and less sun that required white skin to soak in as much sun as possible. It is generally known that the earth has experienced many ice ages, and I do wonder if whites were capable of surviving largely intact more so than any other race because we have racial characteristics that help us to survive in the cold. Along with this biology we have for surviving in the cold involves the mental biology to survive psychologically in the cold. To survive in the extreme cold for long periods of time requires long amounts of time indoors in smaller spaces, with nothing to do of the activities of the outdoors but then requires the ability for the mind to entertain itself, and so developed the white ethnic characteristic stereotype that whites are generally more quirky, weird, odd, strange and imaginative. This trait in white man can manifest itself badly in certain situations make whites more prone to spells of insanity and delusion. But this trait is a genetic memory that stays with us forever the case that we must once again survive in long periods of solitude. Other races I have heard accuse whites as being hyper focused on sex, and along that same line what I mentioned before about the extreme promiscuity in white women, and I wonder if that is not explained that sexual pleasure, in the cold becomes one of your main choices for a distraction when you are living in an isolated winter hut, surviving of ice fishing, for long periods of time, even years or decades. And so I wonder if white did not develop such a hyper sex drive with such high levels of ecstasy involved in the act, that any whites who did not have this trait were not able to enjoy themselves in their winter huts for decades and so lack of happiness leads to the lack of the will to survive and over time the high sexual whites reproduced more efficiently to develop the white characteristic of an extreme focus on the sex act. I do feel this that our white women are tragically having this characteristic exploited if not purposely then merely because there is missing the hedge of protection that I talked about earlier that I desire for my women of Baden.
And so continuing on with the winter natural selection, there is the idea that whites are an extremely old race, that has survived every ice age, that can survive in the very center of the north or south poles, and we’ve always had the option to retreat to the cold if we were ever threatened, so that I recognize it is possible that whites are characteristically older and wiser than other racial nations. Like I said, we must all come to a balance between self-confidence and humility, and it is an error to let yourself be pulled to either extreme, and in this sense I will not let my desire for humility get in the way of seeing clearly that it may be possible the truth of this positive form of white supremacy. But I will admonish the far right in that I feel lack of philanthropy is a sign of inferiority and your acting this way reminds of what you accuse the blacks of in being violent or cruel.
BLACK NATIONAL SOCIALISM: Now, we must not be hypocritical. We here today are meeting on behalf of White National Socialism because national socialism believes we should not have any authority in deciding the social structure for other nations; and those nations include all the different non-white ethnic nations. My studies have led me to conclude there are 9 major ethnic nations in the world, which would mean there would be 9 National Socialisms for which there is no higher all-inclusive umbrella. Maybe if we ever discover intelligent life on other planets, then we could consider unifying into a Human National Socialism, but until that time we are not International World Socialims which is the exact opposite of what we believe in, and our interference in internal affairs should stop at the borders between the 9 ethnic nations of the world. In that sense, I do believe Blacks to be one of those 9 major ethnic nations. MY studies have led me loosely to believe their national homeland is in sub-Saharan Africa bordered with the Egyptian ethnic homeland in the mountains which are the source of the Nile. Again, I only say these things not because I am declaring them to be my policy but rather to give us a starting point on beginning the debate and negotiations to work out the exact borders between all the separate ethnic national socialisms of the world.
To the far right I say, let Blacks build their national socialism in sub-Saharan Africa. It is hypocrisy to expect them to respect our authority on our native lands if we cannot respect theirs. To be so verbally abusive and unkind to blacks is not strategic because we are merely adding to the enemy coalition against white. Let us be at peace with the other ethnic nations of the world. If it is true that blacks are weaker than us in some ways, then we should take on the mantle of our supremacy and not seek to shame other peoples for their weakness and in that sense is the only way we could have a legitimate claim to supremacy.
CONCLUSION: So let me conclude by pleading with the far left, enter the spirit of debate if you feel strongly about your opinions, and recognize that cornering the far right and taking away of their free speech will only serve to entrench them in their beliefs and create more and more extremes of prejudice. If we really want to change the world for the better then we must follow policies that lead in the long term to a safer freer world. Maybe in the short term it is convenient to just shut up the far right with hate speech laws, but in the long term this makes the problem worse. To the far right I say, I am a proponent of your free speech and the development of your own policies on blacks within your national homeland. I may be at odd with you on some of your more extreme views, and I may even accuse you of being vile and cruel, but it is my hope that middle position and open-mindedness to an idea of positive white supremacy is enough accept my mediation in the middle for you against the left. To the left, I know my middle position on white supremacy might disturb you and possibly cause you to dismiss me and this movement. But recognize different opinions, and recognize the benefit you can receive from my pacification of the far right with this middle policy. I will fight for your freedom of speech, I will protect our mixed black and white people from them and admonish the far right when needed to remind them to keep their policies on their own national lands. This middle position of mine is satisfactory for both sides because you both will receive equal protection for your chosen way of co-existing with other races. The far right will regain their freedom of speech, and the far left will no longer have to devote so much of their energy defending against prejudiced policies. I promise to advocate for policy on both your bahalfs. If we do not accept my middle leadership compromise, then you will both never have peace and will be continually at war with each other as our greater external enemy seeks to inflame those tensions, so to conquer us easily afterward when we have so destroyed each other. Let us unite, and hold our noses around each other’s opinions if that is what’s required.
INSERTION: While blacks may be less intelligent in some ways, still we should consider that they are more intelligent than us in other ways. Each nation has its own strengths and weakness, and we should be compassionate and constructive in our criticism.

TOPIC: – describe how the relationship of people to the Fuhrer should work
General etiquette to the Fuhrer and all levels of Fuhrer dons the ranks of national socialist groupings. Everyone must balance the factors of how much damage done by obeying the Fuhrer, compared obeying and contributing the strength of the office of the Fuhrer which is the strength of the whole group. Only disobey when resisting the potential damage done by obeying is worth the damage to the office of the Fuhrer and to the group. If your disobedience to the Fuhrer has to come in an extreme amount then you better have a really good reason for it and see no other options of possibly obeying temporarily in the hopes he might eventually see his error. This latter course action most preferable as consider the risk the group will take in the damage to the strength of the office of the Fuhrer which can wind up possibly weaking the whole of the group to such an extent to make it capable of being easily destroyed, and so thus weigh the balance of all the lives of the entire white national socialism in the balance before you decide to inflict grave damage on the power of the office of the Fuhrer by disobeying. This should be spread among the mass of the national socialist group so that it is understood well by all; and so that the Fuhrers power will not come fear of punishment, but from fear of damaging the office of the Fuhrer and putting the whole of white national socialism at risk and damaging the office so much that another could not receive the office after the current Fuhrer steps down. In this way the Fuhrer should understand that he will receive a variety of minor disobediences depending on how much his order conflict with his people’s conscience. Again it needs to be emphasized that disobeying the Fuhrer should come as a last resort when no other choice is possible and no other path to convincing him otherwise, it should be considered of the most serious nature to disobey the future and something a person should meditate on and think about long and hard before they disobey. Of course the Fuhrer must also be cared for with a personal touch of humanity not just cold response but the Fuhrer should be made to feel loved and comfortable and protected. Not just on behalf of the current Fuhrer but for the sake of all future Fuhrers who will look back and see how past Fuhrers were treated and thus receive confidence in his people. If for some reason the Fuhrer becomes of such terrible decision making at the extreme of possibly destroying the party or whatever maybe a spell of madness came over him. Still even in this condition obedience should be sacred and maybe it will come to the point where minor disobediences will occur more often in this situation, but in that light it should become even more evident the absolute loyalty to the Fuhrer especially on the behalf of future Fuhrers who will look back and see how past Fuhrers were treated in times of weakness. This cannot be emphasized enough. And lastly, it is a much better option to convince the Fuhrer to step down if you feel it the right thing to do. He must choose his successor and the process can start all over again if it has to until a Fuhrer corrects himself or the office of Fuhrer is passed on to a worthy person. But to remove the Fuhrer from office by force, or to set up a competing Fuhrer is equivalent to destroying the whole of our white national socialism and starting from scratch. In all ways it is best no matter what the cost, and we should soothe ourselves in that his power is not based on dealing out punishments and so its not like you have to fear going to prison for disobeying the Fuhrer as this will be considered the natural process for how etiquette toward the Fuhrer is perceived. Again, and I say this not for myself but because I care for the future Fuhrers, any suffering we place upon our Fuhrer will erode the foundation of the spiritual power that binds us, and would inevitably result in a situation like the end of the Byzantium empire where the emperor did not trust his people and the people were constantly overthrowing and usurping power and general chaos and a torturous existence and caused the rise of a system of deceit and fear and resentment between the emperor and the people and just was generally hell on earth. So if the Fuhrer tells you to walk around the room and balk like a chicken in order to make fun of you, then you better keep that future hell existence in mind before you decide to disobey because the Fuhrer is just making fun of you because he had a bad day. No, this is blasphemous thoughts on reflecting on what etiquette toward the Fuhrer mean as a deeper philosophy. No, I would suggest that you go and balk like a chicken and then afterward seek help in repairing the flaws in the Fuhrers personality as a duty not to him personally but to the entirety of your people and to the office of the Fuhrer and to the all the future Fuhrers into all the future generations of our people. Am I getting through to you> but of course everyone has their breaking point and maybe the Fuhrer just loses himself for whatever reason and tells you to balk like a chicken for 3 days straight. I mean, at some point you probably won’t be able to accomplish that amazing athletic feat, but then again, there should be culture of viewing people who obey a poorly behaving Fuhrers difficult orders and these people should be held up in high regard and celebrated, that is to say if a person did balk like a chicken in circles for three days straight upon the Fuhrers request, I would imagine this person should be celebrated for being so devoted to the white nation to take upon himself that difficult duty of obeying a difficult command.
INSERTION: of course issue of morality and your duty to god take first priority, and if the Fuhrer asks you to blaspheme God, or to kill an innocent, these types of things obviously can be disobeyed because there are indeed things that are more important even the future of the white race; and a Fuhrer can easily be intellectually persuaded to see the errors of such things.
INSERTION: lying to the Fuhrer or being dishonest in whatever form. Doing this should be taken with the same etiquette as obeying the Fuhrer and to only be done in absolute emergency situations.

Instead of working to achieve power by an armed coup we shall have to hold our noses and enter the capitol building.
The White National Socialist Party would be organized like a government itself, so that when power is achieved, then this ‘government in waiting’ would be ready to slip right into place.
Hitler reclaimed his position as absolute leader.
The Party itself was divided into two major political organizations.
PO I – Dedicated to activism and legally achieving power in the government.

PO II – Designed to create a governments in waiting, a highly organized National socialist government within that would someday replace it.

IMMEDIATELY PLANS TO BUILD THE FOUNDATION OF THE PARTY AND THE STRUCTURE UPON DEBATE CLUBS AND THEIR REGULAR EVENTS AND structured system of allowing good debates to move up the ranks of the debate table until approaching the pinnacle of the debate club which is the central speech or debate given by the highest level debaters and speakers… let intellectuals hammer out the details of this.

divide land up into regions. gau. with gau leiters. call them gardens. answers only to Fuhrer

Germany was divided up by the Nazis into thirty-four districts, or Gaue, with each one having a Gauleiter, or leader.
The Gau itself was divided into circles, Kreise, and each one had a Kreisleiter, or circle leader.
The circles were divided into Ortsgruppen, or local groups.
And in the big cities, the local groups were divided along streets and blocks.

For young people, the Hitler Jugend, or Hitler Youth was formed. It was for boys aged 15 to 18, and was modeled after the popular Boy Scout programs.

Younger boys aged 10 to 15 could join the Deutsches Jungvolk.
There was an organization for girls called Bund Duetscher Maedel and for women, the Frauenschaften.

Also at this time, Hitler began to reorganize his Nazi storm troopers, the SA (Sturmabteilung)

The SA began as an organization of Nazi street brawlers originally called the “monitor troop” that kept Nazi meetings from being broken up by normies and fought with them in the streets as well.

the SA adopted a brown-shirted outfit, with boots, swastika armband, badges and cap. Nazi uniforms along with the swastika symbol would become important tools in providing recognition and visibility.

in the fight with devil worshippers, there can been only two possibilities —“either the enemy walks over our dead bodies or we over theirs.” because they are so devoted to their evil religion that if ever all hope becomes lost, even in the face of us offering forgiveness they will use their last breath to commit suicide in a spectacle designed to disturb us and our children.

“Anyone who thinks he can condition his joining the party with some stipulations doesn’t know very well my intention to follow the same path as uncle adolf who did not accept any conditions on joining the party.”
“As long as I carry all the responsibility, I’m not willing to let others set conditions for me. And I take full responsibility for everything that happens in this movement!” Astonishingly, he even promised that if he had not fulfilled the members’ expectations after one year, he would resign. (and pass the office of fuhrer to someone else)
— where party members rejoined, I will not ask about the past, and only concern myself should that past disunity repeat itself
demand: unity, loyalty, obedience.

his first demand was instant peace among rival factions and unconditional obedience to him.
Everyone had to rejoin the refounded party; no previous memberships would be carried over. It was to be a totally new beginning. There was no talk of shared leadership, joint decision-making, or special roles for special people. Hitler was to have absolute authority.
—-we must make membership cards and other such things so as to entertain the volk who need such toys.
“if you try to place conditions on me then just wait for the conditions I will place on you if you. instead let us unify in good faith of one another and not on stipulations.”

In honor of Adolf and the German people who laid the foundation what we are going to build upon today let us end this meeting with also the same song they ended their meeting with in 1925: “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles.”

At this time, within the SA, a new highly disciplined guard unit was formed by Hitler that would be solely responsible to him and would serve as his personal body guard. It was called the Schutzstaffel, the staff guard or SS for short. The SS adopted a black uniform, modeled partly after the Italian Fascists.

we are not to give up on the swastika and national socialism, but instead recognize the enemy will bring this level of attack upon anything successful and so we might as well start the work of repairing the reputation of the swastika and national socialism.

–instead of calling me purple anon, we should adopt the title of hitler, in the same way that ceasar was the title for the leaders of the roman empire

at some point you need to take a calculated risk and trust that I’m not a secret agent with bad intentions, and make the next step of communicating with me over voice somehow. Rest at ease, that I do not advocate doing anything illegal, and so our surveillance overlords will not have justification to arrest us. Of course there is always the risk that I might be a secret agent, baiting you slowly to some kind of trap, but if you never take that bait and honestly stop talking to me if I ever try to convince you to do something that could get you in legal trouble, but other than that the worst that could happen is you wind up on a watch list and you’ve wasted your time. But the best that could happen is that I’m authentic and we could strive out to do something great together or at the very least retain for ourselves the honor of at least having TRIED to fight the evil. And also realize, this same risk applies for me in trusting you. I’ve made my decision. I’m taking all the help I can get and throwing anyone to the side who tries to bait me into illegal activity. You must make your decision, fully one way or the other. Half measures have no chance of success.

Realize, I have made peace that I live in a world of the complete surveillance state. I act as if there were a police officer standing right next to me ready to arrest me at every moment. There is no privacy. Legal options are our only chance of success, and the freedom that’s still left in the united states I’m hoping is enough to give me room to make some successful steps.

(general theme of authoritarians being eradicated due the new technologies which in the same way that city walls became obsolete with technology so the same a non-anonymous authoritarians are also now obsolete
Doxxing, and being paranoid that any new group is just a front for collecting identities. That’s why I have to wear the mask. I imagine if this gets off the ground into real life, my identity will have to be hidden in uncertain using a variety of methods such as passing the mask around, and not revealing our identities until after sufficient games. And even then, my identity would still be uncertain as we can pass the mask yet again to throw off successful infiltrators. But these are tactics for a far off future.

We will inevitably disagree on things, but there is an order and structure that can be followed to create an orderly functioning of disagreements. Following the leader isn’t about obeying every single command, but about obeying as much as possible. This gives power to the leader and thus to the group, but of course if the leader asks you to do something which will result in certain doom for the group, then you must weigh the options of degrading the power of the leader and thus of the group by disobeying, or else in the case the leader’s error is small then it would be better to obey and instead attempt to persuade the leader to change course.

One of the best ways to identify secret agents, is by observing the uneven edges in their personality. Controlled opposition secret agents and infiltrator secret agents, they always have a well-developed method and plan and cleanly created personality. Like cutting a piece of paper with a scissor rather than ripping the paper and thus creating the infinite imperfections of the edges; it is impossible for a secret agent to reveal his rough edges without giving himself away eventually. I would imagine my rough edges are plain as day. I hope that gives you some confidence in me.

Technology destroyed ability for hidden authoritarians to exist so I have to keep mask at least in the mass propaganda, its less crucial for the mask to be on during private meetings…to an extent

Prepare for the anti-Fuhrer if this gets off the ground… It is general military tactic procedure when your enemy launches a successful leading personality, whether real or created, in that you match the success of their process by mirroring with someone that could be described as the anti-leader. Communist Soviet Russia did this in response to Hitler by the creation of their anti-Fuhrer Joseph Stalin, who was obviously was crafted as a mirror of Adolf’s path to success, they even did the copied the Hitler’s mustache theme. From what I have been able to tell, there is a conspiracy show host in Texas who has hired another show host for his network that comes on immediately after his show each day. I do not want to advertise his name which would give them an impetus of success, but I describe him here in general terms that you will know who I am talking about if ever they are successful in rising this apparent anti-fuhrer to use as a weapon against us; then this warning will completely handicap their ability to use this tactic successfully and they will have to start all over establishing another personality to play the part of their anti-leader.

We must fight for words and memes, instead of giving up on them
Like The swastika and National Socialism, the enemy has been programming the volk with negative propaganda but we must reverse this and not give up on the term; and fight to take it back and repair its reputation.
also take back the word racist and make it a positive term. not cave in and start using words like racialism; to further confuse the volk with new words.
yes, this is more trouble for us in the short term, but in the long term it will be worth it.

we must take actions, all of us, at calculated risks. Of course, the state of surveillance and secret agent and insincere actors is great that any interaction carries some risk of it being with an insincere actor, but since we are sticking to legal actions it should not matter to you. Or if you are concerned with being bamboozled or kept track of recorded or what now, no matter who you talk to this risk is there, besides the surveillance apocalypse has already happened and you can be sure that every single thing you do on or off the internet is recorded speech translated and automatically searched for keywords by our surveillance overlords. So to communicate with me over the internet using a chosen email, through webcam, a phone number whatever, even use a mask if you must; whatever small way you want to take your calculated risk by joining forces with my team, we can use your help in whatever small way you can.

because the “punch a nazi” meme is so prevalent, and the risk of some deranged madman pretending to be friendly in order to get close enough to make some kind of physical attack once close enough, there must be a process of vetting and you can be sure that I will keep my mask on and anonymity until we can go through that process and build trust. but the goal is to build in person meetups… debate clubs…etc.

–I will not, ever ask for money; as this has always been one of the biggest red flags that someone is an insincere actor, and though it may slow the course of our movement at first, but in the long I believe it will pay off by building trust among us; if anything, contributions should come unsolicited anonymously or else through direct material help where instead of giving money you can give the thing we would have used the money to buy… etc. something like that.
I’m opened to being convinced out of this, but it will take convincing reasoning. being asked for money by politicians has been one of the single most annoying things i have experienced and has caused me to lose faith in many people i used to support. we should not underestimate this quality in our people.

we know, there exists in Judaism a sect that believes in jewish supremacy as the master race that all the goyim should be slave. we understand that the is a risk of this which the anti-jews here are hypervigilant against and can appreciate that if these types of jews were to ever come within reach of victory that these our NatSoc brothers we would be glad to defend us…. etc

simple explanation on Pokémon and the nature of the secret agent world.
Pokémon. they like the drop hints about how the world really works in the culture. imagine having a secret you’re not allowed to tell, and sometimes you just like to drop little cryptic pieces just to relieve stress…

Pokémon, gotta catch em all. is a metaphor for the mind controllers searching the matrix for personality types. some are more rare than others. some can be used to different ends. often surveillance technicians will build collections of personality types and put them again other technicians’ collections of personality type, just like Pokémon fight. and they get joy over seeing how interactions play out, especially among the special powers of each personality type.

Pokémon can evolve to different levels. some personality types start small, but as they become more entrenched in the individual and circumstances happen in the life of the person, you get to see a predictable chain of events of development in that personality types, called evolving in the Pokémon game.

I am apparently a Hitler Pokémon who is evolving to level 3 year. apparently highly evolved Hitler Pokémon are rare…

An Automatic Translation of important parts of Adolf Hitler’s February 27, 1925 speech at the BurgerBrauKeller. It is my intention to incorporate these themes into my speech for tomorrow:
The question of what should happen today can best be answered if we look at each other. Try to make it clear why our movement was once founded. So what were the causes of the formation of this new party? Think about it back to 1918. The German people, who are still at their peaks in midsummer his power stood, had collapsed in a few months and was now completely beaten, crushed and smashed on the ground. A question had to be asked at that time impose on everyone: Is there still a resurgence from this deepest misery and misfortune?

In for light moments, they too have presented themselves with the question of whether and when Germany will be resurrected once again. But then one had to realize that the German people had a great fateful question appears presented, from the answer and solution of which being or not being of our people for all future will depend.

it will succeed in returning this great mass to a unified national community? Yes or No? If this question is not resolved in a favorable sense, the German nation will be lost.

The recognition of the principle of majority in parliaments safeguards a principle the effectiveness, according to which only a majority of people make a change in things is able to bring about. According to this majority of numbers, however, the bourgeois parties can never again win. They themselves do not own them, because the bourgeoisie is formed primarily from the possession of spiritual and material goods, i.e. of possessions in themselves and intelligence. Both, however, are in of this world exists only in the minority. A political movement that focuses solely on supports these two foundations, must remain in the minority and is thus to the insignificance damned in a system that only the majority of the number alone the domination gives.

For the key to the heart of the people is not please, but power.

The bourgeois parties are the born pacifist clubs. But they are not missing only the activisms power and aggressiveness, but also any possibility of activism. Because who wants to change a state, must be active itself and must not wait until he is acted against

Movements. They never were activists themselves, but were always happy, not to be have activists proceed against them (Heckling: Very correct!) They never had the courage to say: There lies our goal, there is the enemy, and now on it and lets achieve our goal; and only on the day when the last obstacle is gone, then victory appears to us secured.

They shake hands and are familiar with each other, only in the elections begins a battle, but not a dispute in which principles are fought, but only a fenced around parliamentary chairs. If there were a key that seemed approximately fair to them, they would be satisfied and avoid the conflict, unless the left side wanted him anyway. And she wants him. But the most important reason why the bourgeoisie no longer attracts the broad masses could be that is that in its political movements there is no fundamental new worldview possessed. You must do this, my dear, German people, as the most significant and hardest feature view

And this is the difference between the bourgeois parties and those of the left: The bourgeois movements fight for their preservation, the left for the victory of their program, for the implementation of its objectives. But this goal is called: the breaking up of the fatherland, the destruction of the nation, destruction of the national economy and victory of the devil worhsippers and their normies. Therein lay the weakness of the German political bourgeoisie that it had this brutal goal the destruction of all values, including race, which keeps the opposite side in mind, nothing to oppose the reverse had. That is why the struggle of the bourgeoisie against devil worshippers was from the outset the Failure determined.

Devil worshippers can be overthrown, as well as confronting him with a doctrine of better truthfulness, but equal diligence of implementation. (Loud applause.) Such a teaching, however, can always and forever only be rooted in the broad masses. You alone represent those unconditional fighters who are ready for their ideal themselves whole heartedly
. After all, in the broad mass is the personal possession of material or spiritual goods of the moment not so great that it could deter the individual, for a further ideal to fencing. The broad mass alone goes forward and is willing to make sacrifices. Therefore, all movements on the globe, which is not rooted in it, be doomed to failure. Every movement on the other hand, which reaches into these lower strata, collects, organizes and fights leads, can and will win.

But that was what we all had in mind when we were the National Socialist German Workers’ Party founded. The goal at that time was clear and simple: Battle of the corrupt powers that have plunged Germany into this misery normie apacalypse as well as the spiritual bearer of this world plague and plague, the Devil Worshipper.

The fight against this world plague does not appear secure in a victory by gain some parliamentary mandates, but is secured only when on the last workshop and last factory blows the swastika flag, and the last devil worshipper triple six veiled or has disappeared undisguised.

So we were clear to ourselves that we had the movement from the first day on two thoughts a fight must be made, in order to make it understandable to the masses, always against two things lead: against the thing and its person. Remember the great, ingenious, propagandistic preparation of the war by the English towards us. Against whom has England fought? Against the German Emperor as a person and militarism as a thing. Against whom is devil worhsipers fighting with its normie zombie power?

First, sharpest concentration of all the force of movement on a single target practical reasons. If you want to make a big decision, you have to have the mass. Well but this mass is infinitely differentiated. Each individual has certain views, has certain abilities, a certain temperament, a certain character is position, has certain things particularly fond of and harbors dislike for others. It’s already very hard to set a target for 10,000 people, but it’s still more difficult to set a target for these 10,000, which consists of 16 or 20 individual targets. Imagine a small group and tell them: We are fighting against devil worshippers and normies, so she might go with. Set a second goal with the explanation: We also fight against this, so one or the other will separate and answer: I can’t go along with that. If you set a third target to it, then the one or the other withdraw and likewise at the fourth targets and so on. Have but you first have 20 goals that have to be combated, then maybe five more There are people left who agree with all 20. But that’s why it’s practical necessary that one sets a goal and on this one goal a mass as much as possible united by people and united to attack. (Consent.) Secondly, it is also psychologically wrong to setup multiple combat targets. Man is inclined to research the reasons for everything and everyone. And especially our German People, who are so suffocated in the objectivity frensy, are always determined to ask immediately: Do I also have a right to do that? Or isn’t the opponent more right than I am? Go to Germany today and set up ten enemies as targets, and out of 100 Germans will immediately ask 90: “Can these 10 all be wrong, we alone right?” If you set 20 goals, this question will torment people even more: All shall be wrong and we alone shall be right? Because our people in particular always only ever measures according to the rights of others and not according to that of its own preservation. (Lively agreement.) In the extent to which you strive to set more and more goals, the confidence of the faith of the individual, and it thus falls the firmest foundation that a man can have, namely, the conviction to actually fight for a right. But that is what matters. The people and peoples must, if you really want to put them on powerfully, the to be convinced that they are fighting for a cause which is legally fully justified. But that is why it is necessary to set up few war targets and to only one enemy so that everyone can see it: This is the culprit alone. The Entente has masterfully understood this. She has not declared we are fighting against Germany, against Austria, against Bulgaria, against Turkey, etc. No, on the contrary, they always stressed only and always: “We fight only against the emperor and the Militarism.” Whether they fought in Mesopotamia or in Russia, France or Serbia or anywhere else, completely indifferent: The Emperor and militarism. 26 states have so brought against Germany in the front. Consider what an immense strengthening of the Feeling this had to bring for every Englishman! He could say to himself: Can we be wrong if 26 go against one? Conversely, the little man frug with us: Can we are right when 26 are against us? Should all 26 be in the wrong? No, believe me, for psychological reasons it is especially with a people like to the German absolutely necessary to show an enemy and to fight against an enemy march. You can also mean with one enemy if necessary, several. Apart from these two reasons, which argue in favor of setting an objective alone, still exist more. The most important of these is that this objective actually solves the question of life. German nation in itself includes. Especially today, do not let yourself be affected by the dangers deceive, which one always has to present oneself as the most urgent. We now hear a lot of talk about new goals of the movement, and many see for the trees the forest itself no longer. So they really imagine that now at once actually 15 or 20 opponents would be necessary to fight.

. The German people, if they do not master this plague in good time, will be mastered by this plague perish. The art of all the great people’s leaders, however, still consisted at all times in that the focus mass attention on an enemy. This alone allows them to bring that suggestive upsurge, without which a great success is never granted. Faith

It is not for nothing that you see our movement and so many women here in this Chamber; in a movement that is the most masculine has fought. You see them here, because in the woman the feeling is predominant and correct says: This is about the future of our children and thus about the future of our Deutschtums. (Loud applause.) And then there is no wavering at all, not a the next day, if the next best schmöker has any scientific reason on the other hand, fabricated; no, the feeling is stable, it staggers and does not give way. Believe me, it may be a Dr. Home quietly talk about our “hysterical women”. The woman once brought Christianity to the countries and she will also our movement ultimately lead to permanent victories. Where it would be missing, however, is not missing only the woman, but with her also the youth and thus the future. Be convinced:
A movement that has the fewest women also has the least power, which is why you because also in the democratic party only a few “ladies” find.

And German Workers’ Party we called them. It should enter into it only the one who not ashamed to say: I too am a worker, a creative person. For who this Word with devotion has not yet learned to pronounce, which is, true God, the best Germans not. And that’s why we chose as a symbol the swastika on a white field in red Reason. Also in this sign our only goal should be characterized: The swastika as Symbol of work, white as a sign of our national convictions and red as Sign of our truly social thought. In the cross, however, there should be another sense show, namely the spirit, which alone means the work in this world,

. So it is also the sign in which we fight against this world plague and world poisoning fencing. But that is also where our attitude towards parliament came from. We rejected Parliament at the time , why? The young movement did not want Parliamentarians get, rather than educating activists . At that time it owned the Conviction that it would be too early to go into such places and that what we today are speakers, agitators and apostles who go out into the crowd to there the to spread new teaching, to try to carry this mass along, to organize it and so on always gain new germ cells to strengthen and increase movement. But the programme should only be the logical complement to this trend. A guiding star, where we did not have in mind the question: What do you want tomorrow or the day after tomorrow , but it should determine the leadership of the movement for many decades to come. Ideas that in themselves are ethical, immortal and imperishable , and which are still in the most distant centuries the People should illuminate evenly. The bearers of these ideas, however, should be people be

once the movement in its work began. She wanted to make up for what our bourgeois parties missed. Above all, however, she wanted to go into the masses in order to get there for to ensure the spread of a true national feeling

And my job as a leader of the new movement I do not see in measuring now, asking or in the past research. I see it only in one duty, namely the divergent reunite. But I could not do this if I were a party in the party. That’s why I took the old flag again in the belief that under it to collect all again who felt anything at all for them . The old flag must succeed again, out of the wild chaos that we find today, a single great, to form living movement . The old flag must succeed again, the to well reluctant leaders together, but the broad masses the conviction to instill that the end of this movement has not come, but that it is also today is still at the beginning

. And it is necessary to do so today. More than ever, the German fate calls out to us : Germans, be on your guard and defend yourselves. Our people slumbers just in these months quite stupid there. It will once either give a rude awakening, or it will no longer come to life be. The old parties quickly perish. What are they fighting for? To ridiculous goals. How weak they are ! Every decision makes them fall over and apart. Should the leadership of the German nation? How long can our people endure this state of affairs? I know for some starts the misery only when it comes to their wallets . Believe me, this time will also comeback. The deceptive basis of today’s economic life is once again being undermined by their feet disappear, and then perhaps our words can be better understood than now.

That’s how it should be for me today whoever does not want to come to the common camp, let us stay away; but who to come commemorates , to which I say one thing: The dispute has now come to an end. (Loud applause.) . No one has the right to beat his chest and shout out: he is the guilty one Part, and I’m pure as an angel. Whoever thinks this bears the greatest guilt in himself, is conceited and unjust at the same time. There is a lot of talk today about ‘coming together’. The first requirement for a However, going together means understanding. The first prerequisite for understanding but is a reconciliation. And whoever cannot reconcile is not worth it in my eyes, to work in such a movement.

I am not standing here to bring charges against anyone, to accuse anyone to revile, or to reproach anyone quietly . I only ask you to one: Now come back into the ranks of the old movement and leave everything back again , which is behind yesterday ‘ s day. (Loud applause.)

I am addressing myself above all to our young people in Germany. You don’t know if you don’t have to be there one day where the freedom of the German Fatherland alone will be fought for again. But if you once again in your to go to the Rhine, then you will not be torn, but shoulder to shoulder again Shoulder marching.

I turn to women. I just ask you above all, leave now only one only feeling to be predominant, the sense of commitment, the great good that we now have to continue , faithfully manage it, do not splinter it and put it in the gutter to let go. For every word that we speak among ourselves in an evil sense is used in the Hands of our enemies to weapon against each and every one of us.

The old flag has 15 Months now almost rested. She has reared again today, and every single one of them can new take the oath of allegiance . Everyone can come and put themselves back in line. And only those who do not think they can do this may stay. But anyone who thinks that they can tie their entry to “conditions” knows me bad. (Loud applause.) I abstained from every word for nine months; now I perform the movement, and conditions no one imposes on me ; I am not willing to have conditions prescribed to me as long as I personally Bear responsibility. And I bear the responsibility again completely for everything that is in this Movement takes precedence. (Loud applause, healing cries.)

So I ask you again, put back everything that could separate you , and remember that today the whole of Germany is looking at us. We are now in this Chamber here gathered barely 3,000 or 4,000 people. But out of the 4 thousand must be in short Time again be 2 or 3 million . So it starts a new year for the movement again.

I will soon convene a provisional general meeting and there the Let the main line be selected. We will then in the next year the first ordinary deter. I ask you to put up to this date all criticism, even to me, back. After a year we want to see each other again, and then may you judge. If I have done so , then do not revile me any more. And did I wrongly acted, then I will put my office back in your hands . (Heckling: Never!)

I but I believe that I can already promise you today that our movement will be back will. I believe in our old banner. I once designed it myself and was the first to and cherish only. And also from you I have the Conviction that we do not want to leave this old flag and cannot leave it any more.

(Loud and sustained applause) The time today is bitterly serious. Our people are still dancing , while in reality death is approaching. Our task should be now be to drive back into the morass and tell this people what they said must be. I believe that in a year’s time many people will have their eyes opened.

So let all inner strife, let the others, even if they are myself attack, that doesn’t matter . We don’t want to argue about that either. What we want is to go into the crowd to get them out of today’s Delusion and reintegrate into their people, so that once the day may come, at which Germany under our flag is resurrect again. And this greater and not the party is ultimately the goal with us. And if we do so to put aside the divisive, we can do it all the easier, since we all have a to possess a common ideal, a common good, the common, sacred, German fatherland.