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2021/09/06 :

2021/09/03: Weather Modification Technology Infused with Secret Agent Warfare, Causes Never Before Seen Flooding in Northeast USA


USA Propaganda attempts to blame unprecedented floods in North East upon Man-Caused Climate Change

It is not a simple thing to deny the unusual weather on September 1, in the north east of the USA. USA propaganda is in recovery mode as it attempts to explain to the common people how the severe, never before seen, flooding in the USA North East is possible. This CNN article appears like a frantic attempt to stem the flow of suspicion by blaming it all on the intangible theory of Man-Made climate change, which conveniently allows for just about anything to occur since the theory says results of this climate change are unpredictable.

Let us recognize the impossibility of the weather and related flooding on September 1. Some of the most memorable storm events to hit the north east, to which all other storms are customarily compared, were the major hurricanes Sandy and Floyd. Also Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf coast, was another storm so large that it has been used as a system of measure ever since.

Let’s make sense of the illogical conclusions you should come to from looking at these maps. In the North East, Hurricane Floyd and Sandy were known as the most severe in living memory, by which all storms are compared. Notice, that Floyd and Sandy hit the North East directly from the ocean. Hurricane Katrina came in through the Gulf of Mexico, and so it was not severe for the North East, although for the Gulf Coast, it was extremely severe so that it made national headlines.

Do you notice how all these powerful hurricanes shrink to insignificance almost immediately after hitting land? That is, all except for Hurricane Ida on September 1. Not only did Ida not dissipate after hitting land, but it seemed to get more powerful, which is illogical because hurricanes are known to gain power over water. Ida hardly made national headlines when it hit Louisiana. Yet, you would think Katrina would have disturbed the north east considering it was more destructive in Louisiana than Ida, but it didn’t.

Also take notice, Floyd and Sandy both hit the north east directly from the ocean, yet did not cause anywhere near the same flooding as Ida which hit after crossing land starting from the Gulf coast. Have you ever heard of New York City subways flooding during Floyd or Sandy? Did any more than a few river/coastal towns take significant flooding during Sandy and Floyd? There were no tornadoes during Floyd and Sandy, yet Ida delivered at least 5 unprecedented tornadoes to New Jersey. What is going on here? Once you ask that question, then you’re ready for the possible answer.

In my opinion, there is no other conclusion to come to other than the existence of weather modification technology, and its use applied to secret agent warfare. Obviously, something happened in the north east on the evening of September 1, which warranted the need for a distraction/disturbance such as a flood/storm which would give the needed conditions for strategies of offense and defense according to the specific situation. In emergency situations, unusual and high-visibility events at their disposal, not just weather modification events but the whole spectrum of public events within their power to create, are held in reserve for critical times when necessary. 1984 style surveillance has become a standard, and is adequate for most people to be taken account of; but when it comes to other powers of the world who also practice 1984 style surveillance, and are aware of the steps needed to avoid detection and to complete missions and operations while working on foreign soil; this is where secret agent warfare becomes very real, as the only way to operate undetected from modern surveillance is to literally have a false identity and communicate via secret codes.

This is the arena where the front lines of the actual secret agent wars take place. Each power baring the necessary levels of paranoia in order to defend against highly skilled and coordinated foreign intelligence agencies in a world at war, such that the name of this website, SecreAgentWars, becomes very appropriate. And it’s when these secret agent wars reach the equivalent of large battles that sudden events like the creation of a heavy storm to provide the cover necessary to unleash false floods, in the infinite scenarios of secret agent war which might require the hinderance of movement in the common people, and thus also of secret agents pretending to be common people, via floods; and also provides the cover for serious assassinations and violent warfare for which dead bodies can be explained away by the storm, so as to not disturb the needed peace within common folk police officers and of society at large, which would make it more difficult for a government to manage if events awakened those people to the truth, which is the truth of the Secret Agent World War apocalypse that we live in today. One theory suggests that 98% of the entire adult population of the world are in fact secret agents with a false identity. Which theory do you believe? Hail Hitler.