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2021/05/30 : New EPIC Motivational Promo Video for the June 4th Purple Anon Live-Stream National Socialist Event

2021/05/25 : Purple Anon Announces National Socialist Party Virtual Meeting on Friday June 4 – 8:00 PM USA Eastern Time – at the Virtual Bürgerbräukeller

Purple anon appears to be fully committing to what is being described as another version of Adolf Hitler’s February 27, 1925 meeting speech at the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich, where Adolf Hitler Re-established what was up until that point a failing party, and was his first speech after getting out of Landsberg prison. It was on that day in 1925 that the National Socialist party truly began it’s march to greatness.

Purple Anon gave us a small taste of his speech skills during his 8kun/8chan thread video, but on June 4th we will get to see a full form speech which promises to deliver 2 hours of speech in the same inspiring fashion as Adolf Hitler did almost 97 years ago. Is Purple Anon setting expectations too high, or can he deliver on his oratory skills. We’ll find out on June 4th.

2021/05/19 : Purple Anon Winning Hearts & Minds in First Video Speech, Seeking Pol-Bro Advice on Plan to become National Socialist Führer by Month’s End

Purple Anon makes his first video appearance besides the Nazi & Negro podcast, in what could be tantamount to a first Hitler-type speech. Released on 8kun, formerly 8chan. He addresses a number of issues and is received well by many anons.

We will keep an eye on developments to see if Purple-Anon goes forward with his decision to launch his claim to be Fuhrer at the end of the month.


On top of this, even a formerly aggressive, alleged-fem-anon, self-titled anarcho-homicidalist, appears to have softened her heart after viewing purple anon’s video which addressed her directly. And even goes as far as to defend purple anon’s honor against a shill afterward.




They called Hitler a dreamer. A mad-man. The Purple Pill is a big idea. We must capture the volk’s imagination. If we continue to give them red pills which bore them, then we will lose them to their natural instinct to play video games all day and watching cat videos, or worse we’ll lose them to enemy propaganda which does play to their fantasy desires.

Idea #21) We must compete with enemy propaganda for the minds of the common folk, else they might be used against us.


The world truly is a show put on for the common folk, and this clearly demonstrates that. Imagine to what extent the monitoring and releasing of news is done at, when considering, Trump releases an an anti-Christine Todd Whitman article at the same exact time as Christine Todd Whitman releases an anti-Trump article; both at 5:32pm on May 12.

I’ll cut straight to the point. We live in a world so heavily surveilled and controlled at 1984 (the book) levels. To think otherwise is mental illness. Those who would laugh at the idea of a Secret Agent War being silly, better think again. Hail Hitler.


Anyone who has played chess will know, at some point usually comes a time for piece exchanges. Potential moves by your opponent can be neutralized with counter threats, causing what looks likes nothing is happening. However, at some point strategy dictates to initiate one of these exchanges via the execution of these threat-counter-threat scenarios.

Israel has been known to be physically capable at any time of taking East Jerusalem, Gaza, Judah, and extinguishing the Palestinian semi-state that remains in Israeli territory. However, due to counter threats, they have decided not to. But these rumors of Israel making plans for a possible invasion of Gaza could explain a lot of what is going on behind the scenes, and may hint at a possible explosive series of exchanges to happen soon on this global chessboard.


On the surface, it may not seem like that big of a deal to exercise your military, however the history of military exercises are often launched with knowledge of something already happening and is a means of getting your military in position without having to outright announce plans. Famously, during the 9/11 attacks, the USA was practicing a “plane crash into a building” wargame exercise when the first plane hit. Also to note, wargame exercises are a muscle flex of a military in that it can easily be switched into a real attack after having gotten your people into position; thus forcing opposing forces to prepare for a possible attack. No doubt, Russia will be on high alert during these exercises in what can be seen as an “eye for an eye” retribution for performing their own large scale military exercise on Ukraine’s border last month. These exercises can also be viewed as a defensive posture taken in the midst of doing smaller scale operations which might provoke. Who really knows what’s going on behind the scenes, other than SOMETHING is going on behind the scenes.

-1- The USA is doing an war game military exercise in the Black Sea region called “Trojan Footprint”. SOURCE QUOTE: “The war games will be held until May 14 in five Black Sea and Balkans nations: Bulgaria, Georgia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Romania. Special forces from the U.S. – all branches of the armed forces including Green Berets – the five host nations, Britain, Germany, Spain and Ukraine are involved. With the exception of Turkey, all Black Sea littoral states but Russia are participating.”

-2- The USA also doing another exercise at the same time called “DEFENDER-Europe 2021”. SOURCE QUOTES: “the drills were to occur at thirty locations in twelve nations, and involve anywhere from 28,000 to 31,000 to 37,000 troops from as many as 27 nations.”; “led by U.S. Army Europe and Africa with the participation of U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa and Naval Forces Europe-Africa.”; “airborne, missile defense and other drills have occurred or will occur from the Baltic to the Black to the Adriatic Seas; along Russia’s western sea borders (with Ukraine in between).”

-3- And also NATO has announced their own wargame exercise called “Steadfast Defender 2021”. SOURCE QUOTE: “with forces deploying across land and sea, all the way from North America to the Black Sea region and off the coast of Portugal.”

-4- And lastly, Israel is performing their own massive wargame military exercise called “Chariots of Fire”, in order to simulate a month long multi-front war. This is occurring as tensions are flaming due to land disputes with Palestinians in East Jerusalem. In a very ominous development, a tree on the temple mount was set on fire.


So maybe you’ve come to terms with that you’re being spied on. After that, then it might be possible for you to believe people could be messing with your internet while spying on you. If you can believe that, then jump down the rabbit hole of all the different ways it could be possible for people to be manipulated. Once you’re in that rabbit hole, then just consider what the powers that be would do when considering they’re at war with each other and managing public opinion is crucial to both defense and offense.

After all this mental exercise, then you might finally be ready to consider the possibility of real actual secret agents in the physical world, people you know and the strangers you walk by on the street, and their aiding this process of common folk management which has become a standard of government on the same level as maintaining roads.

– Idea #5) There is a hidden secret agent war, so vast, that human trust has been destroyed and nobody can be sure who is or who isn’t a secret agent.
– Idea #9) Spy technology secretly takes statistics on the people in order to brainwash easier.
– Idea #10) The people are controlled by giving hypnotic suggestions on their technology devices.
– Idea #11) The people are also controlled by overwhelming them with secret agents playing mind games.
– Idea #12) At times, the entire might of a government will focus on one person at a time, until the entire nation is brainwashed.

2021/05/04 : Saint Milo – Tip of the Spear in Anti-Homosexual Free Speech

Milo Yiannopoulos is leading the charge into the no man’s land of effective anti-homosexual tactics. That is to say, leaving room for redemption from a homosexual lifestyle rather than flatly rejecting and making enemies of all homo-sexers and trans-sexers, or at the very least standing for the freedom of opinion to believe and speak out that homosexual and transexual lifestyles are a path to unhappiness.

SOURCE QUOTE: “He is moving to Florida to open a clinic for people who want to be cured of same sex attraction, saying he is overwhelmed with messages from people wishing to follow his example of declaring himself to be an ex-gay.”

Other than being just a topic of peaceful debate, the enemy has chosen this issue as a hill to die on and has put all their resources into stopping any successful propaganda figures like Milo, because the strength of the heterosexual family is their weakness and the only thing capable of stopping them. Milo is in dangerous territory because it reaches out in love to homosexers rather than the path of disgust and hate which the left loves to use as the fuel for the rage of homosexers to use as a method of attack on the strength of the heterosexual family. To be at a peaceful disagreement and healthy debate with homosexers is not in their interest and they will use all resources to fight for this hill that Milo is on, making it very dangerous. Thus SecretAgentWars has given him the title of Saint Milo.

Idea #16) They are trying to turn all men gay.
Idea #19) Heterosexual groups are demonized by false claims of homophobia, because their strength is feared


We might have to reverse course on supporting the Russians in the Ukraine conflict in our 4/17 article. While Ukraine may indeed be a mixed race Turkic conglomerate, that isn’t to say there couldn’t exist white slavic Ukrainians who want to defend against a vigorously anti-National-Socialist Russian government. Anti-National-Socialist sentiment can often be ignored due to it being insincere based on the need to avoid being accused of being a Nazi in a world trained to hate Nazis; but it is possible that Russia’s anti-National-Socialist propaganda is very sincere. Perhaps it is these National Socialist leaning non-turkic Ukrainians who we can look to reclaim their own government away from the mixed race turkic subversion. This complicates the issue, and SecretAgentWars will need time to look into it in order to pin down exactly what solution we support. Hail Hitler.