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2021/03/20: Florida Governor Flip Flops, Caves to pressure and implements corona tyranny


This development has white genocide written all over it.  First they erode the decency of our women with promiscuity; now they erode their biological ability to reproduce via self-mutilation.  Trans justified self mutilation in women will undoubtedly sky rocket, especially in white women, after this. The FCC is supposed to be a branch of government that censors public communication mainly for the sake of children and their parents who disagree about certain issues, so that public communication systems remain neutral.  These public communications were originally in application to things like radio and television which could be caught by any kid with an antenna.  You could say that newspapers and magazines are private things you buy and so this wouldn't apply, but many of these newspapers and magazines are force fed to the american public and propped up via secret means.  You see Time Magazine in every waiting room of any business, as well as on display on news stands and supermarkets.  The cover for the operation is to stop "gay bashing" or "trans bashing", which is not a bad thing to teach the common folk to not bully others.  However, the article will undoubtedly not focus on that, and will not be neutral by giving the perspective of those who believe transexuality is the wrong path. Even if they did, the cover is non-neutral enough.  A neutral cover would make it obvious of addressing the issue of gay bashing; the only excusable form of addressing this topic in public communications.  Young impressionable females will now see it as a respectable option to cut their breasts off; to refuse to accept who they are and love themselves as they are.  This should be viewed as a pearl harbor level event.  However, undoubtedly the common volk will hardly turn in their sleep, while Alex Jones Infowars sells 3 different kinds of sleep aid supplements.  We live in hell.  Hail Hitler.

2021/03/16 : Tom Green is an extreme Closet Homosexual

One of the perks of being famous is that it's easy to find a girlfriend who will be nice to you and cater to your needs. However, Tom Green does not take advantage of this and has been 'single' for many many years. He is currently travelling around North America in a van alone, making videos for his blog.  I suppose he is depressed that his only attraction is for men but doesn't want the world to know.  This is relevant just for the truth that they are indeed creating celebrities out of men who are serious homosexuals, even closeted, for the purpose of homosexualizing the culture through content created by homosexuals.  Tom Green was a celebrity created around the year 2000.  Make no mistake, he did not rise to fame by accident; the media carefully chooses who they decide to give air time to.

If Tom Green were not a homosexual, he would have a girlfriend with him, chosen from any of the thousands of beautiful women who would offer him their devotion.  Either that, or he prefers to use whores when the need arises rather than enjoy a relationship with a woman; which is another scary thought that they are programming this preference into men in preparation for a "Brave New World" dystopia where all women are shared and the female/male relationship is a rare fetish.  My instinct tells me Tom is just highly super homosexual.  Men can be cured from this malfunction, but it is difficult when culture powerhouses are relentlessly pushing homosexualization.  Hail Hitler.

Idea #16:  They are trying to turn all men gay

2021/03/15 : Grammy Awards Continues the War on Women: Cardi B Wet Ass Pussy Glorifying female sexual Permiscuity, Prostitution & Stripping

Not only has this song been on public radio’s most popular stations for the last year, where little girls can easily hear it, but now it is showcased front and center on the very visible Grammy Awards. Cardi B gets busy polluting the minds of young women spreading her legs while wearing a thong multiple times, going on about her sexual skill set, while women in bubbles dancing amongst piles of cash. If this does not radicalize you, you are in coma. We live in hell. Seig Heil.

2021/03/13 : To Serve & Protect, or, Not to Serve or Protect: Texas Policeman refuses to Have ANY Mercy on a Cranky Old Lady Common Folk

Of all people to cut a little slack to in this world, it's the senile and elderly, especially elderly women who are known to develop a particularly annoying case of it.  In the past, especially as a man, it was common knowledge to put up with much grief on behalf of a cranky elderly woman. They usually just need their egos stroked a bit, and to let them throw a few nasty words around, and maybe even some old lady slap boxing at worst.  These are all things young men in the past would easily suffer at the hands of an old lady in a bad mood, as a instinctual pity upon fragile weakness and respect for elders, as a kind of debt you pay to society.  But this police officer did not deliver on this debt, and he suffered no consequence for his actions, but is being displayed by the USA media as an unfortunate yet hardly mishandled incident by the police officer.  Take a look at the video:
If this was a 21 year old male with a bad attitude, you might say the officer handled the situation correctly.  But the fact is, we have the classic cranky old lady.  This police officer shamefully suffered less than two minutes of old lady abuse before he physically pushed her on the ground and made a most ugly scene.  She even appeared to be frightened to the point of walking out, at the moment she was pushed to the ground.  To think of all the different ways he could have handled this.  To think of the nice things he might have been able to say to her to get her to calm down a bit. To think of the million ways he could have de-escalated the situation and put a smile on his face and convinced her to step outside where they could talk more about her old lady opinions.  To think of how Andy Griffith would have handled this on an episode of his show, with a gentle way of talking.  None of that happened here.  Pure brutality.  No respect for elders.  This accepted culture of cold brute rudeness and lack of warmth that pervades USA police is a disgrace to humankind, and is one of the clearest examples of it I've seen.  Police have truly become domestic terrorists, and if they were not in most cases simple minded common folk themselves, then I might say they're guilty of a greater crime.  The entirety of our society has become rotten, with the way common folk are treated by police acting as sulfuric acid upon the breakdown of our society.   The root cause needs to be addressed before a 1984 style police state fully takes hold.  Unfortunately, the root cause is that the world is at war (IDEA #4), and common folk have the least protection from it.  Seig Hail.

IDEA #4) The World Wars have not ended, and have been psychologically abusing the people with technology.
IDEA #54) Police and secret agents are too strong to challenge directly. Instead we should infiltrate and bring them down from the inside.
IDEA #55) To protect our infiltrators, we must teach the people not to treat all police as the enemy.
IDEA #75) The government of Texas is very suspicious. We must find out for sure if they are good or bad. 

2021/03/13 : THE WAR ON WOMEN: Jennifer Lopez returns to the Cock Carousel; breaks up with Alex Rodriguez

The USA mainstream media is at it again.  Casting this most disgraceful unloyal woman as a role model for girls the last 30 years, and it is front page news now as she ends her 7th high profile relationship.  Married 3 times, and engaged 5 times, yet this woman was featured IN THE 2021 PRESIDENTIAL INAUGERATION.  It is obvious Jennifer Lopez is center stage of the propaganda war on women, to turn them into unloyal partners, adulterating the purity of their bodies with various men throughout their life.  This woman should be shunned from media spotlight, yet she is highlighted.  Latino men should be the most upset, as she is undoubtedly the main role model of the majority of latino women.  It is certain that very few future latino men will ever experience the joy of a virgin woman being their partner for life. But compare that to Lady Gaga as the current role model for white women, and so white men should hardly expect to ever have a woman that isn't a psychotic former prostitute.  Obviously, the USA media is in a state of war with the honor of women.  We live in hell.  Seig Hail.

Here is a quick re-cap of her high profile relationships. Is it safe to assume that at least 7 different men's semen has entered her body, and at least 4 of them were before she had her first child:
 1) From 1997 to 1998, she was married to Cuban waiter Ojani Noa.
 2) In 1999, she dated rapper Puff Daddy Sean Combs.
 3) From 2001 to 2002, she was married her former back-up dancer Cris Judd.
 4) From 2002 to 2004 she dated and became engaged to actor Ben Affleck.
 5) From 2004 to 2011 she married and had children with Marc Anthony
 6) From 2011 to 2016 Lopez had an on-off relationship with her former backup dancer Casper Smart.
 7) From 2016 to 2021 she dated and got engaged to former New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

2021/03/1 3 : Backwards logic of USA media Led Cancel Culture in a Meme

2021/03/10 : HIGHLY IRREGULAR: Jacob Chansley “Q Anon Shaman” Tortured & Threatened by FEDS, yet 60 Minute Interview not a Hit Piece? – Plus General 1/6 Capitol Protest Analysis

The strangeness surrounding the interactions with Jacob Chansley “Q Anon Shaman” from the January 6 capitol protest continues. First he goes on Infowars Alex Jones show around 1/8 and sounds very reasonable and thoughtful, yet Alex Jones treated him so horribly that it inspired the creation of this website [CLICK LINK: Skip to time 1:50:00]. Then afterward he is arrested around 1/10, and you start to hear some rumors of him turning on Trump or making a full apology and expressing regret. Leading one to believe he lost his freedom of speech since anything he says will be used against him in court and we have to assume he’s being manipulated by this standard government tactic to force him to say sorry “as your best bet for getting off light”; which should be illegal in itself but that is another issue. This tactic was especially noticeable when 2 days ago a judge denied Chansley bail in part because he is out of touch with reality because he claimed to be innocent of the most serious charges in his recent 60 minutes interview. Denying someone bail because they claim to be innocent? What kind of backwards illogical judgement is that?

In this 60 Minutes Interview from 3/5, Chansley let’s us know that he’s been in solitary confinement for 2 months (not a minor torture). Suspiciously, 60 minutes doesn’t follow their pattern and actually gives Chansley a non-hit piece final edit; which is highly irregular and actually should be considered evidence in favor of people who say Chansely is a secret agent. It was almost like they wanted to make Chansley look good in this interview. It’s very suspicious when bad people do good things. Nonetheless, Chansley barely says a bad word about Trump except that he’s hurt Trump didn’t have his back with a pardon. To be fair to Trump, what choice did he have? The media would have crucified him if he pardoned anyone that went in the building. Chansley elegantly expresses himself about his non-violent intent while the interviewer keeps repeating that he made an “attack on the capitol”; when anyone with a rational mind would see that the capitol police stood down, because all it would have taken was a handful of police to walk into the crowd with a bull horn and ask everyone politely to step back. The majority of the crowd were serious police supporters and would have done anything to make their job easier. However, this did not occur and so of course many average joe’s in their simplicity walked in because they didn’t know any better after some violent elements took advantage of the capitol police stand down by smashing some windows and pushing open a couple doors.

It should be remembered forever how little damage was done during such a total stand down. They keep repeating that 5 deaths occurred, which confusingly refers to 3 people who had a simple heart attack that probably would have died the next time they did anything exciting, and Brian Sicknick a police officer who died suspiciously and unverifiabley(autopsy unavailable) died the next day supposedly due to being hit with a fire extinguisher , or maybe due to inhalation of the police’s use of tear gas. That leaves the 5th person who died at the hands of capitol police’s inability to perform a cattle herding maneuver and resulted in Ashli Babbit the simple common folk feeling emboldened enough to step deeper into the capitol and shot by an officer who refused to even fire a warning shot or shoot in her in the leg or something. Then there was also two police officers who committed suicide that are rumored to have been critically responsible for the police stand down and may have actually been conspiratorially murdered to prevent that leak. All evidence points to capitol police leadership being traitorously at fault.

To say these simpletons who walked into the building were making an attack on the capitol is ridiculous and a serious breach of propaganda morality against the known naivety of common folk who AT LEAST NEED TO BE TOLD ON A LOUD SPEAKER TO NOT ENTER AN OPEN BUILDING. That day should forever be remembered for capitol police’s responsibility for the riot by not performing that simple duty of getting on a loud speaker and asking everyone to step back. They assembled hundreds of riot police, but didn’t care to first try JUST ASKING the crowd to step back. Talk about every problem looking like a nail when you love to use your hammer. Whatever really happened that day, it WAS NOT THE FAULT OF AVERAGE JOE COMMON FOLK.

We can see the forced vaccinations coming in the future, which will be enforced by the police and expose them as TRAITORS who will blindly enforce any immoral law, because their order has been purged over the decades of good policemen who have refused to perform domestic terrorism for the state. Thus the only people to blame for this capitol breach are the leadership of the capitol police themselves. Shame on the US media, as always, for being so irrationally critical of poor naive common folk. Seig Hail.

IDEA #54) Police and secret agents are too strong to challenge directly. Instead we should infiltrate and bring them down from the inside.
IDEA #55) To protect our infiltrators, we must teach the people not to treat all police as the enemy.

2021/03/06 : Republicans refuse Democrat PR Stunt Glorifying Kamala Harris for casting Tie Breaking Vote in Latest Pork Filled Covid Relief Bill

The Bill passed 50-49, because Alaska Republican Senator Dan Sullivan supposedly went home to attend a funeral for his father in law.  No doubt, Democrats intend to make a big fuss about any tie breaking votes Kamala Harris will pass.  Harris is nothing other than the current centerpiece of an anti-white agenda, and it bodes well not to hear her name in the folk news outlets as much as possible.

2021/03/04: WARNING: Do not help a married woman commit one of humanity’s greatest crimes: Female Sexual Infidelity.

There are many errors humans can commit: Murder of an Innocent, Child exploitation, Torture...etc... and Female Sexual Infidelity.  The human biology of the female has placed her in a precarious situation. That a female can get pregnant whilst a male can get her pregnant; the human male has evolved to experience extreme pain when his chosen woman is violated by another man.  If the human body is programmed to feel pain when it takes damage, then the amount of pain a man feels when his woman in unfaithful is related to the amount of damage it causes.  It throws into question who the father is, and thus destroys the legacy of children and rips apart families incomparable to anything that occurs when a man does the same act.  Coming from a woman, the act we must assume is performed in the highest rituals devil worship.  There are few things worse than female sexual infidelity, and really you can not compare apples and oranges, and thus you can say there may actually be nothing worse.  Simply, for any human mind through history to think they understand fully the complexities of human biology enough to say that the act of sex for a woman does not forever change the result of future a pregnancy, and thus adulterating her future children with the qualities of other men.  Sex for a woman is internal, while for a man it is external.  It is no coincidence that punishment for adultery upon women has historically been the most severe of punishments.  Men and women may be of equal value, but they are not equal. We are different.  Different rules apply.  Let this article serve as a warning to all men, to not help a woman destroy her family for generations.  Our enemy attacks us at the very source of our identity.  The female womb must be kept clean at all costs, or society will be destroyed.  It can not be left to the whims of young women easily influence by trash propaganda to decide whether or not to destroy her family for the sake of sexual pleasure.  If women carry nuclear bombs between their legs, then we must treat them as such.  Thus, of the three people involved in the incident of this article, I would argue that it's the woman who committed the greatest crime here.  Do what you will with that insight. We are under attack upon our most sacred sanctuaries.  Reactions will occur. The pressure will burst.  Men will not stand for this false version of female empowerment, equality of action but not equality of reaction. This will fool the common folk only for so long, and even before that their instincts will kick in.  We are truly in the midst of a world war with the deadliest of weapons aimed at the wombs of our women. Seig Hail.

2021/03/03 : Google Youtube pushing Homosexuality in Infant & Toddler Programming: Little Baby Bum “Yes Papas”

It may seem to be a case of, "If you don't like it, don't click it."  But these videos will show up on recommended and related videos on auto play, meaning many parents may start their child with an innocent video that will auto-play to homosexual content without their knowing.

Idea #16:  They are trying to turn all men gay.

2021/03/01 : SecretAgentWars Original: STAR WARS from the EMPIRE’S POINT of VIEW

Stars Wars was developed as a propaganda weapon against the reputation of the Empire form of government.  In this interpretation of Star Wars, it shows the Empire's point of view where it was Yoda & Obi-wan who killed the Jedi younglings and Padme, and then frame Anakin (Darth Vader) for it. This took a while to edit together, so it'd be appreciated any feedback to email: info at , or through Telegram. 

2021/03/01 : USA Mainstream Media teaching Common Folk to disregard Golden Rule, as they Spy on School Board accidental LiveStream without Warning Them

Mainstream media focuses on the guilt of a local elementary school board who accidentally left their private meeting open to the public who witnessed mild comments about school children parents "wanting their babysitters back."  Comments that would be expected to be made in private in half of all local school boards.
_____SecretAgentWars takes a different view, seeing the guilt upon the many folk who listened in but did not follow the golden rule, which requires you to tell someone that they're on a public stream if they don't realize.  The common folk are truly our people who we care about dearly, but like children they must not be allowed to get spoiled and out of control.  This is the perfect example of where a responsible media would use this as a learning moment to teach the common folk to treat each other better.  Instead, the evil mainstream USA media takes another opportunity to spoil the USA common folk to become even more cruel to each other.

IDEA #14:  The common folk have been trained to be unkind to each other, alienating lonely people and creating monsters that commit atrocities. 

_____Of course, their motive is the weakening of the USA common folk, to make them easier to enslave; so we can't say they are being irresponsible but rather revealing themselves as effective enemies of the people.  Our common folk have truly become monsters of hell, spoiled children that do the bidding of their manipulative foster parents.  One day, God willing, the common folk of each race will return to their true biological parents, the intellectual class that instinctually loves them most, which is their own racial kinsmen.  This is the beauty of National Socialism, that common folk are in safest hands when they are in the hands of their own race.   When everything is a mixed race conglomerate, as the USA is today, then it results in things like this where the common folk are taught to be cruel.  Hail Hitler.

2021/03/01 : FolkLure & Purple Anon Defined

On 2021/01/21 SecretAgentWars posted the Code Purple article in reference to the amount of purple at the Biden inauguration.  This was also the beginning of SecretAgentWars launch of the Purple Anon Secret Agent FolkLure campaign.  FolkLure, a termed coined by SecretAgentWars, is propaganda designed to "lure" in common folk via interesting possibilities rather than cold hard facts; because common folk will not pay attention if it is not interesting.  For example, the development of an "ID Code" system for purple anon has been ongoing at 8kun, yet now on hold as the 8kun moderators have blocked all VPN IPs used for the purple anon campaign, yet not deleting purple anon's threads.  We might have to find a new home.
_____Common Folk are the bulk of humanity; the intellectuals reading this website are a microscopic minority, and thus propaganda and "infowar" are always aimed at common folk.  Thus Purple Anon is a long term FolkLure plan of SecretAgentWars to mirror the success model of InfoWars main character "Alex Jones", with our own main character "Purple Anon".

While "FolkLure" may seem unrealistic and silly at times, SecretAgentWars seeks to capture the minds of the common folk reading these articles by presenting within interesting possibilities and the fun storyline of purple anon.  Common folk are not able to read long paragraphs like this or digest complicated information like "intellectual to common folk ratios".  Thus, it is not a problem to openly admit this tactic for the sake of the intellectual minority here who can receive it.