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2021/06/30: Alex Jones a devil Worshiper? He drops the Number and a Name of the devil on his Live Broadcast Yesterday

On the Alex Jones show yesterday, June 29, Alex Jones appears to have purposely said the Christian number and name of the devil in less than 12 minutes. He has done this before many times before, including other members of infowars, but I never took note of it before to show you, until now. Find the link to the full show here, or see the video included in this article.

It is important to note, that while you may not be Christian or believe in the name and number of the devil, these devil worshipers do believe, and they use this number and name in public like this as a ritual for their beliefs.

NUMBER OF THE DEVIL: From time 40:35 – 40:37, Alex says the number, seven times in less than 12 seconds. In Latin the word “sex” means the number six, and this is how Alex disguises the ritual. And at time 40:44, he says the number 3 times in a row, which is the direct Christian number of the devil.

NAME OF THE DEVIL: The number ten also has significance to devil worshipers, as it forms the latter part of one of the most popular names for the devil. From time 50:58 – 51:30, Alex says the number ten, five times within 30 seconds. And also at time 51:26, he uses the way “say” as a prefix before the number in order to speak directly the Christian name of the devil, disguised within English grammar.

This instance, in itself, is not enough to say for certain that it was not simply a coincidence by chance. However, I personally have heard Alex and his apprentice Owen Shroyer, do this so many times in the past which I haven’t recorded, that for me I am fairly certain at this point that Alex and Infowars are secret agents with loyalty to devil worshipping occults. I will continue to monitor infowars for more devil worshipping rituals in order to show them to you, so you might also come to the same conclusion as me.

2021/06/05: Purple Anon Delivers awaited Live-stream speech modeled on Hitler’s February 27, 1925 speech

2021/06/03 : Purple Anon publishes article titled “A New Beginning”

In accordance with Adolf Hitler’s publishing his own article called “A New Beginning” on the day before his February 27, 1925 speech, purple anon has also done so on this day before the white National Socialist Meeting tomorrow and his own speech.