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2021/01/28 : Roger Stone Can’t Talk. Reads Script for 30 minutes while pretending to genuinely talk on Alex Jones Show

---Skip to TIME 08:00, Alex Jones Trashes Biden for using teleprompter, then puts on Roger Stone with teleprompter.
---Skip to TIME 23:00, Roger Stone comes on and tries his best to pretend he's not reading a well rehearsed script.

2021/01/24 : Rand Paul destroys & exposes ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos as the most compromised & annoying journalist on MSM Television

2021/01/22 :

Georgia House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, files articles of impeachment against Joe Biden.

CLICK HERE for more information.

2021/01/15 : Trashing Infowars / Alex Jones

8chan Q board looking a lot like John Nash’s schizophrenic office in A Beautiful Mind Movie