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2021/02/28 : Donald Trump Throws down the Gauntlet: “I may decide to beat them for the third time.”

Donald Trump delivers first major speech since election.  At one moment, Trump hints at a 2024 run for the white house while confirming 2020 election stolen by saying, "I may even decide to beat them for a third time."
CNN wastes no time posting divisive uncompromising attack headline saying "Trump delivers CPAC speech filled with lies".  While it may still be uncertain if Donald Trump, or any Republican party member, is a controlled opposition; still one thing is for sure: CNN and the rest of the mainstream Democrat-allied media (including Fox News) are truly open enemies of the people.  Hail Hitler.

2021/02/07 : Amazon Alexa Superbowl Commercial Glorifies Female Infidelity

No surprise, but the intention is perhaps more in your face obvious than usual, and could possibly be used to wake up a normy to the fact they programming degenerate behavior in our women.

Remember, they try to push a feminist narrative that females can cheat at the same ratio as men and that we’re all equal; but infidelity from a woman will always be a thousand times worse because sex is internal for a woman, polluting the inside of her body, while for a man all you can say is he is polluting bodies of other women but not his own.

Their attacks on the fidelity of our women, has been, and always will be the worst attack of all, because it destroys the honor and integrity of our families; which is the bedrock of our civilization. This is enough to warrant a civil war. It should have been done already.