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2021/08/10: Red Pill section rebranded as “Folkish Overwatcher”

In Honor of original National Socialist newspaper Völkischer Beobachter

What was originally intended to be its own separate section, will instead be taken as the brand of this red pill section on . The newspaper was the original educational news dissemination piece for the German National Socialists under Adolf Hitler, and this red pill section intends to do something similar. Whatever corrupted versions of the original newspaper should be disregarded if they appear to support false allegations against Adolf and German National Socialism. It should be obvious that the historical artifacts of that newspaper will have been tampered with in order to support a post war enemy version of events.

Völkischer Beobachter is commonly translated as “The People’s Observer”, but a more literal translation which is still understandable by English speakers would be “Folkish Overwatcher”, and so we have decided upon that name.

2021/08/07: Joe Rogan is our guy? Harvests 10-year infiltration of the Left with attack on Vaccination Supremacists?

Left responds with Harry Oldenburg spewing Anti Joe Rogan Propaganda

I remember long ago, after Joe Rogan apparently sold out to the left in the midst of his podcast success, determining that Joe Rogan was either a coward or a traitor. But now I see that I may not have realized a third possibility, that of an infiltrator. Before his podcast, he gained my attention on the Alex Jones show, and in various clips, spouting solid knowledge of conspiracy theories and the obvious corruption of our culture. However, during his podcast career, he always took the side of leftist positions, even nearly supporting Hilary Clinton in the 2016 election while he constantly made swipes at Trump. He established a massive horde of left leaning anti-conspiracy theory people as listeners, and disavowed his past support of conspiracy theories as a mistake amidst a short phase in his life. All this served to protect him from cancel culture attacks from the left and gain him a solid cultural position, likened unto a modern “Johnny Carson Tonight Show” influence. Very powerful

But appears it may have all been a long term plan to position himself to be a valuable propaganda tool against the left as he slowly has been revealing his right leaning views over the past couple years; even taking many solid propaganda jabs at Joe Biden during the election. And now, he has made a severe propaganda blow against the left’s recent pushing to sick the normie leftist horde against unvaccinated people. Rogan seems to have balanced the scales by supporting an idea that it is the vaccinated people who are causing the variants, and not the unvaccinated. This is a very valuable talking point, and I have to wonder if Joe Rogan’s 10-year deep dive in support of leftist culture was worth it. If this is the case, then we may have a lot to thank Rogan for as he aims his heavy caliber propaganda weapon against our enemies, at the sacrifice of having ben derided by the right, including myself, for the last decade. True or not, this is the type of sacrifice we need to win this war. Heil Hitler.

The left seems to have taken a guarded notice of Joe Rogan’s movement against vaccines that they’ve decided to send in their own high caliber propaganda weapon, Harry Oldenburg known popularly as Prince Harry of the United Kingdom. Make no mistake about high caliber propaganda weapons, it is not a simple matter to attack them with your own propaganda weapons, because this often plays right into the enemy strategy. As cringey as Harry appears in his new role as anti-white white-black-divisionist agitator, still remember that a wide swath of United Kingdom common folk, especially anti-UK-royal-family common folk, who identify with him, his English personality, and physical features, so that a propaganda attack upon him would allow a large portion of the United Kingdom common folk to feel themselves attacked and to be turned easily as a united force against whoever it is that attacks Harry.

From a personal perspective, nothing is more distasteful than the pushing of this false narrative that there is a widespread anti-black prejudice against blacks among white people. I want to puke every time I hear the word racist. His sob story with Oprah complaining about racism in the royal family, may have been warranted as a private conversation, but the fact that it was made a huge public display propaganda piece gave it the flavor of insincerity and just another wave in the left’s relentless push, to never heal white-black divisions but only to keep “evil white racists” constantly in the thoughts of common folk black people.