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Ukraine uses the same mixed race excuse for the existence of their state as does Turkey. They claim to be a hodgepodge of Slavic, Russian, and Turkic ethnicities.

Race mixers are not allowed to rule over central racial homelands. Race mixers go to the border regions. Kiev is CENTRAL to the Slavic race. Russians are a hybrid of Slavs and North Germans; their territory already is a border region.

Ukraine comes from the root word, “edge” or “boundary” because it was always on the edge of Slavic and Russian control of the Eurasian plain as they battled back the ASIASTIC Turkic Tribes: Bulgarian, Hungarian, Cuman, Pecheneg, Khazarian…etc. The word Cossack is obviously descended from Khazar root. The central Ukrainian theme is the Cossack. Cossacks are unwittingly a proxy state creation of Turkic plans for domination, using the same old tired “we’re mixed race” routine to justify ruling over native white lands with a Turkic culture and usually strong Turkic physical ethnic features.

1) Are you a Turkic Cossack? then you don’t belong in Kiev.
2) Are you a Slavic or Russian Cossack? then get your head on straight and be loyal to your own race and not a Turk subverted racial creation.
3) Are you an unrecognizable race mixture of the three? then congratulations, race mixers go to the border regions, get off of central slavic homelands.

TO THE RUSSIANS I SAY: Don’t give these Turkic controlled invaders an inch.
1) Bulgarians, Cossacks, Hungarians, Ottomans, these people are too brainwashed and subverted to see clearly and need time to adjust to the idea that their culture does not belong in Eastern Europe.
2) Carve out the necessary transitional state in Eastern Ukraine for these descendants of Turkic Asiatics. It’s the perfect consolation prize to pacify their rage and will give them time to realize where they truly belong. It will cut their resistance in half, preserve european man-power for other things (Turkey), and by the time they’re ready to return to Turkic ancestral homelands they might actually go willingly.
3) Turkic hordes have been in Europe ever since Atilla the Hun came in year 400. You are up against 1600 years of racial invasion chaos. You are fighting the spirit of Atilla the Hun and his horde. Reverse his victories. Fight him with the spirit of your white brother Merovech, who in the hidden histories was the only one able to defeat him. You will go down in history as heroes of the white European race no matter if you win or lose. But don’t lose.

Is it any surprise that the Turks have taken the side of the Ukrainians? Wake up.
SOURCE QUOTE: “Fifth, Turkey has also recently increased its support for Ukraine and condemned Russia’s aggression during a meeting between Zelensky and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on April 12.”

2021/04/17 : Toxic Feminism Arrives in France: Roles Reversed: Post-Pubescent 14-Year Old Women to become the Terror of French Men

During a time when chemical additives in the food are causing early onset of puberty in girls and child sexualizing propaganda has slow boiled younger and younger children to become hyper sexualized over the last half century… we now live in the world of fully developed women below the age of consent with minds sexualized by unavoidably common pornography in the public sphere. The modern era has created this new kind of monster empowered by the full weight of the law to tower over and intimidate innocent men who might mistake them for older or cause all their natural instincts to work against them to put them at the mercy of a 14-year old who might put them in prison on a whim. Before modern propaganda & law, these women were not to be feared but were often considered marriage material. Yet now this is no longer a choice for a family to make and so the police will again be tasked to commit the grave sin of interfering in a family issue. Love stories which often occurred between relatively young men and these women are now criminal. These women will now have plenty of chances to allow their developed sex drives to tempt them to lose their virginity to non-serious young boys before marriage is even legal (a true pandemic). Truly gone are the days of chivalry when men and women accepted that they needed each other and lived in a symbiotic harmony, each performing their separate roles, with all the efficiency of millions of years of God-designed evolution, and honoring one another for it with traditions of affection that might very well be one of the highest meanings of life. But instead we have been divided and conquered. We live in hell. Sieg Heil.


2021/04/11 : United Nations threatens King of Dubai with Mass Media Persecution if he does not present Daughter to the Public

The King, or Ruler, of Dubai and also prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed Maktoum, has a daughter Latifa who has claimed in some video snippet that she is being held hostage by her own father.  Family feuding is not uncommon, and many daughters in history have claimed her parents to be mistreating her.  So is one of the themes of life and most of the mammal animal world, that we are born into the care of our family, for better or for worse.

What is not a common theme of life, is other people finding it natural to get involved in the disputes of another family.  The United Nations, and its leftist mainstream media machine, is seizing on this family issue as an excuse to attack the UAE’s own Mohammed Maktoum.  Without knowing anything about Maktoum, on the surface it is extremely offensive to see anyone try to interfere in the relationship between father and daughter, because empathy dictates ‘what if it was my daughter?’.  Does the United Nations claim to care more for Latifa than her own family?  There are infinite scenarios which can make a family take measures against one of their own for their own good or the good of the family.  This logic is also seen in the west’s example of imprisoning non-criminal strangers as hostage in a psychiatric system for their own mental health; while not allowing a family to do the same thing to their kin.  Of course, the logic of the United Nations and their leftist media attack dog is that it is completely fine for the state to hold hostage strangers in a dystopian psychiatric system, but it is not okay for a family to do the same in their own house with their own child.

It is a very slippery slope, after all, because when is it appropriate to interfere in another person’s family and take away their autonomy over their own flesh and blood?  The slippery slope is in fact so slippery, that one small acceptance of any authority to interfere in the family issues of its citizens can be pulled like a thread to slowly and methodically rot the whole foundation of the sacredness of family, to the point where you’ll get the society seen in the west today where there are a million laws designed to replace natural family self-management.  In order to protect children and prevent domestic violence, the laws are so complicated to the point where someone cannot process through the legal system without hiring an expensive lawyer, and thus the family feels completely void of power to handle family situations which results in the police being called for most any semi-serious domestic dispute, even if not called directly but just a report from a neighbor will  invite the interference of police in family matters. The resources required to replace family self-management has become so huge that a separate family court system was created to deal with it; on top of an enormous system of child protective services and foster parenting.  Like disrupting the equilibrium of a delicately balanced ecosystem by introducing a new species, human family behavior and instinct is also a complex ecosystem such that an any attempt to replace this natural system with man-made laws will result in disaster, and it has.

At the end of the day, the slippery slope is just so slippery that the only real solution is to give families complete independence to manage themselves.  This may not always result in perfect outcomes, but it is the best system we have, and at worst it allows a family to make mistakes and learn from them to better self manage in the future.   This does not occur in a society of police and court managed families being the only legal method of handling a volatile family situation.  Instead the family will continually make the same mistakes because they’ve become so accustomed and dependent on police to apply cause and effect. Its long-term result is zero ability for a family to self manage without them.  Like the destructive aspects of welfare, if at any time the police state fails, the family will also fail as it never had the opportunity to learn how to self manage.  Not to mention the attempt to use police to replace family self-management has resulted in the complete destruction of the reputation of police which causes them to be among the most hated members of society, which in turn also destroys society in no small way. It is a universal instinct to hate anyone who interferes with how you raise your children.

No matter which way you look at it, complete family independence is the only workable solution, and while not perfect, it still works relatively well in most cases and does not come close to the horror of today’s system in the west.

 - Idea #25) Family is an alliance of patriarch and matriarch groups.
 - Idea #26) Family must be allowed to rule their own family without interference.
 - Idea #27) Families should remain free, so long as they don't take the freedom of others.
 - Idea #28) Child protective services are destroying the sacred independence of the family.
 - Idea #29) The death penalty is an issue for each family to decide on their own.
- Idea #37) If women are being abused anywhere, except within their own family, we must rescue them. 
 - Idea #41) A father should get custody of his son, while a mother should get custody of her daughter.

With the monumental hypocrisy of the United Nations to refuse to acknowledge the distaster of family law in the west, it still will attempt to tell a father how to handle his own daughter, and try to threaten him with mass media terror if he does not provide his daughter for an interview with one of their pawns.  We live in hell. Sieg Heil.

2021/04/04 : NAZI & a NEGRO PODCAST #2

A new negro joins the podcast today “Tupac”. We discuss much the same issue as on the first podcast, to get another negro viewpoint on race realism. We also discuss a lot of the war on women, with a focus on black women, and the media’s attempt to poorly influence women. Also the idea of Negroes forming their own Negro National Socialism to also become Nazi’s is discussed.