2021/07/24: Devil Worshippers take over Space Jam 2? Movie Flier disguises triple-six devil number as LeBron takes Mantel from Jordan as Black Athlete Role-Model

The new space jam movie, follow up to one of the main vehicles to pushed Michael Jordan as the monolithic black athlete role-model, has now taken LeBron James, a known leftist propaganda pawn, to reign now as the updated Michael Jordan replacement. One can hardly walk two steps without coming across a black person who admires LeBron James.

In their main flier for the movie, LeBron is seen wearing a basketbal jersey with the number six. And then bugs bunny is to his right. The letter b looks like a number six, and so we have a veiled display of the the triple six, as in the number and then the two letters lowercase b. What could be coincidence can ruled out when considering why they chose that number for his jersey in this flier when his jersey number is actually 23 in real life. What’s more is that the word basketball could also be interpreted with two lowercase letters b, which makes this image a potential double triple six display. The devil worshippers communicate their loyalty amongst each other with these public displays. It is also a way they label and claim those whom they control, and in this case both LeBron James and the bugs bunny character have been branded with the triple six in the most public manner possible. I have censored the number on LeBrons jersey for this article, so that SecretAgentWars might never be accused of having any affiliation with devil worshippers and their obsession with that number, and so that number shall never purposely be displayed on this website.

2021/07/23: Enough is Enough – Central Russian News Network Russia Today, RT.com, is a Semi-Porn site

Any right leaning truth seeker can appreciate Russia Today, as do I, at RT.com for displaying a mostly red-pilled view on the world. I check it often as one of my main news thermometers. Until now, it’s been an annoying theme, like most news websites, of seeing constant articles there with the headline “Sexy Girl does this” or “famous girl does sexy thing”. I brushed it aside at first, perhaps a simple need to appeal to the base nature of some readers to keep them hooked on RT.com. But their new “sexy” article today was the feather that broke the camel’s back, and the excuse of having a sex appeal layer of gravity for the site is just not a valid explanation any longer. This leads one to conclude that RT.com is part of the evil that is spreading subversion upon women. Idea #17) They are trying to make all women slutty.

Here is a saved version of the main page, which is updated hourly, with the current “sexy” article I am referring to. Check this headline: “Miss *Censored* has Anal Tattoo on *Prostitution Website* (Video)”. Emphasis on the video! Complete with a picture of the half naked girl in the doggy style sex position and tattoo artist at work deep in her butt crack. A far cry from their usual “Such and such tennis star shows off toned abs”, and thus they’ve gone off into the realm of being a porn site. Widespread easy public access to pornography, as any rational mind knows, is one of the fundamental salt and pepper evils which plague our society today. While the popular *Prostitution Website*, which I will not name here, is dedicated to the slow boil prostitution of women, the degrading of women, and the degrading of the sacred human coitus act. Of course, when clicking the link to the article, RT provides the relevant news of a full spread layout of different pictures of the girl, links to her twitter and instagram, and surprisingly I don’t see a direct link to her *Prostitution Website* page. Certainly the headline and first sentence of the article make clear mention of it, easily searchable, and it is enough to wonder if RT is being paid to feature these women; basically almost internet pimping. Certainly, RT readers will now know where to find this video of a girl who, RT informs us of the relevant news, received an award for the sex appeal of her butt, and is now getting the anus area of that same butt tattooed on video for all to pay or pirate to see. There is no excuse. Whatever respect RT deserves for distributing red-pills is easily cancelled out by being a contributing factor to the war on women. May one day we rescue our women from the depths of this current threat against their sacred honor! Sieg Heil!

2021/07/16: Devil worshippers affiliated with Zoom and Gay Pride groups? Revealing themselves through Obsession with devil Number Triple six?

I noticed this a long time ago, but didn’t have a chance to make a post about it until now. This number is popping up much more than coincidental, because we are indeed plagued by secret devil worshipping societies.

The most used video calling platform Zoom, if you go to their main webpage Zoom.us , you’ll see their contact phone number front and center at the top of the page, with the triple six in it.

A gay pride documentary series on FX is making the most direct triple six displays I’ve seen anywhere. In this trailer advertising series, the triple six appears many times, and often in pairs of more than 3 of them. At 0:18, we get 5 sixes in a row. At 0:21, they display two groups of 5 sixes, for a total of 10! At 0:28, another group of 5 sixes.

2021/07/15: New Taylor Swift Look-alike brings back memories of the old Taylor Swift Look-alike Controversy

A new story is making the celebrity news rounds right now about a girl who looks almost exactly like Taylor Swift. This brings to memory many hints from the past within the art surrounding Taylor which suggest she may not be an actual single person, but rather a team of look-alikes who work together to further push the super fame of the Taylor Swift persona.  It’s to wonder if the media attention being given to this particular look alike does not stem from her being part of the Taylor Swift look-alike team in the past, or rejected from the team, and now making subtle moves as a threat to expose the look-alike technology which exists behind the scenes.

Imagine, that not every Taylor look-alike must be an exact match; this girl isn’t; yet she is close enough that just a small tweak using a prosthetic could easily cause her to be indistinguishable from Taylor Swift. This is look-alike technology, and could also go as far as plastic surgery to make the match permanently perfect.  When the issue was starting to become an underground theme, Taylor Swift(s) released the music video “Me!” which clearly addresses the issue in the chorus saying: “I’m the only one of me. Baby that’s the fun of me.”

The Taylor Swift look-alike topic is such a large topic, and because of the great body of evidence, and the extreme weight her fame carries in our society, which makes addressing this evidence important, and also because of her current monopoly upon the great powers of “white girl essence”, this causes the Taylor Swift(s) topic to require more than just one article. For this article, I will explore one of her music videos which most clearly demonstrates the look-alike controversy. That video is “…Are you Ready for it?”

In 2017, the music video ‘Ready for it’, at 0:56 Taylor approaches a look-alike in a technological containment who looks subtly different than the approaching Taylor. I recognize the Taylor in the containment as the original version of Taylor Swift which was used up until 2008, which is exactly when her star made the leap into mega-stardom. After 2008, they replaced that old Taylor with the new one who appears to have remained constant since then; yet her look subtly changes from picture to picture in a way that should make you wonder how many Taylors are on rotation in this new version.

Also in the “Are you Ready for it” video, at 1:16, you’ll notice Taylor darkly looking at the camera during a minor climax of the song which refers to becoming romantically involved with her and she asks “Are you ready for it?” At this point the video editing switches back and forth between the old version and new Taylor versions, suggesting that to become romantic with Taylor involves being pit against a team of sophisticated look-alikes; and the powerful look Taylor exudes during this scene suggests it as a display of power akin to “Don’t mess with me.” Whoever is in control of maintaining her public image and making decisions on video editing, they were trying to make a point. The video progresses with scenes of the containment look-alike being trained, and at 3:00 when the look-alikes touch each other, there is explosion of the current Taylor having her face ripped off to reveal a robot, a scene which wreaks of identity crises symbolism.

In our next Taylor Swift article we’ll address another music video “Look What you Made me Do” which literally has a scene involving a mountain of Taylor Swift look-alikes climbing over each other to get the spot as the top Taylor Swift look-alike. And we’ll also address how a previously constantly running theme of Taylor Swift stalkers in the propaganda systems may actually point blame the other way around, in that the Taylor Swift(s) may have actually been stalking random men over the internet for the express reason to turn them into her stalkers to gain notoriety and media coverage, and also practice and experiment in mind control.

2021/07/11: Real Reason Why Governments so willing to initiate Covid Lockdowns – We’re in a state of Unannounced World War

I have seen nobody address what is the most obvious advantage for a government to escalate a covid lockdown in their country. It appears we are on the brink of great world conflicts as in the past, such as a world war. However, it’s not helpful to announce such a war openly to your people, as an explanation for why you are removing certain of their freedoms as strategic positioning for defense and offense. If a wide war occurs, all governments would agree that it be better to remove freedoms under the guise of a Covid lockdown, rather than to panic your people with the truth, which would also leave you to also make the dangerous first step of propaganda warfare of declaring that you are at war with a specific people. And as the propaganda genius’ have discovered, whoever is the first to present a truth of the real state of war to their common people, becomes at a disadvantage because they’ve already set in motion the general direction of propaganda for presenting the war to their people, whilst their enemy can now announce the interpretation of the war to their own people with the added insight of knowing how their opponent already plans to propagandize the war.

They often talk of the strategy of terror attacks, in that it put the people into a state of fear which can destroy the economy and slow things down to a general war disadvantage. In this sense, a covid lockdown can be easily put into place if ever a successful terror attack were to occur, and thus hide your people from the real truth that they are in open war with an enemy, and thus be able to protect against the effectiveness of a terror attack on your soil. No matter how you look at it, it is not within the strategic interest of any country to openly declare to their common people that they’re in a dangerous war state of war. All governments know this, and so all governments have done the work of conditioning their people to accept a Covid lockdown. The alienation of the common people is purposely built in to the conditioning because it causes them to “buy in” to lie more deeply if they perceive they are successfully struggling with their government about a thing, when really the government is toying with their people and their power is such that if they really wanted to enforce a lockdown, it would be easy. The common people are rightly treated like a crowd of children who do respond to such psychological tactics.

When the residential building in Florida collapsed a few weeks ago, surely most intellectuals realize this was likely a controlled demolition terror attack since a rigid building made on concrete covered steel support structure would only crumple, while a free-fall collapse requires a controlled demolition. Go back to elementary school and study 9/11 conspiracies if you need more convincing about that. But anyway, the collapse of that building could have easily been hidden under the announcement of a major covid outbreak and lockdown in Florida. The lockdown would serve the purpose of preventing a general spread of rumors about the building collapse, as well as a way to explain away any serious death toll, and in general it would be an easy thing to contain the effect of any successful terror attack on USA soil. Yet for the Florida building collapse, it seems the government did not need to initiate a covid lockdown, since it was able to successfully push it off as a simple tragic collapse due to a faulty foundation. A covid lockdown would be initiated for a much more serious terror attack which they would not be able to realistically blame on an innocent cause.

How the vaccinations factor into all this is another angle for a different aspect of control. I’ll discuss that in a future article.

2021/07/09: Purple Pill section back at it with stunning article on Thor’s Hammer

The purple pill section of SecretAgentWars.com is finally getting its legs, with the release today of an article that dives into the realistic possible origin of a real life Thor’s Hammer and how it may have been used throughout history.

Purple Pill – SecretAgentWars.com

2021/07/08: Purple Anon & SecretAgentWars returns after Month-Long recovery from June 4th Speech

The amount of preparatory work done for last month’s June 4 White National Socialist Meeting and Purple Anon speech, required so much energy on the part of Purple Anon and SecretAgentWars, that we have spent the last month tending to all the other duties we were neglecting for the sake of that meeting. Check out the recording of the speech if you haven’t already. Purple Anon himself, as well as me (code name “Code-Bro”; I run this website), have been so completely emotionally and physically exhausted from the effort, that it has taken until now to recollect ourselves; so that I feel it necessary to announce that we are officially back at it again, and you can expect to see regular updates once again here at SecretAgentWars.com . Both the purple pill and red pill sections wil shortly begin to be updated with separate articles. To advertise the meeting, we felt it was needed to post the same material on both the Purple and Red pill sections. We will continue to post in both sections for important announcements, but besides that be sure to check both sections if it’s the case that you are interested in both.


  1. Purple Anon’s revision update for the A New Beginning article that served as the complimentary written version of the speech with extended detail that could not be covered in a two hour speech. The article as it was posted orginally was an unrevised first draft due to running out of time.
  2. Purple Anon is starting to throw himself into the work of writing his own Mein Kampf book. Release date will be announced soon.
  3. Nazi & Negro podcast also has some more guests in the works soon.
  4. Updated info for the fallout surrounding the effects of Purple Anon’s June 4th speech.

Sieg Heil.
– Code-Bro